Women"s eyes "look older in winter"

By Emily TaitEvery woman knows that the winter weather can play havoc with their hair and complexion, but now it appears that even the eyes are not untouchable, as they look older at this time of year. That is according to a clinical study carried out by Adonia Organics as part of the development... Read more

Eye makeup "is all about the panda" this season

By Emily TaitThe major makeup trend this season is likely to be for 'panda eyes' as women seek to emulate female celebrities by laying the eye makeup on thick. Already, celebrities such as Harry Potter star Emma Watson, former X Factor judge Cheryl Cole and Kate Middleton have been pictured... Read more

"Look after your body and vision" during the winter

By Alexa KaczkaWith winter almost upon us and the temperature dropping, it is easy for people to think that they are no longer in danger from the sun's rays, but that is not the case, as UV can still harm the skin and eyes.Although many people will have put their sunglasses away for the winter,... Read more

Results of laser eye surgery "are evident immediately"

By Adrian GalbrethPeople who make the decision to undergo laser eye surgery will notice the benefits of the procedure almost immediately, according to one expert who has extolled the virtues of the operation.Wayne Crewe-Brown, a leading consultant ophthalmic surgeon and medical director at Optilase... Read more

Fleet operators failing to check drivers" eyesight

By Alexa KaczkaA significant proportion of fleet drivers are not having their eyes regularly checked through company testing, according to a new poll.The survey of 127 fleet operators by Brake's Fleet Safety Forum, seen by Fleet News, revealed that some 42 per cent of fleets do not offer... Read more

New lens "can correct life-long vision problems"

By Adrian GalbrethAs recently as 50 years ago, there were very few means of correcting vision without having to wear bulky glasses or prototype contact lenses, but all that has changed in the last half a century thanks to new inventions coming onto the market and helping people to enjoy a new lease... Read more

Kim Kardashian"s makeup secrets revealed

By Emily TaitThose looking to imitate the eye makeup glamour of Kim Kardashian can choose between the more simple daytime look or the complex night time looks that she is known for. Makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic recently told Starlounge that his client's eyes are her best feature and the... Read more

Classic sunglasses "best way to show off eyes"

By Emily TaitThose wanting to show off their eyes in the best possible way should consider investing in classic sunglasses, an expert has advised.Erika Chloe, celebrity stylist and chief executive officer at Myimageexpert.com, said that those looking to buy new lenses should opt for some of the more... Read more

Spare contact lenses "should be carried in emergencies"

By Alexa KaczkaContact lenses are one of the essentials that town chiefs are advising should be included in people's evacuation bags.The City of Edinburgh council is urging residents living in the city centre to make up a grab bag of items as part of its major incident evacuation plan, the... Read more

Bionic contact lenses "one step closer"

By Adrian GalbrethScientists have announced an exciting new development that could allow emails to be projected onto people's contact lenses.Teams based at Washington University and Finland's Aalto University have successfully tested the technology on animals, with no sign of negative... Read more

Eye-catching tints "great for eye makeup"

By Emily TaitThose looking to follow the hottest makeup trends this season should make sure they use a combination of eye-catching tints, an expert has advised.Journal Online has highlighted the great way that properly-done eyes can tantalise onlookers and claimed that lashes are an important area... Read more

Scheme "boosts eye health among children"

By Alexa KaczkaA new scheme is being rolled out in Canada in an attempt to encourage improved eye health among children of kindergarten age.The Alberta Association of Optometrists has announced that it will be launching an Eye See Eye Learn programme that will aim to address the impact that poor... Read more

Girl thanks Vodafone for restoring her sight

By Alexa KaczkaFor many people, losing their sight is one of their biggest fears, making their daily lives a struggle and taking away the ability to see many of things they love most about the planet.For children, this is arguably even worse, as there is so much that they have yet to see and do, but... Read more

Unilens Vision unveils latest products

By Martin BurnsUnilens has unveiled its latest contact lenses, which it claims will offer a new option to people in need of vision correction around the UK.The new C-Vue Advanced HydraVUE family of custom silicone hydrogel contact lenses incorporate "highly developed" lens design... Read more

Global contact lens market "booming"

By Martin BurnsThe global market for contact lenses continues to go from strength to strength, with sales of the vision care products continuing to rise, a new report has revealed.Figures published by market research firm GfK and seen by Asia One show that contact lenses are hugely popular in Asia,... Read more

Twilight stars swap contact lens secrets

By Emily TaitRobert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have been comparing notes on their contact lenses after filming the latest instalment of the Twilight series.Pattinson has long spoken of how wearing contact lenses helps him to adopt the brooding demeanour required of his character, Edward Cullen,... Read more

Youngster overcomes sight problems to attend gala

By Alexa KaczkaFor many people, losing their eyesight is their worst fear, even more so than their other senses failing, and for young people in particular it can have a severe impact on their lives.Yet, that was the scenario facing 12-year-old Zara Fraser this year, who feared she would never see... Read more

Vision of drivers "a growing concern"

By Alexa KaczkaConcern has been raised about the number of drivers who are being forced off the road due to poor vision, following the publication of new statistics.Data issued by the Co-operative Motor Group revealed that to 4,009 licenses were revoked due to people's failing eyesight in 2010;... Read more

Health minister supports contacts bill

By Martin BurnsA new bill in Canada that will help to improve the quality and reliability of the contact lenses provided to the public has been backed by the country's health minister.According to Leona Aglukkaq, she is firmly behind the new bill, which would set out new requirements for... Read more

It"s "all about the eyes" this season

By Emily TaitBefore women start shopping for their Christmas party dress this year, they should first think about what eye makeup they are likely to be wearing, according to one expert.Jules Cardozo-Marsh, who has established herself as one of the most highly regarded makeup artists in the UK, said... Read more