Basketball player loses contact lens

Basketball player loses contact lens

An American high school basketball player lost a contact lens in a fall during a game, it has been reported.

News website boston.com reported how in the Division 2 girls" sectional finals, senior guard Kelsey Roberson suffered a fall which caused a contact lens to fall out of her eye.

However, she found it and inserted it back in.

Coach Dave Brady told the news site: "She seemed to have this will, this energy....maybe the contact [lens] helped, I don"t know."

Miss Roberson"s team, the Cougars, ended up in a 46-40 victory.

Last week, the Times carried a report by Gabriel Monaghan, who found that many Irish sports players are having laser surgery to improve their sight beyond 20/20 vision.

Thousands of amateurs were also said to be having the procedure to give them a competitive edge.

LaserVision in Dublin said more than 200 sportsmen and women have been seen in the past year.

by Alexa Kaczka

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