Optimed"s CAPTIV8 to be distributed by Menicon

By Adrian GalbrethA new deal has been signed by Menicon and Optimed for the former company to become the exclusive distributor for CAPTIV8 communication services and i-Vue content-driven digital signage software.The deal pertains to North America and follows Menicon's obtaining of exclusive... Read more

Jedward model coloured contact lenses for promotional tour

By Emily TaitPop sensations Jedward have been sporting new coloured contact lenses as they promote the latest game from Nintendo.The former X Factor contestants have signed a deal to promote the new Square Enix game Dragon Quest IX for the Nintendo DS, an agreement which involves dying their hair... Read more

Contact lens sales "will return to normal"

By Martin BurnsThe volume of contact lens sales across the planet is set to return to normal in the near future after being impacted slightly by the economic downturn, one source has predicted.Michael Pecora, chief executive of Unilens Vision, said that the organisation's operating results for... Read more

Illegal contact lens distribution "on the rise"

By Martin BurnsThe number of shipments of unofficial or illegal contact lenses is on the rise in the Northern Mariana Islands, according to the latest report.Saipan's Department of Public Health is warning that there has been an increase in the number of mislabelled products being imported from... Read more

Contact lens wearers given safety advice

People who wear contact lenses have been issued with safety advice by one expert who said that the products are perfectly safe as long as people follow manufacturer instructions.Dr Teresa Theobald, a Duluth optometrist, told Good Morning Northland that there can be a fine line between the use and... Read more

Unsafe contact lenses "must be thrown away"

By Alexa KaczkaContact lenses which have not been purchased with a prescription must be thrown away and not worn, one medical body has warned.According to the Rhode Island Department of Health, many people may have purchased coloured or decorative contact lenses over the Halloween period in an... Read more

Unprescribed contact lenses "can be very dangerous"

By Alexa KaczkaPeople who wear contact lenses which have not been prescribed by a professional may find that the products cause infection or eye damage, one victim has warned.Oklahoma man Lucas Dixon told Scripps News that he bought a pair of inexpensive contact lenses from a fashion store in order... Read more

Novartis wins case to sell contact lenses in France

By Martin BurnsContact lenses manufacturer Novartis has won a case against pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson to sell contact lenses in France.Novartis had fought to protect its right to sell extended wear contact lenses in France but Johnson & Johnson sought to remove this right through... Read more

Contact lenses "are perfectly safe" when used correctly

By Alexa KaczkaContact lenses do not pose a risk to people as long as wearers follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully, one expert has stated.Dr Troy L Bedinghaus, a board-certified optometric physician, told About.com that the millions of contact lens wearers across the planet are in no... Read more

Toddler travels to China for sight-saving treatment

By Alexa KaczkaA three-year-old-girl has flown to China to have a breakthrough treatment that could save her sight.Izabelle Evans has been able to travel after fundraisers helped to generate £30,000 to send her to on the 20-hour journey to Qingdao, where she will undergo pioneering stem cell... Read more

Coloured contact lenses spice up Strictly Come Dancing

By Emily TaitColoured contact lenses helped to spice up a routine on Strictly Come Dancing last weekend, with one of the dancers using them as part of his Halloween outfit.James Jordan, whose partner on the show is Pamela Stephenson, wore red coloured contact lenses during his jive with the actress... Read more

Study: Sore and itchy eyes affecting sleep

By Adrian GalbrethItchy and sore eyes have been responsible for almost half of people getting a poor night's sleep, a new survey has revealed.According to a Rohto study, 44 per cent of people said that sore, itchy, gritty or dry eyes had stopped them from getting a good night's sleep, with... Read more

UV protection "just as important in winter"

By Alexa KaczkaIt is just as important for people to protect their eyes from UV rays in the winter as it is in the summer months, one organisation is warning.According to a report from SelectSpecs.com, the damaging effects of UV rays on people's eyes during the winter are just as great as in... Read more

Johnson & Johnson recalls further lots of contact lenses

Posted by Martin BurnsJohnson & Johnson (HK) is recalling further lots of contact lenses after identifying that a small percentage of them do not meet internal manufacturing requirements.Back in August, the company announced that it was voluntarily recalling selected lots of its One Day Acuvue... Read more

Dry eyes "are common in the winter"

Posted by Alexa KaczkaIt is common for many people to suffer from dry eyes over the winter months, a medical expert has claimed.Dr Trisha Macnair, a community doctor in Milford, Surrey, said that the windy and cold winter weather teamed with heating in the home and workplace causes eyes to become... Read more

Topcon Fundus camera approved for diabetic screening

By Adrian GalbrethTopcon's new high resolution Fundus camera has been approved by the English National Screening Program for Diabetic Screening (ENSPDR) for use as a national screening device for diabetic retinopathy.According to the company, 3D OCT-2000 will be combined with a Spectral Domain... Read more

Contact lenses "make you look the part" at Halloween

By Alexa KaczkaColoured contact lenses can help people to get into the Halloween spirit this weekend but wearers must take care, one source has warned.Dr Brian Puent of the Eyecare Center of Wausau, said that many people will be investing in themed or coloured contact lenses over the weekend in an... Read more

Novelty contact lenses "should be used with care"

By Emily TaitPeople thinking of dressing up this Halloween and wearing novelty contact lenses need to think about the consequences of purchasing illegal lenses, one expert has warned.Parwez Hossain, a consultant ophthalmologist at Southampton General Hospital's eye unit, told the Daily Telegraph... Read more

Masks and candles "a danger to vision" this Halloween

By Alexa KaczkaPeople with children need to ensure that they take precautions to protect the vision of their offspring this Halloween, an expert has warned.Dr Matthew Gardiner, director of emergency ophthalmology services at Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary, warned that masks worn by children and... Read more

Eye risk warning over apple bobbing

By Alexa KaczkaA warning has been issued by eye experts about the risks associated with apple bobbing, a traditional Halloween activity.Many people will be including activities such as bobbing for apples in their Halloween activities, but they must take care, according to Parwez Hossain, a... Read more