Optician urges drivers to take eye tests

Optician urges drivers to take eye tests

A Lancashire optician has stressed the need for drivers to have their eyesight tested after research showed that a fifth of motorists cannot see as well as they should.

David Gould told This is Lancashire that the findings from the College of Optometrists were "worrying" and noted several accident black spots in Rossendale, where his practice is based.

"As people approach their early forties it is quite usual to notice some deterioration in eyesight, so it"s extremely important for people in this age group, whether they wear spectacles or not, to go for regular eye examinations," he told the publication.

The College of Optometrists reported results from a study of more than 4,000 people.

It found that 20 per cent of drivers aged 30 to 55 realised they could not see properly and one-third of middle-aged men said they would not have an eye test.

Furthermore, 28 per cent of people postponed having an eyesight check for as long as six months after realising they were experiencing sight problems.

by Adrian Galbreth

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