New contact lens innovation showcased

By Martin BurnsThe next generation of contact lens technology is being showcased after research at the University of the Philippines' College of Medicine led to the creation of a new product called Air Optix. According to Ciba Vision, which has funded the research, the new lenses tackle three... Read more

New clinic offers help to the visually impaired

By Alexa KaczkaPeople suffering from severe eyesight problems have been offered hope by a new clinic which specialises in offering breakthrough technology to help them go about their daily lives in the normal manner. The Chicago Lighthouse in Illinois was set up by Dr David Orth, professor of... Read more

Online contact lenses buyers "need correct prescription"

Posted by Alexa KaczkaPeople who purchase their contact lenses online need to ensure that the products they are buying are the correct prescription, one expert on the subject has advised.As people's eyesight can change and their vision correction requirements vary over time, it is important to... Read more

Foundation to give US children clear vision

By Alexa KaczkaA large number of US school children can see clearly after being provided with spectacles by a non-profit organisation.Dozens of visually-impaired or partially-sighted youngsters at Copperfield Elementary School, in Austin, Texas, can now benefit from improved learning, the KXAN... Read more

Researchers to compare LASIK and contact lenses

Posted by Adrian GalbrethA research foundation is undertaking a study of contact lenses and LASIK laser eye surgery to compare patient satisfaction.The Cornea Research Foundation of America was set up in 1988 with the aim of improving and preserving human eyesight, and the study hopes to determine... Read more

Summit aims to boost US children"s eye health

By Alexa KaczkaWith around one in four US schoolchildren suffering with undetected or untreated vision problems, the American Optometric Association (AOA) has this week sought to boost young Americans' eye health.Last week, the AOA staged its first ever School Readiness Summit: Focus on Vision,... Read more

Contact lens wearers told how to relieve allergy symptoms

Posted by Alexa KaczkaPeople who wear contact lenses have been given some advice about how to deal with allergies.Spring is definitely upon us and for those who suffer from hay fever and allergies this can mean red, itchy and swollen eyes.In an interview with NBC Los Angeles, Dr Harue Marsden,... Read more

Advice given on beating hayfever

Posted by Alexa KaczkaThe summer is just around the corner and around one in five people in Britain will suffer from hay fever this summer.However, there are a number of ways which people can limit the symptoms, leaving them to enjoy being outside and enjoying the sunshine.Charlie Badham,... Read more

Contact lens wearers warned over "substitute" products

Posted by Adrian GalbrethThose needing contact lenses have been told to use a distributor which does not offer substitute lenses.Keith Tempany, an independent specialist in the field, said that purchasing lenses online does have a risk of infections and complications as many websites only offer... Read more

Eye diseases "mainly affect the elderly"

Contact lens wearers have been told that eye disease mainly affects those in old age.Cathy Yelf, head of external relations at the Macular Disease Society, said that age-related macular degeneration is the most common cause of sight loss in the western world.She added that more than half a million... Read more

Health expert urges "do not forget about eyes"

By Alexa Kaczka The UK government has missed important opportunities to include improvements to eye care in their public health policies, it has been claimed.According to Samantha Peters, the new General Optical Council (GOC) chief executive and registrar, policy makers could do more to acknowledge... Read more

Algae genes able to restore blind people"s vision?

Scientists have suggested that blind people may soon be made able to see, due to a light-sensitive gene taken from algae.Researchers at the University of Southern California believe that they may be able to replace damaged retinal cells with similar ones found in the green pond matter.The technique... Read more

US soldier receives gift of perfect sight

By Alexa KaczkaA war veteran from the US state of Minnesota has been given the gift of having perfect eyesight, without the need for glasses or contact lenses, thanks to the Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) and Lasik Plus.Mike Simon, who is in the Minnesota Army National Guard, was one of four wounded... Read more

Gaming and TV "will not cause vision loss"

Parents concerned by the amount of time their children, who might already wear glasses or contact lenses, stare at TV and computer screens have been offered some peace of mind by an expert.Speaking to the Sioux City Journal, Dr Beth Bruening, a South Dakota eye specialist, said that while lengthy... Read more

Tasmania urged "don"t lose sight of your sight"

Tasmanian health minister Michelle O"Byrne recently urged people to carefully monitor their own eyesight, particularly those over 40 who may already be wearing contact lenses or spectacles.Ms O"Byrne is launching a campaign designed to promote greater awareness of eye health, as figures suggest that... Read more

Children victims of most aerosol eye injuries

New research has revealed the extent to which aerosol spray cans pose serious eye injury risks to young children, including those wearing contact lenses or spectacles.In a Brown University study, it was found that children were the victims of more than half of the US emergency room visits for... Read more

Weight gain "increases eye health risks for older men"

Research has suggested that gaining weight in middle age could notably increase a man"s risk of going blind in later life, which may interest men already wearing glasses or contact lenses to correct their vision.According to scientists at the University of Melbourne, piling on the pounds puts men in... Read more

Daily disposable lenses can ease allergy symptoms

Posted by Alexa KaczkaWearing daily disposable lenses could help people beat their spring-time allergies, it has been claimed.Following a study which last month revealed that allergy season may be up to a month longer this year, Paul Karpecki, clinical director of the Koffler Vision Group, revealed... Read more

Make up tricks for contact lens wearers

Posted by Emily TaitWith summer on the way ladies are likely to be striving to achieve a radiance similar to that of Latino star Jennifer Lopez.Creating the golden nude look can be difficult, as choosing the wrong tones can wash women out rather than give them a summer glow.Women with golden skin... Read more

Baseball player hails contact lenses for his success

Posted by Emily TaitA baseball player for the Detroit Tigers has attributed some of his success on the field to his contact lenses.Ryan Perry is currently out of action as an eye infection which has led to corneal abrasion has prevented him from wearing his contact lenses.The sportsman told... Read more