Eye makeup can be used to create a smoky effect quickly

Posted by Emily TaitUsing eye makeup to get a smoky effect can be both easy and quick for those without a lot of time, an expert has claimed.   Erin Bailey, writing for Blog Her, has highlighted the fact it is easy to create the nighttime look in very little time.   The key steps she... Read more

Sunglasses "can be worn year-round"

By Emily TaitThough the sun has rarely shone in the UK this summer, thousands of people have kept their sunglasses on almost permanently over the last few weeks, and this is no surprise, according to Dan Hasby-Oliver, editor of Last Style of Defense.Despite the weather being far from great in 2011,... Read more

Bold�and edgy eye�makeup�"key�to autumn fashion"

Posted by Emily Tait Those looking to keep up with the trends this autumn should use bold and edgy eye makeup.   BecomeGorgeous.com is calling this autumn the fall for statement make-up, whether this is focused on the eyes or the lips.   It highlights the fact that Marc Jacobs, Stella McCartney... Read more

When fashion and contact lenses collide

Not only do contact lenses have the power to correct people's vision without the need for cumbersome frames, but they are rapidly becoming a fashion accessory through which wearers can exude style and personality.For a number of years, there has been a huge selection of non-prescription, or... Read more

Sunglasses are "more than an accessory"

By Alexa KaczkaThe general public should not only view sunglasses as a fashion accessory, according to one expert who has pointed out that they can help to prevent blindness in many cases by shielding people from the harmful effects of the sun.This year, thousands of Brits will be heading overseas... Read more

Are laptops damaging children"s vision?

By Alexa KaczkaA new poll has suggested that the tools many children use to boost their education could be damaging their eyesight.According to the 2011 American Eye-Q survey from the American Optometric Association (AOA), a third of parents are concerned that their children are using products which... Read more

Contact lens stocks to perform well

By Martin BurnsContact lens manufactures are likely to perform well in the stock markets in the coming months and years, as healthcare organisations perform robustly, it has been claimed.According to a group of Robert W Baird & Co analysts, major healthcare suppliers, including those which... Read more

The next step in laser eye surgery

Laser eye surgery has been growing in popularity for years as people seek a permanent solution to their eye problem, and the latest incarnation of the treatment appears to be the most effective yet.Philstar recently reported on a trip to the American Eye Center in Greenbelt 5, where the writer was... Read more

UV protection "a must" for the eyes

By Alexa KaczkaWith many people heading away in the coming weeks as they look to catch some summer sun, thousands will be unknowingly exposing their eyes to harmful UV rays.However, one expert has offered advice to people to ensure their vision is safeguarded in the sun.Dr Hassan Imam, head of the... Read more

Paris Hilton to launch contact lenses?

By Emily TaitA new line of contact lenses and other vision correction products are reportedly among the new line of items rolled out under the Paris Hilton brand.OEM and Design Company have been appointed by Agent Beanstalk to develop the contact lenses, glasses frames and sunglasses under the... Read more

Kristen Stewart dons contact lenses for Breaking Dawn

By Emily TaitKristen Stewart has revealed how she wore contact lenses in order to play the part of Bella Swan in the film adaptation of the fourth Twilight novel, Breaking Dawn.The hugely popular series of books by Stephenie Meyer have sold millions of copies worldwide, and spawned three highly... Read more

Tributes paid to contact lens pioneer

By Martin BurnsTributes have been paid to the man who helped to pioneer contact lenses and was instrumental in them gaining worldwide acceptance as an effective means of vision correction.Dr Robert Koetting, who died this week, was a big supporter of contact lenses as far back as the 1960s and... Read more

GOC clamps down on illegal contact lens sales

Posted by Martin BurnsThe General Optical Council (GOC) has revealed it is clamping down on the illegal sale of contact lenses in a bid to ensure wearers of the products are as safe as possible.At the 195th GOC meeting in London, the organisation revealed that the safety of contact lens wearers... Read more

Free eyesight checks "will prevent vision deterioration"

Posted by Alexa KaczkaFree vision checks are being offered to residents in Worcestershire in a bid to reduce the number of people suffering from eye problems in the area.People living in Broadway, Evesham Vale, can take advantage of the opportunity to have their eyesight assessed for free at... Read more

Dry eyes "have a number of causes"

By Alexa KaczkaMillions of people across the planet suffer from occasional or regular dry eyes, which can be an irritating and painful condition if left untreated.With the UK already in the height of summer, many people are currently battling hayfever and other conditions affecting their vision,... Read more

Hybrid lenses "provide a new lease of life"

By Martin BurnsNew hybrid contact lenses from SynergEyes can help to provide people with irregular corneas with a new lease of life, according to one expert.Dr Morris Sheffer, an eye specialist from Charlotte, North Carolina, made the claim after it was revealed that the company's ClearKone... Read more

Awareness of eye problems "needs to be greater"

By Alexa KaczkaThere needs to be greater awareness of the eye conditions which can hamper people's lives and how people can seek help for them, according to one organisation.This week, Ultralase has been promoting National Cataracts Awareness Week, which it is hoping will inform the general... Read more

Sailing crew member stocks up on contact lenses

By Alexa KaczkaA sailing crew member preparing for a long journey has stocked up on the contact lenses she will need while she is away.Lesley Roberts told the Edinburgh Evening News that she will need 12 months' worth of contact lenses while crew member of Edinburgh Inspiring Capital, which is... Read more

FDA to assess contact lens device approval

Posted by Martin BurnsThe way in which the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approves the devices used to make contact lenses is set to be overhauled for the first time in decades, it has been revealed.The FDA is to change its review process as an Institute of Medicine panel has deemed that the... Read more

Phantom of the Opera musical utilises contact lenses

By Emily TaitA new production of the Phantom of the Opera is utilising contact lenses to make the characters as convincing as possible.Media Update noted that a new production of the classic musical will be staged at Artscape in Cape Town on November 22nd and at Teatro at Montecasino from January... Read more