Most frightening contact lenses identified

Most frightening contact lenses identified

The most frightening styles for novelty contact lenses have been outlined on a website.

According to the article on inventorspot.com, the most petrifying contact lenses are Cyclops style ones which turn the entire eye red and have recently been seen in particular clubs.

The author warned that although they are not prescription lenses, people should see an optician before wearing them.

Other novelty contact lenses mentioned in the list were a dragon-eye style which turn the eye red, yellow and green, a design called Icarus which places an image of fire on the eye and ones which give the iris the appearance of being torn and stitched over.

There are also blackout lenses which darken the entire eye, white and all.

Mention was also made of a style which whites out the iris and covers it with a computer chip design.

The effect was described as "surprisingly terrifying.

by Martin Burns

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