Eye makeup "can easily hide wrinkles"

By Emily TaitAlthough there are plenty of creams and products on the market that claim to help remove wrinkles and give people younger-looking skin, it is not necessary to buy them to hide the appearance of wrinkles, it has been noted. That is because fine lines and age marks can easily be... Read more

Scientists develop new eye drug delivery system

By Adrian GalbrethExperts in Canada have developed a new system of delivering drugs to people's eyes, which they claim could revolutionise the way certain conditions are treated. Researchers at McMaster University claim that the microneedle technique, which delivers drugs to the back of the... Read more

New contact lenses "could assist soldiers"

By Martin BurnsA new type of contact lens could potentially help to change the battlefield and army tactics by giving soldiers a new way to receive information. In the 1992 film Universal Soldier, warriors were created that could utilise a special headset to assist them in the field of battle, and... Read more

Sarah Jessica Parker wears coloured contacts for new film

By Emily TaitSex and the City star Sarah Jessica Parker has helped to transform herself for a new film role by utilising coloured contact lenses. The 46-year-old star was seen sporting dark contact lenses on the set of the new film Lovelace, in which she portrays the iconic feminist Gloria Steinem.... Read more

Tips offered to combat dry eyes in winter

By Alexa KaczkaPeople who find that they regularly suffer from dry eyes during the winter months have been offered tips on how to minimise this problem in the weeks ahead. Kristin Booker, writing for the advice site NewNowNext, noted that the combination of central heating inside and harsh... Read more

Are British drivers risking people"s lives?

By Alexa KaczkaMany people would not think twice about getting in the car and nipping down the road to pick something up from the shops, as it is a journey they have made hundreds of times without any trouble. However, a new survey has revealed that hundreds of thousands of motorists in the UK are... Read more

Daily contact lenses "still the favourite"

By Martin BurnsDaily disposable contact lenses remain the most popular form of the products, according to a new study based on the responses of wearers from across the globe.The data, published in the February issue of Optometry and Vision Science, the official journal of the American Academy of... Read more

Contact lenses "can provide numerous benefits"

By Alexa KaczkaPeople in search of effective vision correction may find that contacts lenses can help to solve the problem of defective eyesight while allowing them to go about their daily lives without any inconvenience, it has been noted.Tyrone Whobrey, writing for eQuick News, said there have... Read more

Eating fruit and veg "lowers risk of eye problems"

By Adrian GalbrethPeople can help to lower the risk of developing eye problems by regularly consuming fresh fruit and vegetables, a new study has suggested. Research carried out by Louise Katz, a professor at Columbia State Community College in Tennessee, involved polling over 400 students at the... Read more

Regular eye checks "can avoid blindness"

By Alexa KaczkaTwo major vision organisations are calling on people to undergo eye tests more regularly in order to avoid the risk of eye problems and help to combat the onset of blindness. The Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) and Action for Blind People are supporting the Great Big... Read more

Some contact lens wearers "not following care routines"

By Alexa KaczkaAlthough the majority of contact lens wearers follow the care routines for the products closely, some of them are not being completely stringent when keeping up observations of manufacturer recommendations, a new poll has found. A survey carried out by the US organisation LasikPlus... Read more

Pupil size "gives an indication of concentration levels"

By Adrian GalbrethMany times we have had a conversation with another person and wondered if they were paying attention to us, but never known the truth - until now. That is after experts in Europe conducted a new study which shows that the size of a person"s pupil is an indicator of how much they... Read more

CooperVision backs blindness initiative

By Martin BurnsCooperVision has become the latest in a long line of contact lens manufacturers to pledge support to an organisation that helps to prevent and cure blindness. The company is backing the latest initiative from the Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired (ABVI), after recently... Read more

B+L steps up surgical products promotion

By Martin BurnsBausch + Lomb has boosted promotion of its new line of surgical products for eye surgery patients across the planet. In collaboration with Topcon Medical Japan, the company has announced the introduction of the Stellaris PC (Procedural Choice) Vision Enhancement System, which is... Read more

Fake vodka "can make you go blind"

By Alexa KaczkaPeople have been advised to be on the look-out for counterfeit vodka that can cause severe sight problems if consumed, after one student almost lost her vision. The BBC's Inside Out programme revealed how last year Sheffield University student Lauren Platts bought a cheap bottle... Read more

Aussie Rules player benefits from laser eye surgery

By Alexa KaczkaA top Australian Rules footballer has undergone laser eye surgery in a bid to help improve his focus both on and off the field. Shaun Hampson, who plays for the Carlton Football Club in the Australian Football League, said he decide to undergo the procedure after it became clear that... Read more

Choosing Lasek or Lasik "a big decision"

By Alexa KaczkaPeople considering undergoing laser eye surgery will find that one of the most difficult decisions they will have to make is whether to undergo the Lasik or Lasek form of the procedure. That is the opinion of Tyrone Rocamora, writing for EQuick, who's stated that although laser... Read more

Eyesight "plays a major role" in how spiders jump

By Adrian GalbrethThe way in which a species of spider is able to jump is down to the arachnid using green light to gauge the distance of their leap, a new breakthrough study has suggested. Research published in the journal science by experts from Osaka City University in Japan and carried out by... Read more

Nicki Minaj sports wide-eyed look in new video

By Emily TaitPopstar Nicki Minaj has seemingly taken inspiration from Lady Gaga in her new music video, in which she sports a wide-eyed look similar to a doll. The video for the 29-year-old's new song features her dressed in a number of garish outfits and extreme make-up complement CGI-enhanced... Read more

Contact lenses help teen to cope with vision problem

By Alexa KaczkaContact lenses help millions of people around the world to see clearly and improve their way of life by offering them improved vision and comfort without the inconvenience of wearing glasses. However, not every type of contact lens is the regular sort that people's friends and... Read more