Thickness of cornea "linked to eye disease"

By Adrian GalbrethThe thickness of a person's cornea may be linked to an eye disease that can cause blindness, according to experts in the US. Specialists at Case Western Reserve University say the new findings could change the standard of practice for those treating Fuchs' Endothelial... Read more

Study sheds light on brain recognition

By Adrian GalbrethA new study has shed light on how the brain recognises certain objects that we have seen before - something that was previously a grey area for scientists. Brown University neuroscientists have highlighted the potentially different roles that two distinct cell types may play in... Read more

London Marathon runners "should wear contact lenses"

By Alexa KaczkaPeople running the upcoming Virgin London Marathon but require vision correction have been advised to wear contact lenses for optimum performance in the race.That is the recommendation of sports vision expert Gavin Rebello, who said that contact lenses give people much clearer spatial... Read more

IOP breakthrough leads fight against glaucoma

By Adrian GalbrethA new study has shed light on the regulation of intraocular pressure in the eye and could lead to new understandings of how to treat glaucoma, it has been claimed. Experts working on the six-year collaboration between Bascom Palmer Eye Institute of the University of Miami Miller... Read more

Ocular tremors "a sign of Parkinson"s disease"

By Adrian GalbrethAlthough many people who have experienced tremors in their eye may have dismissed it as being trivial, such an occurrence may actually be a sign of Parkinson's according to a new study. Experts in the US note that persistent ocular tremors that prevent eye stability during... Read more

New drug "can halt eye disease"

By Adrian GalbrethAlthough many drugs are trialled and fail each year, some are proven to be effective in treating life-altering conditions, and the latest to demonstrate its efficacy is a drug that can prevent eye disease. The results of a new randomised controlled trial at Moorfields Eye Hospital... Read more

"Positive stress" can prevent glaucoma

By Adrian GalbrethGlaucoma is one of the leading causes of blindness in the UK, but new research has claimed that there may be a simple way of helping to combat the development and progression of the disease. According to specialists at Washington University School of Medicine in St Louis, they... Read more

Contact lens wearers offered makeup tips

By Alexa KaczkaWomen who wear contact lenses have been offered some tips on how to apply makeup without putting their vision at risk. The Beauty and Fashion section of Newsolio.com noted that women who require vision correction should always put their contact lenses in before applying makeup. ... Read more

Experts make "major" AMD breakthrough

By Adrian GalbrethAge-related macular degeneration (AMD) is one of the leading causes of blindness in the western world and has been the subject of many studies over the years, though new research carried out in Ireland looks closer than most to preventing the development of the condition. ... Read more

Passing eye tests "not a guarantee of safe driving"

By Alexa KaczkaMuch has been made recently of the need for drivers to have good vision if they are to ensure that both they and other motorists are safe on the roads, but a new study has revealed that even people who pass standard vision tests may still be a danger to other road users and... Read more

New eye test "can diagnose heart disease"

By Adrian GalbrethA new type of eye test could potentially help to save lives, according to experts who claim it can diagnose heart problems. Specialists at the University of Edinburgh Clinical Research Imaging Centre say the new test takes just 30 seconds but could potentially save millions of... Read more

Cataracts patient breaks world record

By Alexa KaczkaA 109-year-old woman has proved that age is no obstacle when it comes to correcting vision, after becoming the oldest woman in the world to undergo treatment for cataracts. Chinese woman Guo Liansheng, who was born in 1903, is set to enter the Guinness Book of World Records after she... Read more

Contact lenses "a good idea" for runners

By Alexa KaczkaMany runners have experienced the problem of having to contend with glasses when outdoors and the discomfort they can cause when jogging and training.However, this does not have to be the case, according to Gavin Rebello, a sports vision expert, who says wearing contact lenses is an... Read more

Contact lenses "have come a long way"

By Alexa KaczkaThe contact lens industry has come a long way since the products were initially developed and can now correct almost any vision problem, one expert has observed. According to optometrist Nick Dash, new lenses help correct astigmatism and age-related reading issues, whilst keeping the... Read more

Osteoporosis drugs "may cause eye problems"

By Adrian GalbrethThere are many amazing drugs on the market that can help to cure a wealth of conditions and ease symptoms, but in some cases the so-called miracle cures may have side-effects that impact other areas of the body. According to a new study by experts in Canada, one such medication... Read more

Contact lens cleaning "an important process"

By Alexa KaczkaPeople who wear reusable contact lenses should always take the time to ensure they are following the instructions for cleaning the products to a tee, it has been advised. Optometrist Dr Andrew Leitzel told Penn Live that it is "always wise" to carefully follow the... Read more

Contact lens solution "is essential"

By Martin BurnsPeople who wear reusable contact lenses should never be tempted to use any form of liquid other than contact lens solution to clean the products, it has been advised. According to the health advice site Newsolio.com, it can be tempting to use water to clean the lenses, but because... Read more

Eye exams "benefit your overall health"

By Alexa KaczkaMost people, at some point, have had their vision called into question, whether it be while trying to read a shop sign down the road, looking at the instructions for something or simply speaking to somebody across the room, but the general response is to deny that their is anything... Read more

The dangers of driving without a valid prescription

By Alexa KaczkaThe dangers of motoring are well-publicised and seemingly every week a road safety organisation or MP is highlighting how vital it is for people to stay within the law at all times behind the wheel. However, while most people would never dream of speeding through a red light, doing... Read more

Kim Kardashian tries out coloured contact lenses

By Emily TaitKim Kardashian has become the latest celebrity to try out coloured contact lenses as she seeks to alter her image. The star has recently embarked on a fitness regime to change her image and has now taken it to the next stage by restyling her hair and trying out new contact lenses. The... Read more