Koreans warned to prepare against dry eyes

Koreans warned to prepare against dry eyes

People in Korea have been warned about the dryness of the country"s spring and told to protect their eyes.

The Korea Times told readers about the winds and yellow dust that can cause irritation at this time of year.

People can also find these conditions affect their wearing of contact lenses.

The newspaper suggested eating tomatoes for their vitamin A and high water content as well as blueberries and cassia torn seed tea, the latter of which has carotene.

People were also advised to massage their eyes daily for five minutes and give their eyes rests if they use computers.

Disposable contact lenses were recommended, or at least being scrupulous about the cleanliness of other types of lens.

Meanwhile, an ophthalmologist in Hawaii has recently carried out his 100th procedure to implant a contact lens.

Alan R Faulkner, whose laser vision clinic is based in Honolulu, said that the procedure offers an alternative for people who cannot have laser eye surgery.

by Alexa Kaczka

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