Brits failing to have biennial eye tests, report shows

By Alexa KaczkaMany people may be compromising their vision by walking around with glasses or contact lenses that are the incorrect prescription, according to a new report into a new poll about eye test frequency. The survey, carried out by YouGov as part of its SixthSense research, shows that... Read more

Opticians "can recommend the right contact lenses"

By Martin BurnsA visit to an optician to update a contacts lens prescription is a great opportunity to discuss the most suitable type of lens to wear, it has been noted. Deirdre Dillane, an optician based in Cork, Ireland, told the Cork News that many people wear the same type of contact lens their... Read more

Vision checks "essential" for every person

By Alexa KaczkaIt is vital that every person undergoes regular eye tests to evaluate their vision, no matter how old they are, one expert has pointed out.Dr Joseph Feder, a board-certified ophthalmologist at the Aurora Health Center, told HTR News that the major reason for this is that regular exams... Read more

Vision loss "can be eliminated overnight"

By Alexa KaczkaAdvances in medicine and technology mean that many vision conditions can effectively be eliminated in a matter of hours nowadays, one expert has pointed out. Professor Hugh Taylor, Laureate Professor and Harold Mitchell Chair of Indigenous Eye Health at the University of Melbourne,... Read more

New Braille iPhone app on the way?

By Adrian GalbrethA new type of smartphone app could be set to revolutionise the mobile phone market forever, changing the way that people use the devices and making it easier for the visually impaired to use the handsets. According to experts at Georgia Tech, they have built a prototype app for... Read more

Contact lenses "can boost corneal cross-linking recovery"

By Alexa KaczkaWearing a popular type of contact lens can help to speed up the recovery time for people who have had corneal cross-linking, one expert has claimed.Eyecare expert Jenny Deva, MD, told OSN Supersite that rigid gas permeable contact lenses can effectively enhance visual acuity and... Read more

Being careless "not an option" with contact lenses

By Alexa KaczkaWhen it comes to contact lens hygiene, people cannot afford to take shortcuts and must always aim to be as hygienic as possible when handling or inserting the product, one expert has pointed out. Speaking to Gulf News, Dr Dasa Gangadhar, an ophthalmology consultant for the Grene... Read more

Dame Judi Dench reassures fans after sight loss interview

By Emily TaitDame Judi Dench has sought to reassure her fans that she is not going blind, following a recent interview in which she disclosed that she is suffering from age-related macular degeneration (AMD). Last week, the Mrs Brown actress, who also appears as M in the James Bond films, told the... Read more

A fifth of fleet drivers "have not had vision tested"

By Alexa KaczkaOne in five fleet drivers in the UK last had their eyes tested more than two years ago, beyond the maximum recommend period without having a vision check, a new poll has suggested. Research carried out by Fleet News noted that some drivers may be putting the safety of themselves and... Read more

Contact lenses are "key equipment" for sportsmen and women

By Alexa KaczkaFor people who require vision correction, contact lenses are almost as important as a racquet or a bat, one expert has pointed out. Nick Dash, Sports Vision Specialist at Loughborough University, told the fitness magazine Zest that there is no longer any need for people who suffer... Read more

Acuvue launches London Marathon contact lens scheme

By Martin Burns Contact lens manufacturer Johnson & Johnson Vision Care has announced a new scheme that will encourage people running this year's London Marathon to wear contact lenses on the way round. As running in glasses can often be very uncomfortable, with the ear pieces rubbing... Read more

Diabetics advised to have frequent eye tests

By Alexa KaczkaPeople suffering from diabetes have been warned to have their eyes tested regularly if they want to eliminate the risk of losing their vision. Many suffers of the condition go on to develop diabetic retinopathy, which can lead to blindness if not treated, though frequent trips to an... Read more

Contact lenses take baseball player to new heights

By Alexa KaczkaContact lenses have enabled a star baseball player to take his game to the next level and benefit from vastly improved form. Hagerstown Suns centre fielder and Washington Nationals top draft pick Bryce Harper realised that his eyesight was not as good as it could have been and... Read more

Dame Judi Dench: I can"t read film scripts

By Emily TaitVeteran British thespian Dame Judi Dench has revealed she is losing her sight and may soon be unable to read the scripts for her film roles. Speaking to the Daily Mirror, the 77-year-old said that she has been diagnosed with age-related macular degeneration (AMD), one of the leading... Read more

Playing videogames "can improve vision"

By Adrian GalbrethThe old adage that staring at a screen can damage your vision has been dispelled in a new study that reveals people who frequently play videogames can actually improve their eyesight. According to research carried out at McMaster University in Canada, a course of playing... Read more

Many eye injuries "the result of negligence"

By Alexa KaczkaMany eye injuries suffered in the workplace could have been easily avoided if more caution had been exhibited, one expert has noted.Speaking at the World Ophthalmology Congress, Ayesha Al Zeyodi, general ophthalmologist at Fujairah Hospital, said that the majority of eye injuries she... Read more

New procedure may provide a solution for strabismus patients

By Adrian GalbrethFor many people with the condition strabismus, life can often be challenging, as the misalignment and limited movement of one or more eyes characterised by the disease often leads to their everyday lives being affected. In severe cases, they can also develop neck and back problems... Read more

New 3D microscopy may enable disease detection

By Adrian GalbrethA new type of microscope technology has been developed that may change the way that certain neurological disorders are identified by experts, it has been revealed. It is the result of a partnership formed between Australia's Griffith's School of Information Communication... Read more

Tragic crash girl gives others gift of sight

By Alexa KaczkaA girl who was killed by a motorist who had failed an eye exam but continued to drive his car donated her eyes after death so that other people could see, it has been revealed. Cassie McCord, 16, was killed in her home town of Colchester in February last year when an 87-year-old man... Read more

Daily contact lenses "must be disposed of"

By Martin BurnsPeople who wear daily disposable contact lenses have been advised not to be tempted to wear the products for longer than the manufacturer's recommended wear time. Some people who wear dailies make the mistake of not following the instructions set out by their contact lens... Read more