Child optometrists "shifting to contact lenses"

By Alexa KaczkaOptometrists who work mainly with children are gradually turning to contact lenses as their preferred method of correcting vision in youngsters, according to a new study.The report, conducted by the new American Optometric Association (AOA) and surveying 576 optometrists from across... Read more

J&J wins contact lens case

By Martin BurnsJohnson & Johnson (J&J) has won an appeals court ruling which means that competitor Novartis AG's European patent for extended-wear lenses is invalid.The court ruled against Novartis and its Ciba Vision subsidiary after deciding that the Swiss drugmaker did not have a... Read more

"Hydrating" contact lens scoops industry prize

By Adrian GalbrethAn industry prize has been won by a hydrating contact lens for showing innovation in the eyecare field.The $10,000 (£6,200) grand prize in the BMEStart competition was awarded to North Carolina State University for their HydrEYE CorneOasis Contact Lens.In order to be eligible... Read more

"Extra care needed" when buying coloured contact lenses

By Emily TaitPeople considering investing in coloured contact lenses will find that they can be an excellent means of changing their appearance but need extra care when worn, one source has stated.Ophthalmologist Kruy Arv Pors of Preah Ang Doung in Phnom Penh said that people who live in cities with... Read more

Contact lens implants: A permanent solution to vision problems

Contact lens implants have been created and are offering people a permanent solution to their vision problems. The lens is inserted behind the eye"s iris via a tiny incision carried out in an operation that takes as little as half an hour. Melinda Reichenbach told US news station CBS4 that she... Read more

Worcester residents share vision loss experiences

Worcester residents who have lost their sight have been invited, along with their carers, to share their experiences. This will form part of the Worcester Sight Strategy, which is being delivered by Worcester County Council, the county's NHS trust and Sight Concern branch, the Worcester... Read more

Halloween "a great time" for coloured contact lenses

By Emily TaitColoured contact lenses are an excellent option for people hoping to spruce up their Halloween outfit, one source has claimedIan Farquharson, writing for Helium.com, said that there are number of costumes which can be enhanced through the use of contact lenses, such as vampires, which... Read more

Abbott next-gen contact lens solution approved

By Martin BurnsAbbott has received approval from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for RevitaLens Ocutec, a next-generation multi-purpose disinfecting solution for silicone hydrogel and conventional soft contact lenses.According to the organisation, the contact lens solution delivers... Read more

Good hygiene "essential" when wearing contact lenses

By Alexa KaczkaIt is essential that contact lens wearers exhibit high standards of hygiene when handling or storing the products, one source has advised.According to the Arab Times, before applying, removing, cleaning or handling the products in any way, wearers should be sure to wash and dry their... Read more

Coloured contact lenses "must be official"

By Alexa KaczkaIt is vital that people considering investing in coloured contact lenses purchase them from a reputable supplier, one source has stated.An advice article on Malaya.com said that contact lens wearers benefit from excellent vision correction and great comfort, but only if the products... Read more

Contact lens storage "needs extra vigilance"

By Alexa KaczkaIt is essential that contact lens wearers take extra care when storing the products in order to minimise the risk of infection, one sector expert has warned.Eye expert and qualified optician Richard Pakey has told Journalism.co.uk that many contact lens wearers are neglecting their... Read more

Solution manufacturers to issue different guidance?

By Martin BurnsMulti-Purpose contact lenses solution manufacturers may soon be offering different guidance after recommendations from the US Center for Devices and Radiological Health, reports suggest.According to Optician Online, makers of contact lens solution should remove the phrase 'No... Read more

CooperVision acquires Aime"s R&D department

By Martin BurnsCooperVision has revealed that it has signed an agreement to acquire Asahikasei Aime Co's operations for the sale and research and development (R&D) of contact lenses and related products.According to the contact lens manufacturer, the deal has been made through its newly... Read more

Contact lens wearers "still need UV protection"

By Alexa KaczkaThe summer may be coming to an end in many countries, but people still need to ensure their eyes are protected from the sun, one source has warned.The Lifestyle section of iloveindia.com issued a number of tips for contact lens wearers, recommending that people always wear sunglasses... Read more

Sunglasses "can protect children"s eyes"

By Alexa KaczkaSunglasses should be an essential part of any child's outfit when they are exposed to the sun, one source has advised.The Malaysian Star explained that children's eyes are particularly susceptible to the harmful UV rays of the sun and warned adults that they need to take... Read more

Halloween contact lenses "will be popular in 2010"

By Emily TaitThe popularity of coloured and decorative contact lenses is likely to increase in 2010 as people go all-out to create the perfect costume, one source believes.Tom Bohan, founder of HalloweenLenses.org, said that people all over the world are likely to be wearing coloured contact lenses... Read more

Contact lenses "more convenient than glasses"

Posted by Alexa KaczkaContact lenses wearers can enjoy significantly more comfort than people who wear glasses for vision correction, one source has observed.A post on EzineMark.com said that contact lens wearers have the bonus of not having to worry about putting their glasses down and losing them... Read more

Handling contact lenses correctly "is vital"

By Alexa KaczkaIt is vital for contact lenses to be handled correctly so that users do not fall foul of poor hygiene, one source has warned.Ben Johnson, writing for Elite Article Dictionary, said that keeping contact lenses clean and storing them properly are the two major safety aspects of the... Read more

Volunteers sought for sight loss charity

By Alex KaczkaA sight loss charity in the West Midlands is crying out for volunteers so it can continue its work to help people with visual impairment.Stourbridge-based Thomas Pocklington Trust, an organisation which provides housing, care and help across the country, needs helpers to offers home... Read more

Bausch + Lomb to purchase Miochol(R)-E

By Martin BurnsContact lens manufacturer Bausch + Lomb (B+L) has announced it is to acquire the product Miochol(R)-E in a deal which affects the US, Canadian, Australian and Korean markets.Miochol(R)-E is an injectable miotic pharmaceutical used during eye surgery to constrict the pupil and it is... Read more