American Doctors Reveal Glaucoma Causing Protein Has A Y Structure

Researchers at Georgia Institute of Technology's School of Chemistry and Biochemistry have discovered that an extremely important eye protein is shaped like the letter Y. Many believe this finding will revolutionize how doctors think about treating glaucoma in the future.Georgia Tech researchers... Read more

A New App Could Detect Whether You're Peeping On A Stranger's Phone

Although there's no official data, it's safe to assume millions of people have peeked onto strangers' smartphones on public transit. Perhaps the only more disturbing fact about mobile phones in the modern era is that 75 percent of us use them while on the toilet!Techies haven't told us whether they... Read more

Neuroscientists Uncover Region Of The Brain That Encourages Creativity

Professors at America's finest universities believe they've discovered the area of the brain lets us know when it's time to change our routine.The part of the brain researchers pinpointed is called the posterior cingulate cortex. They found that the rate of neurons firing in this region became... Read more

New England Doctors Discover Differences In AMD Patients' Blood Samples

American researchers believe they've found a way to detect age-related macular degeneration (AMD) using a patient's blood sample. Although it's a long way from being standardized, many eye doctors are interested in using this technique to better diagnose AMD in the future.This research took place at... Read more

New Study Changes How Doctors Think Of Retinal Rods

Researchers at Germany's University of Tübingen recently published a revolutionary paper on the nature of rod photoreceptors. This new research suggests that rods play a significant role in vision even during daylight hours.Since rods can't distinguish color, most ophthalmologists assumed they... Read more

New Study Shows Dyslexia Could Be Caused By Malformations In The Eye

A brand new study out of France's Université de Rennes is changing how doctors think about dyslexia. This revolutionary report suggests that dyslexia may have more to do with a malformation in the eyes than in the brain.Study authors examined the eyes of 30 dyslexia patients and 30 people without... Read more

New Study Suggests Farsighted Children Have Difficulty Concentrating

A new American study found that preschoolers suffering from farsightedness (aka hyperopia) had a more difficult time concentrating than children with normal vision. The study also found that farsighted children had weak hand-eye coordination skills.Researchers at many universities collected data on... Read more

NICE Raises IOP Scores For Glaucoma Referrals

The UK's National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) raised the intraocular eye pressure (IOP) score that merits a glaucoma referral. Instead of the former 21mmHg rate, eye doctors will now need to show that their patient has an IOP score of 24mmHg or above for a referral.This new... Read more

Novel Technique For Manufacturing Artificial Corneas Could Address Global Shortage

Researchers at two major universities have just discovered a new way to create high-quality curved artificial corneas. Eye experts believe these new tissue-derived corneas could work just as effectively as donated human corneas.Scientists at both the University of California and Newcastle University... Read more

NYU Highlights Indian Hospital's Eco-Friendly Cataract Surgery Methods

Healthcare officials are praising one hospital in southern India for its commitment to environmental sustainability. A new NYU School of Medicine study found that India's Aravind Eye Care System drastically reduced carbon emissions using a novel approach to cataract surgery.Researchers tracked how... Read more

Opticians Promote Contact Lens Hygiene At Aston University

Aston University professors used this year's a World Antibiotic Awareness Week to discuss contact lens hygiene. Presenters hope this information encouraged contact lens wearers in the UK to take better care of their contacts so they won't need to overuse antibiotics.This event took place at Aston... Read more

Optimeyes Project Helps Thousands Of UK Patients Get The Eye Care They Deserve

The Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) recently teamed up with the North Yorkshire and South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Services to help elderly people with eye health issues. Over the course of its two-year run, this Optimeyes project has helped at least 6,000 UK residents get... Read more

Oxford Professors Test New Gene Therapy On Mice With Retinitis Pigmentosa

Researchers at the University of Oxford have just concluded a successful gene therapy study on blind mice. Ophthalmologists around the world believe this new procedure could revolutionize how doctors treat blinding conditions.All of the mice used in this study had retinitis pigmentosa, which is one... Read more

 PlenOptika Unveils Its Handheld QuickSee Device

The startup biomedical company PlenOptika is on a mission to help eye doctors perform cheap, safe, and quick eye exams anywhere in the world. To carry out this lofty goal, PlenOptika has developed a handheld device with the ability to measure a person's eyes within just 30 seconds.Called the... Read more

Regular Exercise Could Reduce Risk Of Glaucoma By Almost 75 Percent

A new long-term study out of the University of California, Los Angeles suggests that regular physical exercise could reduce a person's risk of developing glaucoma.Researchers found that people who exercised regularly were 73 percent less likely to be diagnosed with glaucoma than people who didn't... Read more

Researchers Prove Flies Can See The World In Great Detail

Scientists in three countries have just made a major discovery about the nature of insect vision. This new research proves that insects can see the world around them in greater detail than previously imagined.Most people in the field of entomology believed insects saw the world in fuzzy pixelated... Read more

Revolutionary Healthcare App By babylon Launched In London

Londoners now have the opportunity to chat with a GP any time of the day through a new smartphone app. Called GP at Hand, this revolutionary app will dramatically change how healthcare is conducted in the UK.The virtual health service provider babylon Healthcare Services developed this app with the... Read more

 Spark Therapeutics LCA Gene Therapy Close To FDA Approval

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) could approve a new gene therapy procedure for the eye disorder Leber congenital amaurosis (LCA) at the start of 2018.The name of the drug in question is Luxturna. Scientists at the American gene therapy company Spark Therapeutics developed this new one-off... Read more

Stem Cell Researchers Better Understand The Nature Of Retinitis Pigmentosa

Scottish stem cell researchers believe they are one step closer to understanding X-linked retinitis pigmentosa (XLRP). A new study suggests that people with XLRP have significant structural differences in their genetic code and photoreceptor cells than people with normal vision.Researchers at the... Read more

New Cameras Can Detect A Person's Gaze Using Deep Learning

Japanese and German researchers have just created extremely smart cameras that can tell exactly where people are looking. All of these new cameras use the latest advances in deep learning technology.The researchers have successfully tested these cameras in two locations. First, they placed a camera... Read more