Fluidic lenses "could be future of eye examinations"

Fluidic lenses "could be future of eye examinations"

Adjustable fluidic lenses could be the key to quicker and easier eye examinations in the future, it has been reported.

David Mathine of the College of Optical Sciences at the University of Arizona told optics.org about the possibility of using fluidic lenses by which an eye doctor could alter the wavefront of the light being passed to the eyes.

This would mean not having to change the lenses as opticians currently do and would also mean the patient wearing a smaller device, as well as speeding up the time taken to carry out the examination.

Filled with liquid, the lenses can change shape and their surface acts as a lens.

Eye doctors can change the lens shape by adjusting the amount of liquid inside and Mr Mathine said the focus could be altered by computer.

He added that the lenses are a "definite possibility" and that some "practical issues" simply need to be addressed.

by Martin Burns

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