More Halloween contact lens warnings issued

By Alexa KaczkaAs people across the planet prepare to celebrate Halloween by wearing coloured contact lenses, more experts have stepped into the debate about why doing so could be very dangerous.Dr Thomas Steinemann, an ophthalmologist with MetroHealth Medical Center and the American Academy of... Read more

Legitimate contact lenses "are essential"

By Alexa KaczkaIt is vital that anyone thinking of wearing contact lenses first ensures that the products they are buying are from a reputable supplier, one expert has warned.Dalie Schellen, president of the Opticians Association of Canada, said that there have been numerous incidences in the last... Read more

Contact lenses "drastically enhance your vision"

By Alexa KaczkaPeople looking to enhance their eyesight without the need to wear glasses will find that contact lenses can make a "drastic" difference to their vision.That is the opinion voiced in a post on Daily Thoughts Online, which noted that contact lens wearers benefit from all the... Read more

Visually impaired mark World Sight Day in India

By Alexa KaczkaVisually impaired people have marked World Sight Day in India by taking part in a celebration.Of the 37 million people in the world who are registered as blind, over 15 million reside in India, and the country marked the occasion with a show at Pragati Maidan featuring music and... Read more

New breakthroughs in treatment for age-related eye disease

Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is one of the most common eye disorders – and threatens to deprive its millions of sufferers of their vision, as well as causing misery and frustration for those battling the condition. However, there have been a number of scientific discoveries in... Read more

FDA issues contact lenses warning

By Alexa KaczkaThe US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has become the latest body to warn people about the potential effects of wearing unofficial contact lenses.According to the FDA, people who wear contact lenses which have not been prescribed by an eye care professional run the risk of... Read more

New laser surgery technique "is effective"

By Adrian GalbrethThe cornea-based correction technique Intracor is an effective means of improving sight in people with near vision problems, it has been claimed.This technology applies femtosecond laser energy pulses inside the cornea but does not involve removing cells, making it a reliable... Read more

"One size does not fit all" with contact lenses

By Alexa KaczkaContact lens wearers have been warned that they should not adopt a "one size fits all" approach when on the hunt for themed contact lenses this Halloween.Speaking to CBS, Dr Carol Karp of the Bascom Palmer Eye Clinic pointed out that there will be an increase in the purchase... Read more

Experts study genetic-specific AMD treatment

By Adrian GalbrethExperts have been analysing whether specific genetic risk factors and/or smoking influence age-related macular degeneration (AMD) patients' responses to anti-VEGF treatment.Although anti-VEGF drugs halt or even reverse damage in many wet AMD patients, some do not respond as... Read more

Contact lenses "helped make Dracula great"

By Alexa KaczkaThe contact lenses worn by Christopher Lee when he portrayed Dracula on the big screen helped to make the movie one of the most iconic vampire films ever.That is according to the Mirror, which recently compiled a list of the best five vampires movies of all time.With Robert Pattinson... Read more

Imitating Lady Gaga look "could be dangerous"

By Emily TaitImitating the "doe-eyed" look sported by Lady Gaga in the video for her single Bad Romance could potentially be dangerous, it has been warned.Amy Zguta, a board certified ophthalmologist with Agnesian HealthCare's Fond du Lac Regional Clinic, told an FDL Reporter, that... Read more

Ciba Vision recalls Softperm contact lenses

By Martin BurnsCiba Vision is recalling lots of its Softperm contact lenses over safety fears, it has been revealed.The contact lens manufacturer announced that, following concerns that the product is not sterile and could cause eye infections, it is recalling certain batches while an investigation... Read more

Victim highlights importance of contact lens care

By Alexa KaczkaA woman has highlighted the dangers of not having contact lenses fitted by a professional or purchasing them from a reputable supplier.Laura Butler of Parkersburg, West Virginia, revealed how she purchased decorative lenses from a souvenir shop while on holiday and was unaware of the... Read more

AAO issues decorative contact lens warning

By Alexa KaczkaThe American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) has issued a warning to people purchasing decorative contact lenses online to ensure they are buying from a reputable supplier.Along with its partners, the American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus (AAPOS) and the... Read more

Halloween "a popular time for coloured contact lenses"

By Emily TaitColoured contact lenses will be particularly popular in the coming weeks as people look to complete their Halloween costumes, but care needs to be taken when wearing them, a sector body has warned.According to ophthalmologist Dr Richard Johns, of Parkersburg in West Virginia, coloured... Read more

Treatment of retinal conditions "has changed significantly"

By Adrian GalbrethThe treatment of retinal conditions has both increased and changed in the past ten years, the latest study has suggested.According to a report in the October issue of the Archives of Ophthalmology, the last decade has seen "substantial changes" in the treatment options... Read more

Halloween contact lenses "must be official purchases"

By Emily TaitPeople purchasing coloured contact lenses in order to spice up their Halloween costume this year will find that they are an excellent addition to the outfit, but must be chosen carefully.That is the advice being issued by contact lens specialist Trina Vanaalst, who told 660 News that... Read more

Twilight contact lenses "will be popular this Halloween"

By Emily TaitAs the werewolf and vampire craze shows no signs of abating, it is likely that Twilight-themed contact lenses will be popular this Halloween, it has been claimed.According to the Body Jewellery Shop, coloured contact lenses have risen in popularity in recent times thanks to the wider... Read more

Disinfecting contact lenses "an essential task"

By Alexa KaczkaDisinfecting contact lenses is essential if people are to ensure they maintain healthy vision, one source has pointed out.An article on PR Wire stated that, although contact lenses are an excellent means of vision correction, they need to be looked after and stored properly to... Read more

Child optometrists "shifting to contact lenses"

By Alexa KaczkaOptometrists who work mainly with children are gradually turning to contact lenses as their preferred method of correcting vision in youngsters, according to a new study.The report, conducted by the new American Optometric Association (AOA) and surveying 576 optometrists from across... Read more