Golfer takes prize after losing a contact lens

Golfer takes prize after losing a contact lens

By Martin Burns

A golfer who had to remove a contact lens during a competition went on to triumph despite the disadvantage.

Retief Goosen spoke to the Manchester Evening News about his victory in the Transitions Championship in Tampa, winning a $972,000 (£667,310) prize.

He explained how, after six holes, he had had to remove one of his contact lenses.

"I had my right eye lasered a couple of weeks ago. I started off with a contact lens in the left and it didn"t really help so I"m sort of playing on one eye at the moment," he told the paper.

Recently, basketball player Ryan Patton lost one of his contact lenses during a game.

The Littlehampton Gazette reported the incident, as well as Mr Patton"s revelation that he had been suffering from an eye infection earlier which had affected his performance at another game in Newcastle previously

Mr Patton withdrew from the game after losing his contact lens and was replaced by Daniel Hildreth.

by Martin Burns

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