Contact lenses "have considerably improved baseball pro"s vision"

Posted by Alexa KaczkaContact lenses have considerably improved the vision of a professional baseball player in America.Jay Gibbons, who is a Major League Baseball outfielder for the Los Angeles Dodgers, had complained in the past that his contact lenses were causing him trouble as the one in his... Read more

Ultralase celebrates 20th anniversary

Posted by Alexa KaczkaIreland's largest vision correction specialist Ultralase is celebrating its 20th anniversary.The firm was the first private company to offer laser eye surgery in the UK and it now has clinics in Dublin, Cork, Limerick and Waterford.Its first specialist clinic was set up in... Read more

Contact lens buying tips offered

By Alexa KaczkaA number of tips have been offered to people thinking about buying contact lenses to ensure they make the right decision.According to ChicLooking.com, there are many things to consider when choosing new contact lenses, including which type of lens suits a person best – soft, gas... Read more

Buying contact lenses online "has many benefits"

By Martin BurnsThere are many benefits to purchasing contact lenses online, according to one source which has pointed out that they are much cheaper than in a store.Andrea Noton, writing for the Breaking Story, pointed out that the convenience of ordering contact lenses online is also a great draw,... Read more

Contact lenses "a great option for vision correction"

By Alexa KaczkaPeople who require vision correction but are fed up of wearing glasses will find that contact lenses are a great solution, a source has explained.A post on the Health Articles blog pointed out that there are many different types of contact lenses available and so it is important to... Read more

"Circle" contact lens warning issued

By Martin BurnsA warning has been issued to teens following the trend of wearing 'circle' contact lenses which alter the appearance of the iris.Following the massive success of Lady Gaga's Bad Romance song and video, many young people have been attempting to emulate the appearance of the... Read more

Acuvue Advance contact lenses receive AOA UV seal

By Martin BurnsJohnson& Johnson has revealed that its Acuvue Advance plus brand contact lenses have received the Seal of Acceptance for Ultraviolet Absorbing Contact Lenses from the American Optometric Association's (AOA) Commission on Ophthalmic Standards.The specifications are in... Read more

AMD smoking and diet link "not well known"

By Adrian GalbrethAge-related macular denegation, one of the most common causes of blindness on the planet, has been linked to leading an unhealthy life, but relatively few people are aware of this, a new study has found.People who put their health at risk through smoking and following an unhealthy... Read more

Early diagnosis "crucial" to limit AMD

By Alexa KaczkaThe best way to limit the debilitating effects of age-related macular denegation (AMD) is to diagnose the condition early and enable treatment to begin, one expert has pointed out.Dr Susan Blakeney, optometric adviser to the College of Optometrists, said there are plenty of... Read more

Eye exams "a great form of preventative medicine"

By Alexa KaczkaAn eye exam represents one of the most effective forms of preventive medicine, according to one specialist.Jeff Spahr, staff vice president of Anthem Vision and Voluntary Services for Anthem Blue Cross, made the comments after his organisation launched a new vision care plan to help... Read more

Contact lenses help actress become JK Rowling

By Emily TaitActress Poppy Montgomery has revealed how coloured contact lenses have helped her transform into JK Rowling in a new TV movie of the Harry Potter author's life.In Magic Beyond Words: The JK Rowling Story, which is due to be screened in the US later this year, Montgomery was tasked... Read more

Laser eye surgery becoming more popular"

By Alexa KaczkaThe popularity of laser eye surgery is continuing to grow as people realise the permanent vision benefits the procedure can provide, one source has stated.Tony Veverka, chief executive at Ultralase, said the practice was once seen as "futuristic" but now millions of people... Read more

Glaucoma clinic "will shorten waiting times"

By Adrian GalbrethA new clinic to treat glaucoma sufferers and identify the condition in other people has been launched in Dublin.The Ophthalmic Department at Beaumont Hospital has piloted an innovative nurse-led glaucoma clinic which is designed to shorten waiting times and speed up diagnosis.It is... Read more

Big-eyed contact lenses "should be avoided"

By Alexa KaczkaSo-called big-eyed contact lenses which alter people's appearance should be avoided, according to one source.An article on the Bangkok Post noted that many contact lens wearers from both Thailand and the rest of the world have been buying lenses which are unofficial and putting... Read more

Contact lens solution helps international rugby player

By Martin BurnsAn international rugby player has benefitted from using a new contact lens solution to help improve his eyesight, it has been reported.Optician Online noted how Saracens player Hayden Smith had been struggling with his normal prescription, as it prohibited him from wearing daily... Read more

Contact lenses help basketball player

By Alexa KaczkaA female basketball player has benefitted from wearing contact lenses to assist her during matches, after suffering from eye problems.When Olivia DeFrancesco, who plays for Bishop McGuinness in the NCHSAA 1-A girls basketball, recently started wearing contact lenses after she began... Read more

Contact lens study volunteers sought

By Alexa KaczkaVolunteers are being sought for a new study which will assess the effectiveness of a certain type of contact lens worn during sleep, which experts claim can improve people's eyesight.Specialists from the University of New South Wales School of Optometry and Vision Science need 20... Read more

Lasik laser eye surgery "the real deal"

By Alexa KaczkaA patient who recently benefitted from laser eye surgery has revealed how the operation was a successful one and has improved her quality of life.Jennifer LaCrosse, from Farmington, New York, underwent the procedure under the watchful eye of refractive surgeon Dr Sungjun John Hwang... Read more

Coloured contact lenses warning issued

By Alexa KaczkaAnother warning has been issued about the potential dangers of coloured contact lenses.State officials in Chicago are advising people in Illinois not to buy the products from disreputable retailers, following a number of instances of people buying unofficial coloured contact lenses,... Read more

Cosmetic contact lens safety study launched

By Martin BurnsA new study into the safety of cosmetic and coloured contact lenses has been launched by a European Union body. According to the European Federation of National Associations and International Companies of Contact Lens and Lens Care Manufacturers (EuroMContact), it wants experts to... Read more