Menicon contact lens wins creativity award

By Martin BurnsThe latest contact lens innovation from Menicon has been successful at an industry awards ceremony due to its creativity.Menicon Magic daily disposable contact lens, which the company says provides wearers with both functionality and ultra-thin portability through its minimalist... Read more

Contact lenses the only option for baseball player

By Alexa KaczkaA top baseball player in the US has revealed that contact lenses are the only effective form of vision correction on the field of play.Atlanta Braves first baseman Freddie Freeman has revealed that he has stooped using glasses and has gone back to wearing contacts during matches,... Read more

New Bausch + Lomb contact lens is approved

By Martin BurnsContact lens manufacturer Bausch + Lomb will soon be rolling out its latest line of contacts, after the products were given clearance by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The company announced that its Biotrue ONEday daily disposable contact lens passed the necessary... Read more

Laser eye surgery "is well worth it"

By Alexa KaczkaUndergoing laser eye surgery is something that people will not regret, as it opens up a number of possibilities, one patient has attested.Rochelle Rose underwent the procedure recently and said that one of the most surprising aspects of it was that the operation was painless and she... Read more

Children"s eye campaign is successful

By Alexa KaczkaA year-long campaign by a leading eyecare charity that has been backed by a number of key figures has proven successful.The Childhood Eye Cancer Trust (CHECT), in association with Damian Hinds MP and parenting website Mumsnet, has been calling on Department of Health-approved... Read more

Angelina Jolie uses coloured contact lenses for new role

By Emily TaitHollywood icon Angelina Jolie has put another feather in her cap by starring in the new adaptation of the Walt Disney classic Sleeping Beauty, and has used coloured contact lenses to help her. The 37-year-old actress plays the role of the evil Maleficent in the new film, and has been... Read more

Robert Pattinson rules out Twilight return

By Emily TaitTwilight star Robert Pattinson has ruled out donning contact lenses again and returning to do another movie in the vampire saga. The British actor has just finished filming the final instalment in Stephenie Meyer's hit series – Breaking Dawn: Part 2, where fans will find out... Read more

CooperVision unveils latest contact lenses

By Adrian GalbrethCooperVision has unveiled its new contact lenses, which the company claims will help to boost the eyesight of people who suffer form both presbyopia and dry eye. According to the organisation, its Proclear 1 day multifocal lens can tackle presbyopia and dry eye through its... Read more

Hollywood effect artists "turns hand to contact lenses"

By Emily TaitA Hollywood special effects artist has turned his hand to eyewear, creating a rather bizarre range of contact lenses. The handcrafted eyewear is the product of the labours of Kevin Carter, who spent days carefully handpainting the lenses, according to the Daily Times. According... Read more

Brits make worrying "eye test cutbacks" during recession

By Alexa Kaczka People are cutting back on essential eye tests and dental checks in order to make ends meet during the recession, according to new research. Seventeen per cent of people are having eyesight checks less often, the poll by HPI revealed, which could mean they are overdue for glasses... Read more

Bausch + Lomb unveils latest contact lenses

By Martin BurnsContact lens manufacturer Bausch + Lomb (B+L) has unveiled its latest line of contacts, which the company claims will help to make life easier for people with blurred vision. According to the organisation, the Biotrue ONEday daily disposable contact lens is designed to deliver more... Read more

New medication bottle "will benefit millions"

Some people who suffer from eye problems or blindness have means of going about their daily lives in a similar fashion to how they did before their condition developed, but many have struggled with things such as medication bottles – until now. That is because two design students at the... Read more

Lengthy study periods "may damage eyesight"

By Alexa KaczkaAlthough lengthy study periods are associated with higher exam scores and can help to boost children's learning, these habits may also be having a negative impact on their vision, if taken to the extreme, a new study suggests. Research published this month in The Lancet medical... Read more

Eye infections "can cause AMD"

By Adrian GalbrethFor many years, eye specialists have believed that the development of age-related macular degeneration (AMD), one of the leading causes of blindness on the planet, was either the result of genetic predispositions or lifestyle factors such as smoking or a high fat diet. However, a... Read more

New contact lens "may help diabetes sufferers"

By Martin BurnsContact lenses have been helping to make people's lives easier for many years, but a new development could even help to improve their health. Chemist Jun Hu, who works at the University of Akron in Ohio, has been formulating a new type of contact lens which he claims can assist... Read more

Carol Vorderman backs laser eye surgery

By Emily TaitCarol Vorderman has become the latest in a long line of celebrities to extol the virtues of laser eye surgery, which has saved her having to alternate between over a dozen pairs of glasses. The Loose Women host, who presented Countdown for over two decades and relies on her vision to... Read more

Pioneering surgery gives hope to the partially sighted

By Alexa KaczkaA Scottish woman who bravely agreed to become the first person in the UK to undergo a pioneering type of eye procedure has said it will hopefully help to save the vision of many more people in future. Sylvia Paton, from Edinburgh, was born without an iris in her left eye, which... Read more

Scottish invention "could reverse blindness"

By Adrian GalbrethThousands of people across the globe who are currently living in darkness could soon be able to see thanks to the efforts of experts in Scotland. Researchers from the University of Strathclyde, in association with specialists from Stanford University in California, have developed... Read more

Contact lens wearers offered holiday eyecare tips

By Alexa KaczkaPeople who wear contact lenses have been offered some tips to ensure they do not encounter any issues this summer and benefit from crystal clear vision. For those heading away on holiday, Silver Surfer Today advised that people who read a lot should try the 20-20-20 rule, which means... Read more

New test offers hope to eye tumour patients

By Adrian GalbrethA new test could offer hope to the thousands of people around the world who are living with eye tumours, and help to improve the way in which they are treated. According to researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in St Louis, the genetic test can accurately predict... Read more