Parents "will be able to choose baby"s eye colour"

Parents "will be able to choose baby"s eye colour"

A fertility doctor in the US who says he will soon be able to designate eye colours for children has become the subject of fierce criticism.

The Daily News reported the claim by Dr Jeff Steinberg that he will be able to control a baby"s eye, hair and skin colour.

Patients at his Fertility Institutes in Los Angeles and Manhattan are already able to select a child"s gender and Dr Steinberg said the technology used for this could be used to determine other characteristics.

He did acknowledge, however, that the procedure could not be carried out with absolute certainty of success.

Prof Alexander Capron of the University of Southern California told the newspaper that the idea "undermined" the concept of unconditional parental love.

In 2006, scientists in Queensland, Australia, discovered that there is no gene for eye colour and that it is determined by just a few "letters" within the genetic code, which contains six billion.

The findings appeared in the American Journal of Human Genetics.

by Adrian Galbreth

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