Oversized contact lenses "combat dry eye"

Posted by Emily TaitLarge contact lenses could bring relief to the millions of people who suffer from dry eyes, new research has shown.A pair of wide-diameter contact lenses could be used to relieve the uncomfortable sensation of dry eyes, reports ScienceDaily, making them a "hot topic" in... Read more

Canaloplasty "wonderful" for glaucoma

By Alexa KaczkaA "wonderful" new glaucoma treatment called canaloplasty could prevent the damage to the eyes caused by glaucoma, a doctor has noted.Writing in the Orange County Register, Dr David Richardson, of San Gabriel Eye Associates, explained that the new procedure is like inserting... Read more

Eye device "could detect brain tumours"

By Adrian GalbrethProblems with peripheral vision can be an indicator of brain tumours, and now scientists have developed an eye device to detect such illnesses.Researchers in Edinburgh have designed a device which uses infra-red light to measure peripheral vision.Problems with peripheral vision... Read more

Make-up "all about the eyes" this spring

By Emily TaitMake-up trends this spring will see focus return to the eye, as eyeliner is set to make a "huge comeback" one expert maintains.Laura Jane Sessions, from organicmakeupartist.co.uk, noted that eyeliner has hit the catwalks in a big way this season, with every style from classic... Read more

X-ray treatment to prevent glaucoma?

By Adrian GalbrethTargeted x-ray treatment of an individual eye could prevent the onset of glaucoma, new research indicates.A study published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation found that when target x-ray therapy was given to young mice who would be prone to glaucoma in later life, that eye... Read more

Contact lenses must be properly looked after

By Emily TaitContact lenses are a fantastic vision aid, but users need to look after them properly - a fact highlighted by the British Contact Lens Association.The organisation highlighted the importance of doing as the doctor orders and undergoing regular check-ups to ensure that eye health is... Read more

Leave contact lenses at home during eyebrow shaping

By Adrian GalbrethPeople visiting beauty salons to get their eyebrows shaped should protect their contact lenses by removing the eyewear, one expert has noted.Opthalmologist Dr Ross Pullikkan noted in the Times of India that the process of getting eyebrows plucked, waxed and threaded with their... Read more

Man offers advertising space in his eyes

By Adrian GalbrethAn unemployed man is offering companies the chance to invest in some eye-catching advertising by wearing contact lenses with their logos on.Mahmood Choudhury will wear contact lenses featuring the logo or symbol of the firm for a minimum of seven days.Companies will be able to... Read more

Take care with contact lenses near water

By Alexa KaczkaContact lens wearers must observe eye hygiene when in close proximity to water, it has been underlined.One expert has warned that as the summer approaches, and more people get in the mood for swimming and water sport, they should ensure they know the best approach with their contact... Read more

Silicone hydrogel contact lenses popular among extended wear users

By Alexa KaczkaThe majority of people who opt for extended wear contact lenses choose the silicone hydrogel type, which allow more air to get to the eyes.Research published in the journal Optometry and Vision Science found that 72 per cent of extended wear lenses purchased were of this type.Many eye... Read more

Eye tests "could detect cognitive decline"

By Alexa KaczkaSimple eye tests could detect cognitive decline, after research indicated that retinopathy is linked to cognitive decline.A study from the University of California, San Francisco, found that women aged 65 or older who have even a mild form of the blood vessel disease are more likely... Read more

New breakthrough "could stop eye infections"

By Adrian GalbrethThe majority of people have probably suffered from an eye infection at some point, with the problem often hampering their daily lives until it clears up and generally being a hassle. However, a new study has suggested that diagnosing, treating and preventing bacterial infections... Read more

Experts produce retinas from stem cells

By Adrian GalbrethAs the ongoing fight against eye disease continues, experts from around the world are constantly coming up with new ways to help treat people with optical conditions or even prevent diseases from developing in the first place. Now, for the first time, scientists at the University... Read more

Measuring eye pressure at home "improves glaucoma management"

By Adrian GalbrethHome measurement of eye pressure in youngsters may improve the management of the blinding condition glaucoma, experts claim. In a new study by scientists at the Duke Eye Center, it was found that parents using a new device known as the Icare Rebound Tonometer were able to evaluate... Read more

Triggerfish contact lens "can detect glaucoma"

By Adrian GalbrethExperts in London have developed a new type of contact lenses that they claim can help to detect the signs of glaucoma and curb cases of the condition. According to specialists at the London Eye Hospital, a new single-use contact lens is able to detect glaucoma by monitoring... Read more

GEM calls for reassessment of driving vision laws

By Alexa KaczkaA road safety charity and breakdown cover company is urging the government to reassess existing vision tests for driving, to ensure road safety is not compromised. With countries across the globe marking World Glaucoma Week this week, GEM Motoring Assist is calling for support to... Read more

Space travel "harms astronauts" eyes"

By Adrian GalbrethSpace may be the final frontier, but for the brave men and women who boldly go where no man has gone before, the effects of space travel may be having a detrimental impact on their eyes, a new study has suggested. Researchers at the University of Texas Medical School at Houston... Read more

Twilight star Kristen Stewart transforms with contact lenses

By Emily TaitTwilight fans have been waiting patiently for the final film adaptation of the blood-sucking series to hit the big screens, and the wait is almost over, with new screens from the film revealing star Kristen Stewart transforming into a vampire for the first time. After marrying Robert... Read more

Zelda, Mario and Donkey Kong "can combat eye problems"

By Adrian GalbrethMillions of children across the planet have enjoyed hours playing on their Nintendo Wii as they jump across platforms with Mario, escape dungeons with Link in the Legend of Zelda game and swing between vines with Donkey Kong, but while they are having fun the activity may also be... Read more

Julianne Moore becomes Sarah Palin thanks to contact lenses

By Emily TaitContact lenses have helped Oscar-nominated actress Julianne Moore to transform herself into former Governor of Alaska and Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin for the new HBO series Game Change. Speaking to the people, Moore, who has been nominated for Academy Awards on... Read more