Music "can help restore stroke victims" sight"

Music "can help restore stroke victims" sight"

By Adrian Galbreth

Stroke victims who have suffered sight loss may be able to regain it by listening to music they enjoy.

The results of the study by Dr David Soto of Imperial College London were published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Three people who had lost half of their fields of vision after suffering strokes were able to see coloured lights and shapes better while they listened to their favourite music.

Frank Sinatra, Kenny Rogers and a rock band were the artists of choice.

One man saw a red light appear 65 per cent of the time while listening to music he enjoyed, but detected it only 15 per cent of the time when in silence or listening to music he did not like.

Recently, a woman in Texas said she had experienced "a miracle" when given custom made contact lenses that brought back her sight six years after suffering corneal damage.

According to abclocal.go.com, her contact lenses are placed on the sclera, or the eye whites.

by Adrian Galbreth

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