Diabetics urged to take precautions as part of awareness month

By Adrian GalbrethDuring November, diabetic eye disease awareness month, the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) is urging those with diabetes to take the necessary precautions to protect their vision.Approximately 29 million Americans have diabetes and around a third of them are at risk of... Read more

Contact lenses featured in new film

By Emily TaitDakota Fanning – one of the stars of the upcoming vampire film The Twilight Saga: New Moon – has revealed that getting to wear red contact lenses was one of the highlights of her latest role.The film is the second instalment of Stephanie Meyer"s Twilight series where romance... Read more

Brown"s eyesight to blame for letter?

By Alexa KaczkaGordon Brown has apologised for spelling the name of a soldier killed in Afghanistan wrong in a condolence letter sent to his mother – but it may be his eyesight that is to blame.Speaking at his monthly press conference, the prime minister said that he "understands" the... Read more

National Eye Week 2009 highlights need for regular testing

By Martin BurnsNational Eye Week, which this year runs from November 9th to November 15th, aims to highlight the need for eye tests in a bid to improve the nation"s sight.The week is organised by the Eyecare Trust – a registered charity that promotes awareness of ocular health and the... Read more

Coloured mascara "is winter trend"

By Emily TaitMascara in startling shades is a hot trend for this winter, according to a report.Beauty writer Elsa McAlonan used a Daily Mail article to outline the fashionable look and how it should be used.She said that women over 40 can wear mascara in unusual colours but warned people not to risk... Read more

Contact lens firm in website charity drive

By Martin BurnsThe contact lens firm CooperVision has engaged in a charity programme based on its website traffic.CooperVision has pledged to give a dollar to New Eyes for the Needy for every unique visitor who lands on its website.It will continue this until a $5,000 (£3,012) donation has been... Read more

Optician prepares for Africa mission

By Alexa KaczkaVisually impaired people in Ethiopia will soon be able to get help from a Hartlepool optician.Mick Timlin is one of several eye specialists heading out to the town of Butajira with Vision Aid Overseas (VAO).He will distribute spectacles and carry out eye tests as well as offering... Read more

Glasses enable referee to keep working

By Martin BurnsOne of the oldest football referees in the country has said that glasses help him carry on with his career.Harry Hardy has been refereeing football matches since 1957 and does not plan to retire even 52 years on.The 83-year-old told the BBC that he feels perfectly capable of carrying... Read more

Singer reveals past of geeky glasses

By Emily TaitPop star Oritse has confessed a style howler from his past.The singer, who is a member of the band JLS, told the Sun that he was teased at school due to his eyes.He revealed: "I used to be a big geek. I had big round glasses and was very uncool."Oritse is one member of the... Read more

Contact lenses used in new Ewan McGregor film

By Emily TaitActor Ewan McGregor has revealed that he used contact lenses to create a special effect in his newest film.Mr McGregor told the Globe and Mail that he and one of his co-stars, Jeff Bridges, had had to wear contact lenses for the first scene they shot together when making The Men Who... Read more

Appeal to help Pakistani children to see

By Martin BurnsA charity is calling for help to assist visually impaired children in Pakistan have the sight correction they need.SOS Children"s Villages, which dedicates itself towards helping orphans, has highlighted the fact that hundreds of thousands of Pakistani children cannot have a proper... Read more

Lady"s eyes go Gaga

By Emily TaitThe singer Lady Gaga has taken on a Japanese influence for her eyes in a new set of photos.Gaga, whose real name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, posed for a number of shots to mark the 35th anniversary of Hello Kitty.In one of the photos, which were taken by Markus Klinko and... Read more

Help given for office eye makeup

By Emily TaitOffice workers have been given assistance on how to make up their eyes to suit their workplace.Sophie Oliver, a celebrity makeup artist, told the Daily Mail how women could keep themselves looking professional at work.According to Ms Oliver, dark circles under eyes need to be covered... Read more

Kate Hudson: Test your eyesight!

By Emily TaitThe film star Kate Hudson has used a novel method of instructing people to have their eyes tested.She was responding to speculation that she was about to marry her boyfriend Alex Rodriguez.Gossips had spread rumours that Miss Hudson was preparing to tie the knot after she was seen... Read more

How to keep contact lenses safe for Halloween

By Emily TaitHalloween is about to begin and all over the country people are getting ready to transform into witches, wizards, ghosts and monsters.It should be a fun time and both children and adults will want to make their appearances change drastically.For some, this could involve using novelty or... Read more

How to get Gwyneth"s eyes

By Emily TaitThe makeup secrets of Gwyneth Paltrow have been revealed by a magazine.Look suggested how to recreate the "seductive eyes" sported by the actress recently as she attended a party in New York.The magazine told readers to use midnight blue kohl to line the eyes instead of black... Read more

Blindness charity condemns postal strike

By Alexa KaczkaBlind people have been hit especially hard by the postal strikes, a charity has said.The National Federation of the Blind pointed out that while sighted people can still go out and buy newspapers or borrow books, blind people have been left without.Many of them need to have their... Read more

Buy contact lenses online "to save money"

By Alexa KaczkaContact lens wearers have been urged by a financial journalist to use the internet to save money.Writing for the Daily Mail, Liz Phillips said that it is less expensive to buy contact lenses online.She did note, however, that fitting advice and details first need to be obtained from... Read more

Contact lens firm sees sales growth

By Martin BurnsAlcon, the contact lens and eye care company, has revealed its sales growth figures for the most recent quarter.It reported an organic sales increase of nine per cent, or 5.9 per cent when foreign exchange fluctuations were taken into account.Sales in the US increased by 7.6 per cent... Read more

Plum eyeshadow "is the new smoky eye"

By Emily TaitA makeup artist has urged women to try experimenting with different colours as a substitute to the famous "smoky eye" look.Lindsay Donald told the Des Moines Register that "deep plum eyeshadow is the new smoky eye" and pronounced it a fitting look for autumn.She... Read more