Importance of contact lens hygiene stressed

Importance of contact lens hygiene stressed

By Martin Burns

An Asian publication has explained the hygiene measures that need to be carried out by contact lens wearers.

Thaindian News, which is aimed at Indian people in Thailand, told its readers to be sure to wash their hands before putting their contact lenses in and prior to removing them as well.

It also explained how important it is to clean contact lenses properly.

"Keeping the lenses clean would give the wearer a fresh lens feeling every day," the article stated.

Recently, the Manila Times also reported the importance of keeping contact lenses clean and maintaining them properly.

In addition, it said that studies have revealed Asian people to be particularly prone to short-sightedness, or myopia.

However, it also said that nothing is known about how common the condition is among Filipino people because research has not been carried out into the subject.

The article also stated that women are more likely to suffer the ailment than men.

by Alexa Kaczka

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