Glasses "becoming fashionable for men"

Glasses "becoming fashionable for men"

Men are taking to glasses for their fashion appeal, according to a US publication.

The Houston Chronicle noted the glasses worn recently by the likes of Kanye West, Simon Baker and Mickey Rourke.

Kristie Weiss of the non-profit trade organisation the Vision Council told the publication that vintage styles are in for men at the moment.

"You can buy the styles now and still wear them in another 20 years," she noted.

According to Tina Afra-Ozcelik of the Eye Gallery, one popular option for men is round frames.

She said that designers are now combining contemporary colours with reworked versions of vintage styles.

Ms Afra-Ozcelik also noted that wider frames are in demand although wearers will need time to become accustomed to them.

Recently, Just Jared reported how singer Justin Timberlake had been spotted wearing glasses while out for a walk in New York City.

Mr Timberlake was sporting glasses with thick, dark frames and rectangular lenses.

by Adrian Galbreth

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