BCLA predicts "difficult year"

By Martin BurnsA difficult 2011 has been predicted for the eye industry by the British Contact Lens Association (BCLA), though the development of contact lenses will continue to thrive, the organisation believes.According to Optician Online, the BCLA president Shelly Bansal said that the industry... Read more

Buying contact lenses online "can save hundreds"

By Alexa KaczkaBritish consumers are potentially wasting hundreds of pounds a year by buying contact lenses on the high street rather than looking online for bargains, one source has stated.According to research conducted by Get Lenses, over £75 million a year is being wasted by contact lens... Read more

Partial eclipse "a danger to eyesight"

By Alexa KaczkaNext week's partial eclipse of the sun may pose a danger to people's eyesight if they do not take the proper precautions to view it, an expert has warned. Advice issued by Dame Sally Davies, the UK's interim chief medical officer, states that people should ensure they... Read more

Bausch + Lomb promotes high definition contact lenses

By Martin BurnsA new promotion by Bausch + Lomb for its high definition contact lenses has been rolled out in India. The contact lens manufacturer is aiming to increase awareness of its new range of lenses in Mumbai and Delhi thanks to a new Outdoor Media Integrated campaign, afaqs.com reported. ... Read more

Contact lenses help Natalie Portman transform for Black Swan

By Emily TaitContact lenses have played a major part in helping actress Natalie Portman to transform for her new film role.The Hollywood star appears in the new Darren Aronofsky film Black Swan, in which her character attempts to play two different characters in a version of Swan Lake - the innocent... Read more

Opticianry "will become more popular"

By Alexa KaczkaThe popularity of a career as an optician is only likely to increase in the coming years, one sector expert has predicted.Mike Szczerbiak, an opticianry teacher and programme director at Durham Technical Community College in North Carolina, told the Durham News that there were... Read more

Hybrid lenses benefit keratoconus patients

By Adrian GalbrethHope has been offered to patients suffering from the eye condition keratoconus in the form of hybrid contact lenses.The ClearKone hybrid contact lens has been developed by SynergEyes and helps to correct blurred and distorted vision, a common symptom of keratoconus, which affects... Read more

Non-prescription coloured contacts "not a good idea"

By Alexa KaczkaIt is not advisable for people to purchase coloured contact lenses without a prescription, one source has warnedAccording to popular-hobbies.info, coloured contact lenses should only be bought from a registered supplier after first being prescribed by an optician or other eye... Read more

Laser eye surgery is in sight this Christmas

By Alexa KaczkaThe benefits of laser eye surgery have been extolled by one organisation, which has launched a special festive offer to encourage consultations about the procedure.Optical Express is inviting people to have consultations about their suitability for the many different forms of laser... Read more

Nurses "failed to spot eye condition"

By Alexa KaczkaConcerns have been raised about the suitability of nurses to examine patients with eye conditions after a woman was left almost blind in one eye.Worcestershire woman Claire Holmes, 24, visited the minor injuries unit at Kidderminster hospital twice in 2008 with corneal ulcer but each... Read more

Laser eye surgery "a great way to improve vision"

By Alexa KaczkaPeople hoping to improve their vision will find that laser eye surgery is an effective option, one source has stated.A writer on the Seer Press website noted that laser eye surgery is the way to gain 20/20 vision and can help to eliminate the need for other forms of vision correction,... Read more

Novartis and Alcon agree merger

By Martin BurnsAn agreement has been reached for vision specialist Novartis to purchase Alcon, which will give Novartis control over 70 per cent of the global vision market.Novartis agreed the $12.9 billion (£8.2 billion) deal to buy out minority shareholders at Alcon, following a legal... Read more

Suspected contact lens cartel is investigated

By Martin BurnsA number of unannounced inspections have been undertaken by Hungary's Competition Office (GVH) after allegations of cartel activity in the contact lens market.The organisation investigated the offices of Johnson and Johnson, Kleffmann and Partner, CooperVision, Fotex-Ofotert and... Read more

Hybrid contact lenses "could help motorbike riders"

By Alexa KaczkaPeople who regularly ride motorbikes but struggle to see clearly may benefit from hybrid contact lenses, one rider has claimed.In an article in Dirt Bike magazine, a motorbike enthusiast noted that he turned to hybrid contact lenses after finding that hard lenses could be... Read more

Miottica develops new contact lens cases

By Martin BurnsA series of new contact lens cases have been developed by Miottica in a bid to boost customer interest in the products.The Korean manufacturer, which has been developing contact lens products since 2004, announced the roll-out of its Mio-friends, which will be distributed both locally... Read more

Anticipation building ahead of contact lenses trade fair

By Martin BurnsFinal preparations are being made ahead of one of the key events in the eyecare calendar next month – Opti '11 in Munich, Germany.The trade fair sees vision specialists from across the planet come together to discuss industry affairs and new developments, with experts in... Read more

Ophthalmology students "are being failed"

By Alexa KaczkaOphthalmology students in the country's medical schools are being failed by many of their teachers, who are not complying with the curriculum, a new survey commissioned by the International Council of Ophthalmologists and published online in the British Journal of Ophthalmology... Read more

Contact lenses help Twilight star avoid recognition

By Emily TaitThe star of one of the most popular film series on the planet has revealed how the contact lenses he wears during filming ensure that he does not get mobbed when out and about.Michael Sheen, who plays Aro in the Twilight series of films, told the Press Association that the long wig and... Read more

Coloured contact lenses "must be prescribed"

By Emily TaitAnyone thinking of investing in coloured contact lenses to spice up their outfit during the festive period should ensure that the products are prescribed by a professional, one source has warned.A post on the Popular Hobbies blog pointed out that people may be putting their vision at... Read more

Keeping eyes healthy "essential" over festive period

By Alexa KaczkaIt is vital that people take adequate steps to protect their vision over the Christmas period, as this is a time of year when the eyes take more punishment than normal, one source has warned.Sara Ward, an optometrist and contact lens practitioner, told Wales Online that Christmas... Read more