Sportsman exposes eye gouging

Sportsman exposes eye gouging

A New Zealander and Old Etonian who played sports for England has spoken of how eye gouging would take place during rugby games.

John Daniell"s book Rugby Mercenary describes how the practice would be carried out when playing la fourchette, French rugby.

"It"s even worse if, like me, you wear contact lenses and then have to fiddle around trying to get the lens back in place," he said in an excerpt reported by the Daily Mail.

Mr Daniell said he had been gouged twice during the 15 years he played in New Zealand but that it happened so frequently during his first month in France that he could not keep track.

But he admitted having done it a couple of times himself.

Earlier this week, boston.com reported how an American high school basketball player lost a contact lens during a game.

But Kelsey Roberson put the lens back in her eye and resumed play, with her team going on to victory.

by Martin Burns

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