Modern contact lenses are "safe and comfortable"

Technological advances in contact lens development has made them a safe and comfortable option, an article says.The State Journal Register spoke to eye experts who spoke about the benefits of contact lenses, including daily disposable lenses.Daily disposable lenses were singled out as the best way... Read more

Laser eye surgery risks mooted

The risks of having laser eye surgery have been noted on a news website.3x24 News Magazine said laser eye surgery is popular because some people do not like the percieved inconvenience of wearing glasses and contact lenses.However, the risks should not be taken lightly, the article suggests.It... Read more

Treatment "could slow" nearsightedness in children

A daily treatment could slow the rate at which children"s sight deteriorates, according to new research.Pirenzepine could delay the speed at which progressive myopia progresses in children and therefore also the need for glasses or contact lenses.The findings of the study - published in a previous... Read more

"Save money" on contact lenses

People who wear contact lenses could save money by shopping for them online, a financial expert suggests.Motley Fool columnist Emma Lunn says she used to buy her contact lenses from the optician who tested her eyes.However, by shopping on the internet she says she has saved around £150 a year on... Read more

Chick lit author Bagshawe talks about "ugly duckling" glasses

Women"s writer and politician Louise Bagshawe has revealed that the change from glasses to contact lenses in her teens changed her life.The author of Destiny - her latest offering - admitted to being frugal in her own clothing purchases but researches glamorous fashion accessories for her... Read more

Use peacock shades to highlight coloured eyes

By Emily Tait This season's makeup trends include many blue and green hues, which could be perfect for highlighting coloured contact lenses. Makeup artist Julia Francis from Juliafrancis.co.uk claims that autumn-winter 2012 "places a focus on the eyes," using natural faces and nude... Read more

Gesture-controlled set-top box

By Alexa Kaczka Issues with eyesight have far-reaching effects. Those suffering from partial eyesight or blindness can struggle with simple everyday tasks. In an attempt to help those struggling with poor eyesight, two companies have teamed up to create a set-top box that can be controlled through... Read more

Dame Maggie Smith becomes patron of glaucoma charity

By Emily TaitDame Maggie Smith, winner of two Academy Awards and much-loved star of Downtown Abbey, has become the patron of the International Glaucoma Association (IGA), the charity for people with glaucoma.The charity funds research and provides free support and advice for patients suffering from... Read more

Paralympian joins Fight for Sight

By Alexa KaczkaFight for Sight, an eyesight charity, recently held a sponsored 15-mile walk in order to raise funds and awareness for eye conditions.The walk, entitled Carrots NightWalk, saw over 400 people walking through London in order to raise funds for pioneering research to prevent sight... Read more

Flying eye hospital visits Middle East

By Alexa KaczkaA flying eye hospital, commissioned by ORBIS, has landed in Doha, Qatar.The plane is equipped with medical staff and treatment facilities offering ophthalmological treatment. Facilities on-board include a laser treatment room, operating room, sterilisation room, recovery room and... Read more

Contact care kits given to students

By Alexa KaczkaIn an attempt to encourage proper contact lens care, students attending schools in Salem County, South Jersey have been given a complimentary contact lens care kit. Taking care of your contact lenses appropriately is very important as improperly cared for contacts can cause... Read more

Fake contact lenses seized in China

By Martin Burns Contact lens wearers should always buy their eyewear from a reputable retailer. Not knowing the origin of your contact lenses could result in serious health implications.Buying your contacts through a trusted seller will insure that they are of the highest quality and the right... Read more

Glamour reveals secrets behind celeb eye makeup

By Emily Tait Famed actress and model Emma Watson was featured on the cover of this month's Glamour magazine.Following a number of requests about how to achieve her sexy but subtle 'smoky eye' look, the magazine released a step-by-step guide.People looking for a new date-night look... Read more

Ranulph Fiennes raises awareness of avoidable blindness

By Alexa KaczkaIntrepid explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes is doing his bit to raise awareness of avoidable blindness and how to prevent it by embarking on another death-defying mission. The 68-year-old adventurer has been to the planet's highest, coldest and most dangerous places during his life and... Read more

New centre aiding blind and partially sighted people opens

By Alexa KaczkaA new centre created to help blind and partially sighted people in Tayside has opened today.The Vision Support Service at the Ninewells Hospital in Dundee has been established to help people come to terms with losing their sight and help them to maintain their independence.It has been... Read more

Injured US Marine has contact lenses fitted

By Alexa KaczkaA US Marine who was injured in Afghanistan has returned to his hometown of Juneau for the first time since he was wounded by a roadside bomb in January.Staff sergeant Thomas Howard McRae was fitted with a prosthetic arm, prosthetic legs, a prosthetic eye and a specially designed... Read more

Cosmetic contact lenses leading to rise in vision problems in Pakistan

By Emily TaitUsing contact lenses for cosmetic reasons is a growing trend in Pakistan and one leading eye hospital in the country has warned that the boom has seen a growth in the number of people with eye and vision problems.The Al-Shifa Trust Eye Hospital explained that women in particular are... Read more

Mario Balotelli undergoes laser eye surgery

By Emily TaitManchester City Mario Balotelli is expected to miss his club's next game against Stoke after undergoing laser eye surgery in Italy today.The 22-year-old decided to have the operation after suffering from conjunctivitis associated with wearing his contact lenses.Surgeons at the... Read more

New laser eye surgery technique a success in Ireland

By Adrian GalbrethA new form of laser eye surgery to correct age-related sight problems is proving popular in Ireland since its introduction this year.The new technique, known as Kamra, promises a lifelong solution to presbyopia, an age-related condition that affect people as they move into their... Read more

Mario Balotelli facing eye surgery

By Emily TaitManchester City striker Mario Balotelli is facing minor surgery to help correct a problem with his eyes.The Italian, who wears contact lenses when playing due to his short-sightedness, has recently been experiencing problems with them due to instances of conjunctivitis.His problems... Read more