Hygiene advice for contact lenses and eye make-up

Hygiene advice for contact lenses and eye make-up

Advice for maintaining hygiene when wearing contact lenses and make-up has been given by the University of Virginia Health System.

Reported by HealthDay on US News, the tips included keeping make-up brushes clean and always washing one"s hands before inserting or removing contact lenses.

People were also advised to put their contact lenses in before applying make-up and not to wear such cosmetics if their eyes were irritated in any way.

Make-up should be hypoallergenic and unfragranced, without anything potentially irritating such as glitter.

In addition, people ought not to share make-up and care needs to be taken to make sure products do not fall into the eyes.

Website essortment.com also gives advice on wearing make-up with contact lenses.

Unlike the tips reported on by HealthDay News, it suggests applying make-up before inserting contact lenses, if one can see well enough to do so, as this will mean that if product enters the eyes, this can be dealt with without having to remove and re-insert the lenses.

It also recommends hypoallergenic products and waterproof mascara and eyeliner.

by Adrian Galbreth

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