Eye expert says computer use shouldn"t damage eyes

Eye expert says computer use shouldn"t damage eyes

If you are becoming concerned about your children"s eye health or even your own due to spending hours looking at computer screens, you may be interested in what optometrist Dr Eric DesGroseilliers said recently.

Although some people experience some discomfort after using a computer for extended periods of time, he said that these fears are baseless.

Dr Eric DesGroseilliers told the Ottawa Citizen that he would "tend to disagree" with claims that computer use can lead to nearsightedness, because there is no established link between the two.

And Dr Denise Roy explained that any discomfort felt in the eyes after looking at a screen for an extended amount of time can be likened to "running a marathon and then going to a doctor and complaining your legs are sore".

However, taking regular breaks - whether you wear glasses, contact lenses or none at all - can combat this feeling, which is often referred to as computer vision syndrome.

Ensuring your posture at the workstation is correct can also help.

by Alexa Kaczka

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