CooperVision relaunches contact lenses

By Martin BurnsThe new line of contact lenses from global manufacturer CooperVision has been relaunched, with the company promising to enhance the daily lives of users.According to CooperVision, its Avaira Toric silicone hydrogel lenses, which are used to help astigmatic patients, proved so popular... Read more

CooperVision sets sights on contact lens expansion

By Martin BurnsContact lens manufacturer CooperVision is hoping that its latest range of products will help to further boost its portfolio of lenses.The company has relaunched the Avaira Toric silicone hydrogel lenses after a successful spell on sale last year and is now targeting further growth in... Read more

AAO responds to Nintendo 3DS warning

By Alexa KaczkaA leading vision organisation has responded to a warning issued by the videogame manufacturer Nintendo about its latest handheld console, which allows users to view 3D images without the need for special glasses.The Japanese company's 3DS goes on sale in a few weeks and prior to... Read more

Contact lenses help Natalie Portman to Golden Globe victory

By Emily TaitNatalie Portman's astonishing performance in the Black Swan has seen her pick up the best actress award at the Golden Globe awards, with contact lenses playing a key part in her appearance in the movie.The 29-year-old scooped the gong for her role as Nina Sayers in Darren... Read more

Contact lenses "make Twilight characters statuesque"

By Emily TaitThe characters in the Twilight films truly come to life once their contact lenses have been put in, according to one star of the movies.Peter Facinelli, who portrays Carlisle Cullen in the films, said that the actors who play the roles of Stephanie Meyer's characters take on a new... Read more

Visually impaired people compete in car rally

By Alexa KaczkaA car rally in India has seen visually impaired people help the drivers to complete the course.The 70km rally in Jaipur saw professional drivers get behind the wheel but rely on input from their blind or visually impaired passengers, who were responsible for reading a map in Braille... Read more

Blind-born singer realises musical dream

By Alexa KaczkaA Scottish singer who was born blind has realised his dream of releasing a single after putting his latest song on iTunes.Neil McLaren was born sightless but underwent a pioneering operation to make him see at 11 weeks old, making him the youngest person on the planet to have the... Read more

Diabetes screening gaps "putting patient vision at risk"

By Adrian GalbrethThe vision of many UK patients with diabetes is potentially being put at risk due to gaps in hospitals' screening programmes, it has emerged.According to Roger McPherson, a consultant ophthalmologist at the University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff, there are inconsistencies in... Read more

New diabetic macular oedema treatment is launched

By Adrian GalbrethThe first licensed treatment in 25 years for diabetic macular oedema (DMO) has been licensed in the UK, which may offer hope for those suffering from one of the leading causes of visual impairment in the country.Novartis Pharmaceuticals has launched LucentisZ (ranibizumab), which... Read more

Contact lens trial offered to Australian cricket team

By Emily TaitThe Australian cricket team have been offered free contact lens trials after being soundly beaten in the recent Ashes series against England.After the side suffered their first home series loss to England in 24 years, Get Lenses made a lighthearted offer to the Aussies to potentially... Read more

Novartis and J&J settle contact lens dispute

By Martin BurnsThe dispute between Johnson & Johnson (J&J) and Novartis over new contact lens technology has finally come to an end, Optician Online has reported.For months, J&J Vision Care and the CIBA Vision division of Novartis have been at odds over CIBA's 'Nicholson'... Read more

Ginko to boost contact lens investment

By Martin BurnsTaiwanese contact lens supplier Ginko has revealed that it is to invest up to NT$1 billion over the next three years as it creates new manufacturing lines.According to Tsai Kuo-chou, chairman of the company, it will build six lines in Taiwan which will have a maximum output of 150... Read more

Circle contact lenses "a bad idea"

By Emily TaitInvesting in so-called circle contact lenses which dramatically change a person's appearance is not a good idea, one expert has warned.Dr Melanie Pickett, assistant professor of clinical ophthalmology at Indiana University's School of Medicine, said that the look popularised by... Read more

Buying contact lenses online "is much more cost effective"

By Martin BurnsIt is far more cost effective to buy contact lenses online than to trawl the high street for them, according to one expertBrendan O'Brien, an in-house optometrist at Get Lenses, said that huge savings can be made if people go online to buy their contact lenses, with reductions of... Read more

Bottle rockets "a major danger to eyesight"

By Alexa KaczkaA small form of firework operated by many youngsters poses a significant danger to eye health, according to a new study.Experts at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, Tennessee studied ten patients who had received injures from the use of bottle rockets, which are... Read more

Immune cells "can heal eye injuries"

By Adrian GalbrethEye injuries could be prevented through immune cells, according to a new study conducted on mouse models in Israel.The study was published online in the January 10th edition of the Journal of Experimental Medicine by experts from the Weizmann Institute in Rehovot and shows that... Read more

New camp to offer free contact lenses

By Alexa KaczkaPatients in need of vision correction in are to have free contact lenses fitted at an upcoming event in India.The Rahmani Foundation Healthcare Department has organise an eye camp in Munger which will take place on February 12th and 13th and see up to 1,000 people with vision problems... Read more

AMD stem cell treatment receives FDA approval

By Adrian GalbrethA new treatment for age-related macular denegation (AMD), a leading cause of blindness, has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).The organisation gave grand approval to regenerative medicine specialist Advanced Cell Technology for its investigational new drug,... Read more

Glaucoma: Advances in detection and treatment

Affecting more than 60 million people, glaucoma is a neurodegenerative disorder that causes vision loss by damaging the optic nerve, which carries signals from the eye to the brain. In fact, it is the second most common cause of blindness.While older people are at more risk from the disease, babies... Read more

Free eyecare legislation guide offered to drivers

By Alexa KaczkaA new guide to help company drivers understand eyecare legislation has been published by Specsavers Corporate Eyecare.Included in the guide are details of the 2011 EU regulations affecting employers and fleet managers and what they can do to safeguard staff.It also features research... Read more