New technique could tackle eye damage

By Adrian GalbrethA new stress pathway has been identified as a potential therapeutic target to prevent vision loss in people who have eye damage, which could give hope to thousands of people around the planet. New research carried out by the Children's Hospital and Harvard Medical School and... Read more

Loss of vision "should not be accepted"

By Alexa KaczkaAlthough everybody's eyesight will begin to fade at some point, people should not simply sit back and wait for it to happen without doing anything to curb the process, it has been noted. That is the opinion of Clara Eaglen, policy and campaigns manager at the Royal National... Read more

Twin brothers each experience sight loss within a year

By Alexa KaczkaTwin brothers have revealed how they both lost their sight to a rare vision disease within months of each other. Michael and Dan Smith, 20, told the Daily Mail about how they have both been left almost blind by Leber's Optic Neuropathy, which has manifested itself while they have... Read more

Good eyesight "essential for safe driving"

By Alexa KaczkaHaving good vision is not just important for drivers, it is essential, according to one representative of a road safety organisation. Julie Townsend, deputy chief executive of Brake, said that too many cases make the headlines where drivers with poor eyesight have caused needless... Read more

Star Trek vision device moves a step closer

By Adrian GalbrethFans of Star Trek: The Next Generation will be a familiar with the device worn by the engineer Jordy La Forge, which enabled him to see even though he was blind, but now it looks like such an innovation may no longer be confined to the realms of science fiction.That is because... Read more

AMD cases set to rise by a third by 2020

By Adrian GalbrethAge-related macular degeneration (AMD) is already one of the leading causes of sight loss in the UK, but the number of people in the UK suffering from the condition is set to rise further still in the coming years, a new report has revealed. Research carried out by experts at St... Read more

Results of eye tests "can vary"

By Adrian GalbrethPeople who are thinking about having an eye test have been warned that the results of the examinations can often vary, resulting in slightly different recommendations for prescriptions. Dr Susan Blakeney, from the College of Optometrists, told the Daily Mail that the difficulty... Read more

Look stylish but protect your vision on the slopes in 2012

By Alexa KaczkaPlenty of people will be heading to the ski slopes in the months ahead but there are some who will forget one of the most important pieces of equipment when they travel – sunglasses. Although not traditionally associated with being warm and sunny destinations, many people do... Read more

A cure for blindness is now a step closer

By Adrian GalbrethOne of the main focuses of researchers around the world is how to combat visual decline, with experts on every continent striving to find a cure for blindness. Now, thanks to experts in the US, it appears that we may be a step closer to therapies that can help to restore sight in... Read more

New devices to make life easier for visually impaired

By Adrian GalbrethNew types of devices may offer hope to the millions of people around the world who are visually impaired, in a bid to make their daily lives easier. The VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has developed new NFC-based applications, which take the form of an innovative,... Read more

"Avoid sleeping in contact lenses", expert warns

By Alexa KaczkaAlthough there are certain types of medical contact lenses available that can correct people's vision overnight, wearers of regular contacts should avoid sleeping in the products, one expert has advised. Dr Shahzad Mian, a cornea specialist at the University of Michigan's... Read more

Injured motorist backs eyesight campaign

By Alexa KaczkaA man who was injured in a car accident with a driver who had defective vision is backing a national campaign that calls for compulsory eye tests for all motorists. Gareth Gault, 42, of the Grove, Southend, told the Essex Echo that he is fully behind the initiative, which was... Read more

Blind man helps out people affected by snow

By Alexa KaczkaA man who has almost completely lost his sight is helping out people who been affected by the recent heavy snowfall around the world - by making snowshoes. Despite his vision progressively getting worse over the last decade, Miramichi resident Rheal Gray has ensured that one thing he... Read more

New contact lenses "will produce 3D panoramic images"

By Adrian GalbrethA new type of contact lens in development may lead to people's everyday vision not only being restored, but advanced beyond the normal capabilities of the human eye, it has been claimed. The technology website Ubergizmo claimed that contact lenses are currently being developed... Read more

Contact lens faux pas not a problem for Man Utd star

By Emily TaitManchester United's dramatic comeback against Chelsea at the weekend was achieved despite one of the Reds' players losing his contact lenses before the match, it has been claimed. Speaking after the 3-3 draw at Stamford Bridge on Sunday afternoon, United coach Brian McClair,... Read more

Overnight contact lenses "can correct vision"

By Martin BurnsAlthough millions of people around the world suffer from defective vision, for many there is no way to cure their condition without surgery - something that is a particular problem for those who are too young to undergo the procedure. However, help is at hand for young people with... Read more

Downton Abbey eyesight plot plays out in real life

By Emily TaitFans of Downton Abbey will be aware that one of the plotlines in the first series of the period drama was the cook Mrs Patmore slowly losing her sight, and now it seems that real life has imitated fiction, as the head chef at Highclere Castle, where the hit show is filmed, has required... Read more

Stem cell surgery restores Katie Piper"s sight

By Emily TaitFormer model Katie Piper has revealed how pioneering stem cell surgery helped her to regain sight in her left eye after it was badly damaged in a 2008 attack. The incident occurred when her former boyfriend arranged for an accomplice to throw acid in her face following their... Read more

Contact lens market "in good shape"

By Martin BurnsThe current demand for contact lenses in the UK is as strong as ever and this looks set to continue in the months ahead as people realise the benefits of wearing the vision correction products, it has been noted. Speaking to Optician Online, contact lens expert Dr Michael Kraftman... Read more

Next season is all about eye make-up, expert says

By Emily TaitThe spring/summer season will see a big emphasis on eye make-up, a top international beauty expert has noted.Joseph Hernandez, who does make-up for a number of big names, told the Manchester Evening News that one of the key trends for the upcoming season focuses on the eye.He advised... Read more