Eye doctors at the Children's Hospital Los Angeles are using the latest in telemedicine technology to reduce the rates of infant blindness in Armenia. In addition to restoring sight to thousands of newborns, American surgeons believe this technology will help spread quality surgical knowledge... Read more


Newcastle residents no longer have to travel long distances to undergo common eye surgeries. The Newcastle Optical Express has just announced that it has all the necessary equipment to perform cataract, lens replacement, and even lens enhancement procedures.These added services are thanks to Optical... Read more


The British optometry community is mourning the loss of contact lens expert Mike Port. Dr. Port was a major figure in the development of contact lens standards in the UK and a world-renowned contact lens researcher.In 1963, Dr. Port received his diploma in ophthalmic optics from the Northampton... Read more


Thanks to the generosity of Nottingham residents, one stray dog will get a totally free eye surgery procedure. After the surgery is complete, anyone in Nottingham can adopt this dog from Nottingham's Stray Dog Service.People first saw this stray dog stumbling around the St. Ann's district of the... Read more


UK patients suffering from myopic chorodial neovascularization (mCNV) will soon have a brand new treatment method at their disposal. The National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has just approved Eylea eye injections for anyone suffering from mCNV.Scientists at Regeneron... Read more


A team of New Zealand researchers has produced the first corneas that can be transplanted into human eyes from a 3D printer. Developers hope this revolutionary technology will help address the massive shortage of healthy corneas for transplants in eye banks around the world.The professors involved... Read more


A new pair of solar-powered glasses is changing the way energy experts think about solar panels. Not only can these glasses run totally on solar energy, they can also be used to charge mobile devices.Students and professors at the German university Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) are behind... Read more


A new report suggests one in five UK residents will have some form of sight loss in the near future. As of today, researchers believe there are at least six million people in the UK with serious sight issues.Both the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) and Specsavers released this... Read more


A group of researchers have just released a review arguing that electronic retinal implants are worth the investment for people suffering serious retinal diseases. Although these implants don't fully restore vision, the study authors say that these devices greatly enhance a patient's quality of life... Read more


New information released in the British Medical Journal shows a sharp decline in the number of Welsh residents living with diabetic retinopathy. Members of the Welsh government say these numbers prove the NHS Diabetic Retinopathy Eye Screening (DES) Programme has been a success.Students and... Read more


The most common way ophthalmologists check for glaucoma in routine eye exams is by testing a patient's intraocular pressure (IOP). The standard opinion in the medical community is that a higher than average eye pressure reading indicates a higher risk of glaucoma.One new study out of the UK,... Read more


If you have a compatible eye-tracking device and a PC with Windows 10, you can now use your eyes to move your cursor around. Although it may sound like something out of a sci-fi novel, Microsoft's eye control beta test has just launched around the world.Not only can people use their eyes to move a... Read more


Researchers at Moorfields Eye Hospital recently taught a group of 16 dry eye patients how to safely take out a few drops of blood from their fingertips with a lancet and squirt drops in their eyes. Doctors instructed participants to put a drop of this blood in their lower eyes four times a day for... Read more


A new study out of the National Eye Institute (NEI) shows that microbes on the eyes of certain mice can ward off corneal diseases. There's great hope in the eye care community that further research into this eye microbiome can help humans in the near future.Scientists in the past assumed that the... Read more


Contact lens experts at mark'ennovy and Brien Holden Vision Institute (BHVI) are teaming up to create personalized contact lenses for myopia and presbyopia patients. Both companies hope their new lenses will make it easier for optometrists around the world to prescribe customized and comfortable... Read more


British eye doctors have begun using a new gene therapy procedure on patients with X-linked retinitis pigmentosa (XLRP). Ophthalmologists around the world are hopeful this new procedure can be used to successfully treat XLRP patients in the future.This pilot gene therapy procedure is taking place at... Read more


Australian eye doctors at Macquarie University have just made a groundbreaking discovery on the nature of glaucoma. Through various tests on both humans and rats, researchers have shown that the eye protein neuroserpin plays a critical role in preventing damage to the retina.Scientists have known... Read more


A new British study suggests the Ebola virus may adversely affect a patient's vision. This new research complicates results from an earlier study that found most Ebola survivors had normal vision after being tested by an ophthalmologist.In this new study, professors at both the University of... Read more


Scientists in Liverpool are sounding the warning alarm about parasites that attach themselves to dogs' eyes. This particular kind of eye worm is more common in Continental Europe, but new reports show it's quickly spreading in the UK.Researchers from the University of Liverpool have just published a... Read more


The UK charity groups OcuMel UK and CLIC Sargent will be accepting donations from this year's Eye Smart Campaign. The two charities hope to encourage more UK residents to get regular eye screenings so doctors can catch life-threatening diseases as early as possible.In particular, the Eye Smart... Read more