By Alexa KaczkaNext week sees one of the biggest vision awareness events worldwide taking place, encouraging people across the planet to take care of their eyesight.World Sight Day traditionally takes place on the second Thursday in October, which this year falls on the 13th, and will be marked by... Read more


By Martin BurnsContact lens manufacturer Bausch + Lomb (B+L) has announced it has gone live with the first phase of a full suite adoption to the ContractSphere v7 strategic software platform though contract performance solutions provider iMANY.B+L, which specialises in contact lenses and lens care... Read more


By Alexa KaczkaOne organisation has launched a new vision programme which it claims can help people to regain their eyesight through natural means.According to the founders of EyeAerobics, people suffering from various vision problems can benefit from the combination of natural medicines and eye... Read more


By Alexa KaczkaThe high level of pollen circulating in the air at the moment means that people are more likely to suffer from eye irritation in the coming weeks, it has been claimed.That is the opinion of Dharmesh Patel, chairman of the Eyecare Trust, who explained that this year's wet summer... Read more


By Emily TaitHalloween is one of the only times of the year when people have a great excuse to dress up and wear whatever they want, transforming themselves into creatures of the night, but the activity does come with dangers.One of these is the risk associated with illegal coloured contact lenses,... Read more


By Alexa KaczkaPolaroid has unveiled its latest contact lens solution, which is aimed at travellers and is designed to make things easy for people taking their contact lens on holiday or away on business.The company's hermetically-sealed Contactspod has a sterile solution for storing lenses... Read more


By Adrian GalbrethA new application being released for the iPhone will help to improve the eyesight of older people, it has been claimed.According to Ucansi, to the developers of GlassesOff, middle-aged people who regularly use the brain training app will be able to improve their vision to what it... Read more


By Alexa KaczkaRetailers who are selling contact lenses without licence will be found and prosecuted, according to one local authority which is clamping down on the practice of selling the products illegally.Sandwell Council has promised to root out people who are illegally trading contact lenses... Read more


By Martin BurnsAn increasing number of people are choosing to buy contact lenses and glasses online rather than buy them from traditional stores, for a variety of reasons.Dr Lil Linton, president of the Canadian Association of Optometrists, told the Times Transcript that "you get what you pay... Read more


By Martin BurnsContact lens manufacturer Bausch + Lomb has announced the appointment of a new global president of vision care as it looks to boost its international operations.Sheila Hopkins will assume the role, while two existing senior executives – Peter Valenti III and Steven Robins... Read more


By Alexa KaczkaA new study launched by Ultralase will play a key role in helping people to boost and maintain their visions, it has been claimed.Luisa Borg-Myatt, online campaign and content manager for Ultralase, said the company's new Twitter-based research project to generate a... Read more


By Alexa KazckaVictims of the recent floods in Pennsylvania, US, are to be provided with free materials in order to help them get back on their feet, including glasses and contact lenses.The flood ruined the homes of many people and caused disruption to several people's lives, due to the items... Read more


By Emily TaitEven though the weather is now getting cooler, sunglasses are actually more in fashion than ever before, as the clear skies mean the sun is brighter than at any point this year.This is why it is important to keep up with the latest trends and styles as far as eyewear is concerned,... Read more


By Emily TaitHollywood icon Brad Pitt has shed some light on the early roles which helped to establish him as a true star in Tinseltown, including how he had to wear contact lenses for one role.Pitt starred in the adaptation of Anne Rice's Interview with the Vampire in 1994, which, in many ways,... Read more


By Alexa KaczkaA new campaign has been launched by Royal Sun Alliance (RSA) that aims to increase the frequency of motorists' eye tests in a bid to reduce the number of accidents occurring on UK roads.According to the organisation, if drivers were to regularly visit their optician or... Read more


By Martin BurnsContact lens pioneer Menicon has announced a revamping of its operations in order to boost its research and development work.The company said that the "major reorganisation" in its international operations and creation of a new global management team in Menicon Holdings BV... Read more


By Alexa KaczkaLaser eye surgery expert Ultralase has launched a new research project over Twitter that aims to evaluate the condition of the nation's collective eyesight.In the Twittervision study, Ultralase will use information tweeted by the public to populate an "evolving map" of... Read more


By Alexa KaczkaEverybody should make regular trips to the optician in order to preserve their vision and ensure that any problems they have are picked up early.These trips are also essential for people who wear contact lenses or glasses so their prescriptions can be evaluated and changed if... Read more


By Martin BurnsAlmost every month, new innovations are being brought out in the contact lenses market, and September 2011 has been no different, with Sauflon unveiling its latest products.In an event at London's Tower 42 venue, the contact lens manufacturer revealed world's first silicone... Read more


By Emily Tait Natural eye makeup will be the big trend for this autumn and this will provide plenty of opportunities for women to show off their eyes.Become Gorgeous has warned against abandoning makeup completely this season and has instead emphasised the importance of picking products that... Read more