Experts develop vision testing device

By Adrian GalbrethA new invention being developed by experts in the US could help to make children's eye exams inexpensive, comprehensive, and simple to administer, it has been claimed. Although 85 per cent of children's learning is related to vision, four-fifths of children have never had... Read more

Nick Nolte claims 3D is damaging eyesight

By Alexa KaczkaHollywood actor Nick Nolte has launched a new verbal campaign against 3D TV after claiming that the technology can have a negative effect on people's vision and cause further problems. Since the release of James Cameron's Avatar in 2009, which set a new standard for 3D... Read more

Cyclist awarded £4m following poor eyesight driver crash

By Alexa KaczkaA cyclist has been awarded £4 million in compensation following a road accident in which he was hit by a driver with defective vision and was left seriously injured. Patrice Gougam, 55, was knocked down in a November 2009 incident on the Great North Road between Barnet and Potters... Read more

Regular eye tests "vital" for older drivers

By Alexa KaczkaIt is vital that all drivers, and particularly older ones, undergo regular eye tests to see whether they need vision correction such as glasses or contact lenses, it has been urged. That is the opinion of the road safety charity Brake, which has said that having good vision on the... Read more

Colour blind people "may have an advantage"

By Adrian GalbrethPeople who are colour blind may have an advantage over those who have supposedly 'normal' vision by being able to spot things that others cannot, a new study has suggested. According to research carried out at Anglia Ruskin University, colour blind monkeys are better at... Read more

Nearly-blind man becomes powerlifting champion

By Alexa KaczkaA man who is almost blind has proven that the loss of his vision is not holding him back by becoming a champion powerlifter. Lepeka Nanai, from Attwood in Australia, was left with severely impaired vision after an accident at work involving corrosive chemicals in 2003, a condition... Read more

Contact lens study wins top prize at medical symposium

By Adrian GalbrethA study into how contact lenses can affect the measurement of glaucoma has won the top prize at an annual medical event. Marie Brenner is the first author of the study, which was named top presentation at Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine's annual St.... Read more

Night-time drivers offered vision tips

By Alexa KaczkaPeople who drive at night have been offered some tips to ensure they do not fall foul of hazards due to the poor driving conditions. As many UK workers continue to travel to work and head home in the dark, driver training specialist IAM Drive & Survive is offering a number of... Read more

Routine eye test discovers girl"s brain tumour

By Alexa KaczkaA routine trip to the optician may have saved a girl's life after the vision care professional assessing her discovered a brain tumour the size of an orange behind her eye.Chloe Jones, who is 17 and from Merthyr in Wales, went for the eye exam last year after suffering from... Read more

Grapes "prevent age-related blindness"

By Adrian GalbrethFor many people, going blind is their worst nightmare, preventing them from seeing their loved ones and the world around them each day, but now it seems the threat of blindness can be staved off simply by eating grapes. A new study published in Free Radical Biology and Medicine... Read more

Lasik surgery "has a very quick healing time"

By Alexa KaczkaPeople thinking of undergoing laser eye surgery at some point have been advised that their eyes are likely to heal quicker if they undergo a Lasik procedure. According to Stephen Hannan, professional services manager at Optical Express, the majority of patients nowadays will have... Read more

Laser eye surgery "offers great freedom"

By Alexa KaczkaUndergoing laser eye surgery can provide people with a freedom they may never have thought was possible, it has been claimed. For people who currently wear glasses or contact lenses, it offers a permanent solution to the problem of not being able to see clearly and literally helps to... Read more

"Many people" can benefit from laser eye surgery

By Alexa KaczkaPeople from all walks of life and many different professions can benefit from undergoing laser eye surgery, it has been claimed. That is the opinion of Stephen Hannan, professional services manager at Optical Express, who noted that many sportsmen and women have had the procedure,... Read more

Importance of contact lens hygiene "cannot be overstated"

By Alexa KaczkaAlthough millions of people across the planet benefit from wearing contact lenses and the comfortable and effective vision correction that the products provide, some people are failing to follow the correct hygiene procedures, it has been claimed. That was the result of a recent... Read more

Visual rehabilitation "rising in importance"

By Adrian GlabrethAn increasing degree of importance is set to be placed on visual rehabilitation as the world's population ages, a new report has suggested. Analysis of the current issue of Deutsches Arzteblatt International by Susanne Trauzettel-Klosinski shows that age-related macular... Read more

Could the iPhone 4S improve your eyesight?

By Alexa KaczkaThe new iPhone 4S from Apple could be helping to improve people's eyesight - or at least maintain it, it has been claimed. Speaking to Forbes, Dr Vance Thompson, board-certified ophthalmologist, said that the phone's inability to allow users to adjust font size for email... Read more

Contact lens pioneer dies aged 91

By Martin Burns Tributes have poured in for a man who helped to pioneer the modern contact lens, who could count baseball stars and the president of the United States as an early adopter of his products. Joe Goldberg, from Norfolk, Virginia, died at the age 91 after a lifetime devoted to enhancing... Read more

Rolling Stones star Keith Richards has laser eye surgery

By Emily TaitRolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards has become the latest in a long line of celebrities to undergo laser eye surgery, it has been reported. According to the Daily Mirror, Richards, who has been rocking with the Stones for five decades, decided to undergo the procedure to boost his... Read more

Innovega progresses development of AR contact lenses

By Adrian GalbrethPersonal media eyewear specialist Innovega has announced the completion of its new mega-pixel eyewear in a compact in a commitment to producing high-performance designs for augmented reality (AR). The company says the Innovega iOptikTM meets the demanding performance requirements... Read more

Allergy suffers "can still wear contact lenses"

By Alexa KaczkaPeople who suffer from allergies that often affect their vision because they make their eyes water are not restricted from wearing contact lenses, it has been observed. News USA pointed out that some people suffer from allergic conjunctivitis when irritants such as pollen or dust... Read more