Is Christian Dior moving into contact lenses?

By Emily TaitFashion designer Christian Dior is moving into the contact lenses market with some new products which are branded with the company"s logo.It is the first time a major fashion house has moved into the field in this way, with wearers able to choose a lens with gold flakes and the "CD"... Read more

Smoking and cholesterol "are related to AMD"

By Adrian GalbrethEarly-stage age-related macular degeneration (AMD) may be related to risk factors including smoking and low levels of cholesterol, according to a study.In a report published in the June issue of Archives of Ophthalmology, one of the JAMA/Archives journals, experts noted that the... Read more

Exposure to sun "can heighten cataract risk"

By Adrian GalbrethExposing the skin and face to the sun may heighten people"s risk of developing cataracts, according to a new study.Research published in the August print issue of Archives of Ophthalmology, one of the JAMA/Archives journals, revealed the use of medications that increase sensitivity... Read more

Staff support World Cup with England contact lenses

By Emily TaitAs the biggest football tournament on the planet has kicked off, staff at one store are showing their support for England"s World Cup campaign by wearing special contact lenses.The Clitheroe Advertiser and Times reported that employees at the Clitheroe"s branch of SPEX opticians are... Read more

Contact lenses market "continues to grow"

By Martin BurnsThe worldwide market for contact lenses continues to grow at a "favourable rate", according to the latest report.A study published by Global Industry Analysts (GIA) suggests that the world market for contact lenses and solutions is projected to exceed $11.7 billion... Read more

Contact lenses "must be handled carefully"

By Alexa KaczkaPeople who wear contact lenses must be careful when handling and storing the products, one expert has claimed. Himal Kandel, from the Institute of Medicine, Tribhuvan University, said it is essential that wearers follow the manufacturer"s instructions when inserting contact lens and... Read more

Cyclists urged to consider eye health

By Alexa KaczkaA new campaign is urging cyclists to look after their eye health, it has been reported.National cyclists" organisation CTC has launched the Eye Cycle Safe drive to stress the importance of protecting sight while raising awareness of the risks involved with the pastime, according to... Read more

Sportsman turns to contact lenses to improve form

By Alexa KaczkaA baseball player who has been struggling with his eyesight has turned to contact lenses in an attempt to improve his vision and form at the same time.Todd Helton, who plays for the Colorado Rockies, has visited an ophthalmologist in order to have contact lenses fitted which will... Read more

Johnson & Johnson outlines contact lenses strategy

Pharmaceutical company Johnson & Johnson has outlined a strategy for the rollout of contact lenses across the world in its latest report.The company reviewed its growth strategies for its medical devices and diagnostics division at a meeting with the investment community yesterday (June 8th),... Read more

Sunglasses "must be chosen carefully"

By Alexa KaczkaPeople who wear contact lenses but want to provide their eyes with further protection should ensure that they choose sunglasses which offer adequate protection from the sun"s UV rays, it ahs been claimed.Dr Vanessa Ewing, an optometrist with the Bennett & Bloom Eye Centers, said... Read more

Employers "need to protect workers" sight"

By Alexa KaczkaA new campaign will encourage the UK"s employers to look after the eye health of their workers.National sight charity the Eyecare Trust and insurance provider Simplyhealth have launched the ScreenSmart initiative to offer advice to companies on how they can protect their employees"... Read more

Contact lenses help baseball player to improve his game

By Alexa KaczkaA top baseball player has revealed that new contact lenses have helped to transform his game and increase his batting average.Eric Duncan, who plays for the Mississippi Braves and formerly starred for the New York Yankees, has revealed that contact lenses have been the key to him... Read more

ASDA offers free contact lens assessments

By Martin BurnsSupermarket chain ASDA has revealed that people who go to a store for an eye test will receive a free contact lens assessment.According to the company, the assessment, which normally costs £15, will be offered to anybody attending one of its optical practices and will be a permanent... Read more

Hit movie inspires coloured contact lenses

By Emily TaitThe hit Twilight novels and movies have not only spawned a legion of teenage fans, but also started a trend for wearing coloured contact lenses, it has been claimed.According to the Sun, students at a US high school have taken to wearing the contact lenses and dressing up as either... Read more

Bausch + Lomb refreshes Asia product portfolio

By Martin BurnsContact Lens manufacturer Bausch + Lomb has refreshed its portfolio of products in Asia in order to increase its presence throughout the continent.The Malaysian Star reports that Asian consumers now have a new option when it comes to multi-purpose contact lens solution, giving those... Read more

CooperVision agrees contact lens deal with US Army

By Alexa KaczkaContact lens manufacturer CooperVision has formed a partnership with the US Armed Services to ensure military personnel can access its products. Through the agreement, the company has developed a new microsite where the armed forces will be able to learn about the firm"s portfolio and... Read more

Contact lens users "still need sunglasses" to prevent UV damage

Sunglasses should still be worn by contact lens users in order to protect their eyes from the sun"s UV rays, one organisation has warned.A range of advice has been provided by the American Academy of Ophthalmology, which may help people to avoid damaging their eyes during sunny periods.While some... Read more

Expert issues warning over UV rays

By Alexa KaczkaOne expert has issued a warning over the dangers of exposing the eyes to the sun"s harmful UV rays, or those in tanning salons.Dr Michael Kutryb, an ophthalmologist, pointed out that UV radiation, whether from natural sunlight or indoor artificial rays, can damage the eye"s surface... Read more

Ciba Vision contact lenses "a great option"

By Martin BurnsContact lenses manufactured by Ciba Vision are a good option for people looking for durability and reliability while also retaining a youthful look, according to one source.One writer on the Malay Mail pointed out that Ciba Vison Air Op¬tix Aqua Multifocal Contact Lenses can... Read more

Employers "must protect workers" eyesight"

By Alexa KaczkaOrganisations have been warned that protecting the vision of staff is essential and also advised to invest in high-quality precautions.A new study carried out by UVEX has shown that companies which have staff who work with dangerous materials should makes sure safety goggles and other... Read more