Special effects contact lenses "popular for Halloween"

By Emily TaitContact lenses which drastically change the wearer"s appearance are a popular option for Halloween.This is the statement of Jennifer Harvey, communications manager for Coastal Contacts.Explaining that Halloween is "one of the busiest times of the year", she explained that... Read more

Filmgoers could win contact lenses

By Emily TaitContact lens giant Acuvue is offering a number of prizes as part of an advertising drive for a forthcoming movie.As part of promotions for Whip It, Acuvue is holding a competition in which people can win contact lenses and film paraphernalia.There are four first prizes available, each... Read more

Red eyes abound at London Fashion Week

By Emily TaitEye makeup was used to set off a distinctive style at London Fashion Week.Reporting on the style event for the Times, Hilary Alexander described the look attained by American designer Jeremy Scott.She explained that he had chosen a prehistoric, cavewoman-style approach and that eyes had... Read more

Celebrity"s false eyelashes slammed

By Emily TaitKim Kardashian has drawn criticism for her choice of eye accessory at the 2009 Primetime Emmy Awards.Writing in The Frisky, Erin Flaherty praised the light blue eyeshadow worn by the American socialite, actress and model when she was snapped in a white dress.Ms Flaherty described it as... Read more

Contact lenses "should not be overworn"

By Adrian GalbrethA doctor has advised against wearing contact lenses for longer than the amount of time for which they are intended.In an article for goodtoknow.co.uk, Dr Melanie Wynne-Jones responded to a reader who was considering over-wearing contact lenses.The reader was thinking about using... Read more

New eye clinic could help save sight

By Martin BurnsSufferers of age-related macular degeneration (AMD) can now be treated at a new clinic in Reading.The specialist centre is based at the Royal Berkshire Hospital and offers a drug called Lucentis to patients with wet AMD.In addition, reports the Reading Post, a new system has been... Read more

Sunglasses a favourite for celebs

By Emily TaitSeveral actresses in the UK and the US have recently been snapped in sunglasses as they prepare for work.Despite the weather cooling down, stars from Sex and the City and Strictly Come Dancing have still been opting to wear their shades.The Daily Mail carried snaps of Sarah Jessica... Read more

"Better marketing needed for opticians in recession"

By Martin BurnsOpticians need to pay attention to advertising and branding to get through the recession, according to an exeprt.Addressing the 2009 Eurom 1 convention in Athens, Antonio Olivella made the claim, which was reported by Optician Online.Mr Olivella, who chairs Eurom 1, pointed out the... Read more

Tooth implant returns woman"s sight

By Martin BurnsThe first surgical procedure in the US to implant a tooth into an eye as a vision-saving treatment has been carried out.Sharron Thornton lost her sight in 2000 after suffering from Stevens-Johnson syndrome.Her surgery was carried out by Victor L Perez, who explained that the procedure... Read more

Singer in sunglasses advert

By Emily TaitScottish songstress Shirley Manson is appearing in an advertising drive for an upmarket brand of sunglasses.According to the Scottish Daily Record, the singer features alongside actor Elijah Wood, who is known for roles such as Frodo in Lord of the Rings.The two stars are appearing in... Read more

Contact lens giant seeks summer photo

By Martin BurnsBausch & Lomb, the global contact lens firm, has paired up with another organisation to hold a photography contest.Its SofLens Daily Disposable Contact Lenses arm has partnered with Shutterfly to hold the Eye on Summer Fun competition in the US.Entrants have until October 16 to... Read more

Contact lenses "help with sun protection"

By Alexa KaczkaPeople who wear contact lenses are giving themselves a degree of protection from the harmful rays of the sun.The Royal National Institute for the Blind (RNIB) gave GMTV a list of ways in which people can take care of their eyes.Sun protection is important and contact lenses and... Read more

Mascara "can help revamp one"s look"

By Emily TaitWomen looking for ways to change their style have been advised to make proper use of eye makeup.In an article for the Times, Hannah Rochell urged those looking for a "killer wardrobe" to make the most of their eyes.Pablo Rodriguez of Mac Cosmetics told her that dark eyes are... Read more

Amber Rose"s contact lenses "high concept"

By Emily TaitThe coloured contact lenses recently worn by Amber Rose have caught the eye of a fashion commentator.Writing in The Frisky, Erin Flaherty gave her response to Ms Rose"s contact lenses, which were pale blue in colour.They gave a dramatic appearance as she is naturally dark-skinned.Ms... Read more

Eye makeup faux pas identified

By Emily TaitWomen have been warned off several common errors made regarding making up their eyes.In an article for UAB Kaleidoscope, Jamie Walden cited clumpy mascara and shimmering eyeshadow on the brow bone as two looks to avoid.She urged women to buy good quality mascara and not use it for... Read more

Makeup for sensitive eyes

By Emily TaitWomen with sensitive eyes have been given makeup tips to prevent them from suffering irritation.Writing in the Daily Mail, Jemma Kidd suggested that women with delicate skin or sensitive eyes avoid eyeshadow that is glittery or has a lot of colour.She said that reds are especially bad... Read more

Implanted contact lens for presbyopia in development

By Adrian GalbrethPresbyopes may eventually be able to benefit from an implanted contact lens being created by a surgical solutions company.According to Presbia Cooperatief, it will carry out clinical trials of its small Flexivue lens later on this year.The micro-lens is being unveiled later on this... Read more

Buyout could save contact lens jobs

By Martin BurnsHundreds of jobs at a contact lens plant in Scotland could be rescued in a takeover or buyout.Labour MSP George Foulkes presented the possibility to the Scottish Government and said that Scottish Enterprise is considering it.He stated: "It is absolutely vital to keep jobs for the... Read more

Opticians urged to join contact lenses project

By Adrian GalbrethA web-based data gathering programme about cosmetic contact lenses is calling on UK opticians to join it.The European Contact Lens Forum (ECLF) wants to find out as much information as it can in order to pressure the authorities to regulate plano cosmetic contact lenses -... Read more

Contact lens job losses "impossible"

By Adrian GalbrethA contact lens giant is to go ahead with job cuts after the Scottish government failed to help it find an alternative.John Swinney, finance secretary, had a meeting with leading figures from Bausch & Lomb regarding its plans to close its contact lens plant in Livingston,... Read more