Blind artists put work on show

Blind artists put work on show

Work by blind and visually-impaired artists has gone on show in the US.

Throughout this month, the exhibition Creative Vision: An Exhibition on Vision and Perception is being displayed in the Horton Gallery of California"s San Joaquin Delta College, reports Recordnet.com.

Among the artists whose work is on show is Kurt Weston, who was a fashion photographer before losing his sight.

His piece Blind Vision shows self-portraits taken as his vision deteriorated.

"My commercial work was all about the aesthetic, showing fashion models and the great beauty of clothing, people and make-up," he told the publication, adding: "Now my work is dealing with stuff that has a lot more meaning to it."

Another artist is Pete Eckert, a former sculptor who turned to photography when he went blind.

Last month, the Roseville Host Lions Club, also based in California, helped a woman suffering from acute iridiocyclitis which was costing her her sight.

An article by the club on the My Roseville website explained that the club had paid for examination fees and new glasses, while the DeWitt Centre in Auburn paid for the woman"s medication.

by Martin Burns

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