Hygiene advice for contact lenses

Hygiene advice for contact lenses

Ways to keep contact lenses clean and safely worn have been given by a doctor in an Asian publication.

Dr YLM told readers of the Malaysia Star never to spit on their contact lenses to moisten them and to remove them if they suffer any blurring of their vision, pain or redness.

He said that such problems may mean there is something in the eye, such as an eyelash, that the contact lens could be torn or that the lenses do not fit properly.

Suffering blurred vision for several hours after taking contact lenses out usually means they do not fit correctly, Dr YLM added.

He also noted that if there is any concern or symptoms remain, the patient should see their eye doctor.

Indian newspaper the Hindu recently carried advice from Dr Vandana Jain, who warned against using non-prescribed contact lenses as these pose health risks.

The doctor also stressed the importance of maintaining proper hygiene and cleanlineness.

by Alexa Kaczka

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