New glue mixture may improve LASIK eye surgery

By Adrian GalbrethResearchers at Kansas State University have developed a new glue mixture that may reduce the risks after patients undergo laser eye surgery.Stacy Littlechild is the lead author of two studies that describe how a new protocol involving fibrinogen, riboflavin and ultraviolet light... Read more

Kenilworth man opens museum after eye surgery

By Adrian GalbrethA Kenilworth man has turned his vision of opening his own mechanical museum into a reality after eye surgery.Iain Simmons had worn thick rimmed glasses since he was five years old, but when he became a father he decided to investigate other means of correcting his... Read more

Water sports "can be complicated" for glasses wearers

By Alexa KaczkaTaking part in water sports can be particularly difficult for people who wear glasses, according to one expert who has pointed out the possible pitfalls of, and solutions to, the practice. Gavin Rebello, sports vision specialist at @eye_performance, said that water-based sports are... Read more

Laser eye surgery "a great long-term option"

By Alexa KaczkaPeople looking for a great long-term vision correction solution will find that laser eye surgery could be the answer to all their problems, according to one expert. The person who would rather not wear glasses should definitely consider laser eye surgery, said Danielle Shanks, lead... Read more

Many cataract patients "being denied surgery"

By Alexa KaczkaMany people in the UK who require cataract surgery are being denied the operations due to strict regulations regarding eye tests, it has been claimed. The move has attracted criticism from the Royal College of Ophthalmologists and other health bodies, who say it is alarming that more... Read more

Experts pave way for blindness treatment

By Adrian GalbrethTreating blindness has been at the top of scientists' agendas for decades, with various new therapies being formulated across the world every year, though often without success. However, a new study being carried out by experts in the US could lead to the formulation of new... Read more

Partially sighted in call for new audiobooks

By Alexa KaczkaA charity that provide audiobook versions of popular books for people with vision problems has been inundated with requests for the worldwide bestseller Fifty Shades of Grey to be converted into audio format. According to Calibre Audio Library, hundreds of calls have been made by... Read more

Augmented reality contact lenses "need more research"

By Adrian GalbrethMore research needs to be conducted into the viability of augmented reality contact lenses before the products are rolled out on a widespread basis, it has been claimed. Karen Sparrow, optometrist and education advisor for the Association of Optometrists, said that the augmented... Read more

Eye treatment could salvage Olympic hopeful"s dream

By Alexa KaczkaThis summer has seen sporting dreams come true, with many people collecting medals for their country and standing proud on the podium, yet for others the Olympics have meant heartbreak. There is one promising skater who harbours serious hopes of competing in the 2018 Winter Olympics,... Read more

Dangers of unofficial contact lenses highlighted

By Emily TaitThe dangers associated with wearing contact lenses that are not approved or regulated by a professional healthcare body or sold by a reputable vendor have been highlighted. According to the Al-Shifa Trust Eye Hospital, there has been a recent rise in the number of people being admitted... Read more

Saoirse Ronan gets used to wearing contact lenses

By Emily TaitAuthor Stephenie Meyer certainly has a penchant for multi-coloured eyes, as is evident in her bestselling Twilight series and also in her acclaimed novel the Host, in which the protagonist has an unusual iris that gives away a secret about her. Such is the popularity of the... Read more

Contact lens boss outlines ambitions

By Martin BurnsThe new head of contact lens company Menicon has outlined his ambition to take the company and the industry to the next level. Japan's largest contact lens producer has announced that Anatole Diep will be the new CEO of Menicon Holdings BV (MHBV), the European headquarters and... Read more

Swimming in contact lenses "a big no-no"

By Alexa KaczkaPeople heading on their summer holidays in the near future have been advised to ensure they take their contact lenses with them, but keep them away from the swimming pool.According to All About Vision, contact lenses and swimming pool water are not a great mix, and so people need to... Read more

Glaucoma sufferers to benefit from new procedure?

By Adrian GalbrethPeople with glaucoma could be set to benefit from more effective treatment, after scientists developed an innovative way to combat post-surgical scarring for patients with the common eye disease. Specialists at the Singapore Eye Research Institute and Nanyang Technological... Read more

Keep your child"s eye prescription up to date

By Alexa KaczkaParents have been advised to ensure that their child's eye prescription is up to date before they head back to school in September. The summer holidays are a perfect time to check whether youngsters need the prescription updating for their contact lenses or glasses, which is... Read more

Mark Boucher "could recover most of his eyesight"

By Alexa Kaczka South African cricketer Mark Boucher, who was recently forced to retire from international cricket after suffering a severe eye injury, may recover the majority of sight in his left eye, experts have claimed. In a statement, the 35-year-old's doctor Peter Sandell said that... Read more

Contact lens cleaning formulation receives go-ahead

By Martin BurnsThe year in which contact lenses are cleaned and kept bacteria-free could be set to take a step forward following the granting of a new patent. According to life sciences firm Quick-Med Technologies, its application to the US Patent and Trademark Office for its non-leaching NIMBUS... Read more

Goalkeeping legend undergoes laser eye surgery

By Alexa KaczkaOne of the greatest goalkeepers of his generation has undergone laser eye surgery in a bid to help him in his new career as a coach. Jim Leighton, who played for Manchester United during his lengthy career and also made more than 300 appearances for Aberdeen, is now the goalkeeping... Read more

New Windows phone to utilise eye technology

By Adrian GalbrethThe new Windows phone from Microsoft will utilise a special type of technology that recognises people's motions, the company behind the development has revealed. Eyesight, which specialises in touch-free interfaces for digital devices, has revealed that its eyeCan allows users... Read more

Coloured contact lenses help Lindsay Lohan to transform

By Emily TaitLindsay Lohan made use of coloured contact lenses to complete the makeover for her new film role, where she plays the part of iconic screen siren Elizabeth Taylor. The TV film Dick & Liz recounts the turbulent relationship between Elizabeth and Richard Burton, who she married... Read more