National vision study "will encourage healthy eyes"

By Alexa KaczkaA new study launched by Ultralase will play a key role in helping people to boost and maintain their visions, it has been claimed.Luisa Borg-Myatt, online campaign and content manager for Ultralase, said the company's new Twitter-based research project to generate a... Read more

Contact lenses given to Pennsylvania flood victims

By Alexa KazckaVictims of the recent floods in Pennsylvania, US, are to be provided with free materials in order to help them get back on their feet, including glasses and contact lenses.The flood ruined the homes of many people and caused disruption to several people's lives, due to the items... Read more

Follow the latest sunglass trend this autumn/winter

By Emily TaitEven though the weather is now getting cooler, sunglasses are actually more in fashion than ever before, as the clear skies mean the sun is brighter than at any point this year.This is why it is important to keep up with the latest trends and styles as far as eyewear is concerned,... Read more

Brad Pitt reveals movie contact lenses routine

By Emily TaitHollywood icon Brad Pitt has shed some light on the early roles which helped to establish him as a true star in Tinseltown, including how he had to wear contact lenses for one role.Pitt starred in the adaptation of Anne Rice's Interview with the Vampire in 1994, which, in many ways,... Read more

RSA launches eyesight campaign

By Alexa KaczkaA new campaign has been launched by Royal Sun Alliance (RSA) that aims to increase the frequency of motorists' eye tests in a bid to reduce the number of accidents occurring on UK roads.According to the organisation, if drivers were to regularly visit their optician or... Read more

Menicon revamps contact lens operations

By Martin BurnsContact lens pioneer Menicon has announced a revamping of its operations in order to boost its research and development work.The company said that the "major reorganisation" in its international operations and creation of a new global management team in Menicon Holdings BV... Read more

Ultralase launches vision project over Twitter

By Alexa KaczkaLaser eye surgery expert Ultralase has launched a new research project over Twitter that aims to evaluate the condition of the nation's collective eyesight.In the Twittervision study, Ultralase will use information tweeted by the public to populate an "evolving map" of... Read more

Using local opticians "a wise idea"

By Alexa KaczkaEverybody should make regular trips to the optician in order to preserve their vision and ensure that any problems they have are picked up early.These trips are also essential for people who wear contact lenses or glasses so their prescriptions can be evaluated and changed if... Read more

Sauflon unveils new toric contact lenses

By Martin BurnsAlmost every month, new innovations are being brought out in the contact lenses market, and September 2011 has been no different, with Sauflon unveiling its latest products.In an event at London's Tower 42 venue, the contact lens manufacturer revealed world's first silicone... Read more

Natural eye makeupÔŅĹ"The keyÔŅĹAutumn trend"

By Emily Tait Natural eye makeup will be the big trend for this autumn and this will provide plenty of opportunities for women to show off their eyes.Become Gorgeous has warned against abandoning makeup completely this season and has instead emphasised the importance of picking products that... Read more

Actress promotes Acuvue contact lenses at NY Fashion Week

By Emily TaitMany famous faces have extolled the virtues of contact lenses over the last couple of decades, with celebrities often turning to them in place of glasses to stay as fashionable as possible in the public eye.Of course, models are not exempt from having eyesight problems either, and so... Read more

Contact lenses "bring The Walking Dead"s zombies to life"

Contact lenses have really exploded in popularity in recent years, with several TV shows and big screen productions utilising them to add an extra dimension to character makeup.Perhaps the most famous use of coloured contact lenses is in the Twilight films, where Robert Pattinson wears them to... Read more

Charity launches driving vision campaign

By Alexa KaczkaA leading charity is spearheading a new campaign designed to highlight the legal obligations motorists have to ensure their vision is good enough for them to drive.   The Eyecare Trust and Westfield Health are collaborating on the initiative, which is designed to... Read more

Jersey Shore star shows off emerald contact lenses

By Emily TaitOne of the stars of the hit reality TV show Jersey Shore has sported her new look, which includes some intriguing emerald green contact lenses. Deena Nicole Cortess, who joined Jersey Shore in alter series, was snapped at the One Night in Los Angeles event at Wiltern Theatre, the Daily... Read more

Contact lenses improve international cricketer"s game

By Alexa KaczkaCricketer Vusi Sibanda has revealed how switching from glasses to contact lenses has helped him to improve his game and boost his country's chances of success against other nations.The Zimbabwe international struggled for form between 2008 and 2010 as his vision problems began... Read more

Timeless fashions "key eye makeup purchases this autumn"

By Emily TaitThose looking for a low-cost way to keep their eye makeup on trend this summer can turn to the standbys that have always been fashionable at this time of year.   Stephanie Haddad, writing for the Burlington Patch, has highlighted these timeless trends as the perfect fall-back... Read more

Popular celebrities "are great for sunglasses inspiration"

By Emily TaitThose looking to keep up-to-date with the latest sunglasses trends should take inspiration from some of the most popular celebrities, an expert has claimed.   Colette Ali, an image consultant, has highlighted the benefits of drawing style ideas from famous faces, who provide a... Read more

Sunglasses fashion "drawing on older trends"

Posted by Emily Tait The biggest trends in sunglasses at the moment draw inspiration from the last century of designs, an expert has claimed.Dirk Kugelstadt, managing director at MisterSpex, has highlighted the fact that this year"s collections draw on everything, from the fashions of the... Read more

Fashion experts offer sunglasses advice

By Emily TaitOne major style trend that is unlikely to ever go out of fashion is sunglasses, with all manner of shapes, sizes, colours and designs being sported by famous faces and leading the general public to try and emulate their idols.For people hoping to follow the latest trends, advice was... Read more

Eye makeup can be used to create a smoky effect quickly

Posted by Emily TaitUsing eye makeup to get a smoky effect can be both easy and quick for those without a lot of time, an expert has claimed.   Erin Bailey, writing for Blog Her, has highlighted the fact it is easy to create the nighttime look in very little time.   The key steps she... Read more