How to make up your eyes for spring

How to make up your eyes for spring

Colourful ways to make up your eyes this spring have been offered in a newspaper.

The Glasgow Daily Record suggests to its readers that they make use of eye make-up products from such suppliers as Boots and Technic.

According to the paper, the latter"s Eye Shadow Shimmerstick gives "an intense and long-lasting shot of colour".

It was also praised for being easy to use.

Boots" Natural Collection duel and single eyeshadows, in colours such as vanilla, plum and barley were other recommendations, along with the Metallic Eye Pencils from its No7 range.

Furthermore, spring colours can be applied to eyes by use of M&S"s Essential Colours Eyeshadow in spearmint.

Last month, Softpedia reported that London Fashion Week had demonstrated that pink eyeshadow is set to make a comeback.

The website warned that not everyone can wear it but suggested to women that they try it to see if it works for them and be prepared for trial and error to find the correct hue.

by Emily Tait

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