Office workers "must safeguard their vision"

By Alexa KaczkaPeople whose job involves spending a lot of time in front of a computer screen need to do all they can to ensure that they are protecting their vision, an expert has advised. Leading optician Nick Atkins pointed out that there are thousands of people around the UK who spend hours at... Read more

European eyecare industry expands in 2011

By Martin BurnsThere was further growth in the European optics industry in 2011, with increasing sales of contact lenses helping to drive the expansion, the latest report reveals. Figures presented by the retail and technology analyst GfK, following analysis of the European Optics industry, showed... Read more

Adrian Mole author "struggling to cope with vision loss"

By Alexa KaczkaSue Townsend, bestselling author of the hugely popular Adrian Mole series, has revealed how she is still struggling to cope with the loss of her vision. The 65-year-old was diagnosed with the blinding condition diabetic retinopathy in the late 1990s, which slowly robbed her of her... Read more

Stem cells "can repair a damaged cornea"

By Adrian GalbrethFor many people, suffering eye trauma can mean a substantially reduced quality of life, with vision impairment preventing them from carrying out even the simplest of tasks. However, hope is at hand for those who have experienced cornea damage, as scientists at the Sahlgrenska... Read more

Eyes "not the only way of seeing"

By Adrian GalbrethEyes may not be the only tools people have used to see throughout history, a new study suggests. Experts at the University of California have published a new study in the in the journal BMC Biology, which shows how the ability to detect light could have evolved before anything... Read more

MP backs use of contact lenses among drivers

By Alexa KaczkaAn MP from Sheffield has reiterated her support for a new campaign which is aiming to ensure that people use the correct vision correction when behind the wheel. There has been much furore recently about how vital it is to have the right standard of eyewear when driving a car, after... Read more

Acuvue unveils disposable contact lenses for astigmatism

By Martin BurnsJohnson & Johnson Vision Care has announced a new daily disposable soft toric contact lens for people with astigmatism. The 1-Day Acuvue Moist Contact Lenses for Astigmatism are designed to alleviate symptoms for people suffering from the common vision problem, which affects how... Read more

Contact lens comfort "is easy to achieve"

By Alexa KaczkaThe majority of contact lens users will find that wearing them is easy and comfortable and they have no major problems, one expert has asserted. Leading optician Nick Atkins explained that there are a couple of things that people can do to ensure that they never experience any... Read more

IVF helps to protect baby"s sight

By Alexa KaczkaNowadays, in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) is commonplace when it comes to conceiving a new child, but advances in the technology have taken it to heights never imaged when it was first developed. Processes such as Genea for Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) have allowed experts to... Read more

Rugby stars promote eyesight initiative

By Alexa KaczkaA new initiative has been launched to help identify eyesight problems in young people, with a number of rugby stars joining in the effort. The scheme saw 400 schoolchildren from Mount Isa, near Brisbane, given the chance to have their eyes tested, with the reward being that they got... Read more

Many glasses wearers "have incorrect prescriptions"

By Alexa KaczkaMany people who wear glasses do not have the correct prescription and are potentially putting themselves at risk of injury, a new report suggests. The UK-wide study into vision correction shows that 1.5 million have suffered accidents as a result of insufficiently corrective eyewear,... Read more

Results of laser eye surgery "evident immediately"

By Alexa KaczkaThe results of laser eye surgery are evident within minutes yet the procedure can help to completely transform people's lives, it has been claimed. Speaking to Cork News, consultant ophthalmic surgeon and medical director Wayne Crewe-Brown explained that laser eye surgery is a... Read more

Contact lenses "have many advantages" over glasses

By Martin BurnsPeople considering making the switch from glasses to contact lenses have been informed that there are many benefits to be had from opting for contacts. The health advice site Newsolio.com noted that contacts avoid many of the disadvantages of glasses, with comfort and hygiene being... Read more

Tracking eyes "can assist in autism strategies"

By Adrian GalbrethUsing eye-tracking techniques can help to reveal variability in successful social strategies for children with autism spectrum disorders, according to a new study. Research carried out by Katherine Rice and colleagues from the Marcus Autism Center, Children's Healthcare of... Read more

A new weapon in the fight against AMD

By Adrian GalbrethAs one of the leading causes of sight loss around the world, particularly in developed countries, age-related macular degeneration (AMD) has been the subject of much scientific study as experts attempt to develop new ways of treating or identifying the condition. Although there is... Read more

Glaucoma sufferers "may not be aware of the condition"

By Alexa KaczkaDespite being one of the leading causes of blindness in the western world, it is surprising how little is known about glaucoma and how to spot its development, a group of experts have noted. According to specialists at the World Ophthalmology Congress, millions of people around the... Read more

Sports players "should protect against eye injuries"

By Alexa KaczkaPeople can help to limit their chances of suffering an eye injury while playing sport by investing in protective eyewear, one specialist has pointed out. Dr Rupesh Agrawal, associate ophthalmology consultant from Tan Tock Seng Hospital in Singapore, said he has seen many cases of... Read more

Brits failing to have biennial eye tests, report shows

By Alexa KaczkaMany people may be compromising their vision by walking around with glasses or contact lenses that are the incorrect prescription, according to a new report into a new poll about eye test frequency. The survey, carried out by YouGov as part of its SixthSense research, shows that... Read more

Opticians "can recommend the right contact lenses"

By Martin BurnsA visit to an optician to update a contacts lens prescription is a great opportunity to discuss the most suitable type of lens to wear, it has been noted. Deirdre Dillane, an optician based in Cork, Ireland, told the Cork News that many people wear the same type of contact lens their... Read more

Vision checks "essential" for every person

By Alexa KaczkaIt is vital that every person undergoes regular eye tests to evaluate their vision, no matter how old they are, one expert has pointed out.Dr Joseph Feder, a board-certified ophthalmologist at the Aurora Health Center, told HTR News that the major reason for this is that regular exams... Read more