Optical Express In Newcastle Now Offers Cataract And Lens Replacement Surgeries

Newcastle residents no longer have to travel long distances to undergo common eye surgeries. The Newcastle Optical Express has just announced that it has all the necessary equipment to perform cataract, lens replacement, and even lens enhancement procedures.These added services are thanks to Optical... Read more

LASIK Patients Had Lower Risk For Keratitis Than Contact Wearers, New Study Reveals

A new study reveals a surprising benefit of getting laser eye surgery rather than wearing contact lenses. Researchers found that people who underwent LASIK refractive correction surgery had a lower risk for contracting microbial keratitis than contact lens wearers.Scientists involved in this study... Read more

New Method of Laser Eye Surgery Is Completely Bladeless

A new method of laser eye surgery has been successfully tested at the Optegra Eye Hospital London. Rather than slicing open a flap on the surface on the eye in order to operate on its internal structure, the new method creates only a small 2mm hole through which all the work is carried out.The... Read more

 Music Can Help Alleviate Anxiety For Patients Preparing For Eye Surgery

According to a French study presented at the Euroanaesthesia 2016 conference in London, patients that listen to relaxing music prior to eye surgery feel much less anxiety and require less sedation “Music listening may be considered as an inexpensive, non-invasive, non-pharmacological method to... Read more

"Careful consideration" required before laser eye surgery

People considering undergoing laser eye surgery have been warned that the procedure is not something to be taken lightly, and requires thorough research and understanding before going ahead with it. The Fulham Chronicle noted that anyone considering laser eye surgery should first consult their... Read more

Laser eye surgery gets the thumbs up from one patient

A woman who underwent laser eye surgery has extolled the virtues of the procedure and recommended it to anyone looking for a permanent solution to vision problems. Penny Lewis, writing for the New Zealand Herald, noted that she had always struggled with her sight until finally making the decision... Read more

US artist"s vision improved by miniature telescope

A US artist who stopped painting several years ago when she lost her central vision to end-stage age-related macular degeneration has had some of her sight restored.Virginia Bane, 89, has had a miniature telescope implanted into her eye in a relatively new type of procedure performed by surgeons at... Read more

"Have many consultations" for laser eye surgery

Those who are considering getting laser eye surgery should ensure that they have several consultations before making their decisions, it has been claimed. Zara Rabinowicz, a beauty expert, has claimed that it is crucial people make an informed decision and so they should seek out help from several... Read more

Parents urged to be aware of white eye

Pre-school infant Harry Richardson has undergone successful surgery in order to save his right eye, after being diagnosed with Coats Disease.The Sunderland Echo reported that the youngster"s condition was spotted by his mother, Lynsey Baxter, after she saw a white shadow in her son"s eye when... Read more

Laser precision "could change cataract surgery forever"

For years, cataract surgery has enabled many people to benefit from clearer vision and a better quality of life, but for others the procedure is not as effective as it could have been.However, all this could be set to change thanks to two recent studies that add to the growing body of evidence that... Read more

Undergoing laser eye surgery "a big decision"

Anyone considering undergoing laser eye surgery in the near future has been advised to take their time considering if it is the best option for them.According to Dr John DeStafeno, the resident West Chester LASIK surgeon at Chester County Eye Care Associates, people need to thoroughly research their... Read more

People "should obtain several laser eye surgery consultations"

Those who are considering getting laser eye surgery should ensure that they have several consultations before making their decisions, it has been claimed.   Zara Rabinowicz, a beauty expert, has claimed that it is crucial people make an informed decision and so they should seek out help from... Read more

Eye exams "essential" before undergoing laser eye surgery

It is vital that people undergo a thorough eye examination before having laser eye surgery to ensure the procedure has every chance of being successful and is the correct option for them, one specialist has pointed out.Writing for Jaxcksonville.com, Dr Amit Chokshi, a board-certified ophthalmologist... Read more

New laser eye surgery technology "better than ever"

New technology used to carry out laser eye surgery is better than ever and is significantly safer than early forms used, according to one expert.Jay Herman, president of Sigmacon, which sells the latest generation of lasers used in Canada, told the 16:9 on Global TV that people who claim laser eye... Read more

Laser eye surgery praised

One patient undergoing laser eye surgery to correct her vision has said that she is glad she took the step nearly two decades ago.Speaking to the Yorkshire Post, Sarah Rylance explained how she was one of the first people to take advantage of the procedure when it first became available through... Read more

Vision problems "may persist after lazy eye treatment"

People who undergo successful therapies for "lazy eye" can still experience vision problems after treatment, it has been pointed out.Research published in the Archives of Ophthalmology journal followed a sample of 26 people whose vision had returned to normal or near-normal after being treated for... Read more

Aftercare "essential for laser eye surgery"

Laser eye surgery patients should safeguard their recovery by following a few simple steps, it has been advised.An article on living.oneindia.in recommended that people ensure they take any antibiotic eye drops that their doctor prescribes, as these will reduce the risk of infection."After any... Read more

Lasik eye surgery "needs some research"

People thinking of having Lasik eye surgery to correct their eyesight should be fully aware of what the procedure involves, it has been suggested.A post on the Cosmetic Plastic Guide blog pointed out that Lasik procedures are growing in popularity and recommended that potential patients carry out... Read more

New laser treatment "is highly effective"

A new form of laser eye surgery has been described as highly effective by one surgeon, who has seen positive results in his patients.Dr Joseph Ceravolo, an ophthalmologist, told WNCFTV.com that he is one of the first eye doctors to begin using the CrystalLine Femto Laser to treat patients and has so... Read more

New laser patent "may combat eye disease"

A patent has been issued to technology company Biolase, which the firm hopes will help to improve the treatment of farsightedness. According to the organisation, the patent has been granted for the development of a laser-tunnelling method which combats the effects of presbyopia by enabling the eye... Read more