Eye makeup suggestions given for mothers

Eye makeup suggestions given for mothers

By Emily Tait

People who want to spoil their mothers on Sunday by giving cosmetics have been advised how to choose the best eye makeup products.

The Glasgow Daily Record suggested buying mothers eyeshadow in plum and metallic shades.

It recommended Marks & Spencer"s Autograph range and singled out the Colour Mousse Eyeshadow in Granite as well as Quad Eyeshadow in Metallic and the liquid eyeliner in the hue known as Plum.

Ultimate Waterproof Mascara was another product that mothers would enjoy.

Last week, Jessica Watson reported on FemaleFirst how to attain this spring"s retro 1960s look for eyes.

Her advice was to put bronze eyeshadow over the outer edge of the eye with a more startling shade to fill in the rest, coupled with eyeliner which could be flicked out at the end.

She singled out Rimmel"s Sexy Curves mascara, which has a wand which is well-shaped for the purpose.

In addition, eyelashes should be curled.

by Alexa Kaczka

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