Prime Minister"s conference speech "delayed over lost contact lens"

Prime Minister"s conference speech "delayed over lost contact lens"

A lost contact lens has been given as the reason for the delay in a speech by the Prime Minister last week.

The Times reported that Gordon Brown lost a contact lens down a sink while preparing for an address to Scottish Labour on Friday.

An unnamed source told the newspaper that a member of staff at Caird Hall in Dundee, where the gathering was being held, detached the pipe to see if the contact lens was in there and succeeded in rescuing it.

The Times was also told that Mr Brown might have had to cancel the speech had the contact lens not been found, because he would not be able to read his speech off the screen.

Downing Street declined to comment.

The newspaper explained that Mr Brown suffered detached retinas in a rugby accident as a teenager which harmed his sight.

He is now blind in his left eye.

Last month, David Craig wrote in the Times that Euro MPs receive money for glasses and contact lenses as well as free insurance for accidents and travel, among other perks.

He said their allowances mean they could save more than a million in five years.

by Emily Tait

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