Metallic pastel eye makeup big for 2010

By Emily TaitMetallic pastels are set to be one of the hot eye makeup trends of 2010, according to one expert.Celebrity makeup artist and Pearl Drops spokesperson Ariane Poole said that spring and summer seasons will be characterised by apricot colours and other pastel shades.However, she added that... Read more

5km race to support blind runner

By Alexa KaczkaA five kilometre race has been held in Indiana to support a blind runner, the News Sentinel reports.The Gift 5K is a charity race held each year in Indiana"s local running community as a thank you to one of its members.This year the race will support Joe Ziegler, known among... Read more

Man scales Kilimanjaro despite losing vision

By Martin BurnsA man lost his eyesight whilst climbing Mount Kilimanjaro four months after coming out of a cast for his broken leg, the Crewe Chronicle reports.Kev Lowther had to spend six months in a cast after breaking his leg in a rugby match for Acton Nomads.Yet after just four months of... Read more

Eye protection advice for skiers

By Adrian GalbrethProtecting your eyes is paramount on the ski slopes and anti-fog protection brand Clarity Defog It is advising skiers to take protective measures this winter.The company advises wearing ski goggles to prevent flying snow, ice and debris from damaging your eyes or compromising your... Read more

"Potential complications" can arise from laser eye surgery

By Adrian GalbrethPeople must take potential complications into consideration and make an informed decision about whether to get laser eye surgery, according to lifestyle website carrieanddanielle.com.Laser eye surgery has come a long way from the early days of the treatment. But despite a great... Read more

New Year’s Eve eye makeup tips offered

By Emily TaitWith New Year"s Eve festivities just around the corner, Buzznet.com has offered some advice for party-goers wanting to make their eyes stand out as they welcome in 2010.For a neutral look such as a plain black dress, Buzznet.com says that toning down makeup will be the key to looking... Read more

Blind skier aiming for Olympics

By Adrian GalbrethA legally blind cross-country skier could become the first man to compete in both the Winter Paralympics and Winter Olympics.Canadian athlete Brian McKeever won a recent 50 km able-bodied race in Norway which made him eligible for Canada"s team for the Winter Olympics which takes... Read more

Christmas military eyewear donation

By Alexa KazcaA protective eyewear company that supplies military personnel is donating 500 sets of goggles and sunglasses to the military, reports the Burlington Free Press.The company will give away 500 sets of its eyepro glasses, worth around $100 (£62) each, to the servicemen and women who... Read more

Celebrities slapping it on

By Emily TaitIn the winter most of us suffer from pale skin, chapped lips and tired eyes and a bit of mascara can breathe some life into a woman"s face – but some celebrities have been spotted going too far with the eye makeup.AOL celebrity blogger Steve Cook has named and shamed glamour model... Read more

Goggles for those with glasses

By Emily TaitSkiing goggles that can help people with glasses have been featured by the Daily Telegraph.The Bolle Quasar OTG goggles were rated three out of five by Dan Synge, writing for the news provider"s "Kitted Out" section, who tested out various skiwear items.These over-the-glasses style... Read more

Children"s eyes "need protecting at Christmas"

By Alexa KaczkaAn optometrist has encouraged parents to take steps to protect their children"s eyes this Christmas.Speaking to the Kansan newspaper, Julie Toon, president of the Eye Care Council, said that a number of toys given as Christmas gifts could cause damage to a youngster"s eyes."With... Read more

Stem therapy gives hope to partially-sighted man

By Adrian GalbrethA partially-sighted man has had his full vision restored following stem cell therapy.Russell Turnbull lost most of the sight in his right eye 15 years ago after getting sprayed with ammonia while trying to break up a fight.The 38-year-old suffered from cloudy vision and was... Read more

Monocles back in fashion

By Emily TaitVision Express has started stocking monocles in its Oxford Street store in London due to an increase in their popularity, reports Optometry Today.Vision Express chief executive Bryan Magrath said: "To our surprise we"ve had dozens of requests from customers in the last few months,... Read more

Pensioner campaigns for better eye care in Coventry

By Alexa KaczkaA Coventry pensioner is calling for a high-profile campaign to encourage the city"s inhabitants to get their eyes tested.Robert Wright has asked local MP Bob Ainsworth to investigate why visually-impaired people are not getting the help and treatment they need.Speaking to the Coventry... Read more

Author who lost eyesight releases novel

By Adrian GalbrethA man who lost his eyesight due to a progressive condition and was unable to work will release his first novel in the new year, reports the Carnoustie Guide & Gazette.Gordon Anthony"s eye condition caused him to lose his eyesight, so much so that he was unable to carry on with... Read more

Independent appeal helps blind Kenyan schoolchildren

By Alexa KazcaVisually impaired schoolchildren in Kenya are set to benefit from an appeal to improve computer and teaching software facilities in the country, the Independent reports.The Kenya Union of the Blind (KUB) is working in conjunction with Computer Aid International, one of three charities... Read more

Glittery eyes key to copying Cheryl Cole"s look

By Emily TaitSparkling eye makeup is the key to copying Cheryl Cole"s X-Factor style, it has been claimed.According to the beauty gurus at Hello magazine, Cheryl and her fellow judge Dannii Minogue have both been showing off glittery eyes on the show and the look is easy to recreate for festive... Read more

New contact lenses help diabetics monitor blood sugar

By Adrian GalbrethRevolutionary new contact lenses could prove useful for diabetic patients by helping them analyse their blood sugar levels.The non-invasive technology could replace the need for daily blood tests, as the lenses will change colour to alert people to changes in their blood... Read more

Fee reductions at BCLA conference

By Martin BurnsThe four-day BCLA (British Contact Lens Association) Clinical Conference and Exhibition attracts a range of contact lens enthusiasts, from rookies to experts.And this year practitioners who have qualified in the last ten years and attended for the first time paid just £175 to... Read more

Columnist talks of laser surgery experience

By Adrian GalbrethAisha Sultan, writing in a column for St Louis Today, spoke of her nerves during laser eye surgery, the metal appliance used to hold her eyelids open and the smell of burning as the laser got to work.She said: "They put drops in my eyes to numb them before the surgery, but no... Read more