Face login works even with glasses

Face login works even with glasses

By Adrian Galbreth

A computer user has given an account of how her machine"s face login technology was able to recognise her while she was wearing her glasses.

Sandra Vogel wrote in a blog post on ZDNet about her Toshiba Tecra R10, which carries a face login system.

She explained how she registered her face with it while wearing a pair of glasses with thick frames.

Thereafter, it recognised her while she was wearing the same glasses and other ones with thinner frames.

It did not recognise her when she covered her mouth with her hand.

In the past, ZDNet has also reported on recognition system Face Logon Express 1.0 for Windows.

It explained that the software, released last year, relies on "biometric verification" and can learn to recognise a face even as the light changes.

The software is free to try and can be obtained for a 30 day trial.

by Adrian Galbreth

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