Stroke brings back man"s sight

by Martin BurnsA lifelong glasses wearer has spoken of how his sight returned to perfection after he became a stroke victim.Malcolm Darby explained to the Belfast Telegraph how he had needed spectacles since he was two and contracted measles.The 70-year-old grandfather was accustomed to life with... Read more

Contact lens company to attend healthcare event

By Adrian GalbrethThe vice-president of the Cooper Companies will make an appearance at a forthcoming health meeting.Reuters reported that Albert G White III will attend the Baird Healthcare Conference this month on behalf of the contact lens giant.His presentation at the New York-based gathering... Read more

Actress wears contact lenses to play vampire

By Emily TaitDakota Fanning wore red contact lenses for her new role as a vampire, according to reports.In an interview with People, Chris Weitz made the revelation about how she got into character.The director of New Moon, sequel to vampire film Twilight, explained that the 15-year-old wore contact... Read more

Sunglasses "could protect against blindness"

By Alexa KaczkaVision can be maintained in the long-term by protecting eyes from the sun, a Boots optometrist has noted.Carolyn Zweig told the Wrexham Chronicle that it is important to select a pair of sunglasses with UV protection and wear them outdoors as often as possible - even on overcast... Read more

Amber Rose stuns with coloured contact lenses

By Emily TaitAmber Rose certainly knows how to stand out from the crowd - she was photographed in a barely-there bikini while on holiday with boyfriend Kanye West this summer - and used ice-blue contact lenses to help her achieve her latest contrasting look.Ms Rose, who was recently signed by Ford... Read more

How to prepare children for contact lenses

Written by Alexa KaczkaAs children grow up and become more image-conscious, they may decide they want to swap their glasses for contact lenses. Even if they do not worry too much about their appearance, contact lenses could still offer advantages over spectacles if a child is physically active or... Read more

Actor wears dark contact lenses for role

By Emily TaitAn actor"s use of contact lenses to look his part for a film role has been described as effective by a reviewer.Vincent Cassel wore the dark contact lenses for his part in Mesrine: Public Enemy Number One, RTE Entertainment reports.According to reviewer Taragh Loughrey-Grant, the... Read more

Contact lenses give protection in attack

By Martin BurnsContact lenses helped to shield a man who was attacked in his own home by a criminal.The victim, 61, had answered his door when a man in a balaclava sprayed him in the face with something noxious and chased him upstairs.But his contact lenses afforded him a degree of... Read more

Women "struggle to apply eye makeup"

By Emily TaitAn expert has noted that women are having trouble with finding the right sort of eye makeup for them.Karen Kay, a fashion and beauty journalist, explained that it is a skill to use makeup and suggested that women get some professional help to assist them."I think the majority of... Read more

"Smudgy eye" is in this autumn

By Emily TaitWomen who want to keep abreast of the next season"s trends have been told about the "smudgy" eye look.According to the London Evening Standard, catwalks have been featuring models with heavily kohl-covered eyes.Makeup artist Kay Montano told the paper that women who want to... Read more

Contact lenses in TV series remembered

Written by Emily TaitThe importance of special effect contact lenses in television has not diminished with time, a critic has noted.Les Anderson reviewed Sky, a 1975 TV series, for the DVD Times and made special note of the effect the contact lenses worn by one actor had.In the programme, a... Read more

Children"s sunglasses reviewed

By Alexa KaczkaSunglasses for young eyes have been reviewed by a national newspaper.The Mail on Sunday selected five models of children"s shades that it found to be among the best products available.Baby Banz, at £10.75, has an adjustable strap to make sure the sunglasses stay properly on the... Read more

How to get the smoky eye look

By Emily TaitMakeup advice has been given to women who want to give themselves the fashionable "smoky eyes" effect.Writing in the Examiner, Taylor Olson said that it is a "surprisingly easy" look to recreate and listed two eyeshadows, eyeliner, mascara and brushes both for... Read more

Contact lenses "give a youthful look"

By Emily TaitA man has spoken of how his contact lenses give him a more youthful appearance. Writing for Catholic Online, Tom Kneier recalled how he began wearing contact lenses when he reached middle age.His wife had had her ears double pierced at the same time.Mr Kneier wrote: "I started... Read more

Knifeman fails to get sunglasses

By Alexa KaczkaA would-be mugger had to leave empty-handed after his chosen victim refused to hand over his glasses.John Townsend was approached by a man with a pen knife outside Leeds station, according to the Daily Mirror"s cricket blog.The knifeman demanded Mr Townsend"s sunglasses, but was told... Read more

Man fights for funding for eye drugs

By Adrian GalbrethA man who is registered blind is fighting for the NHS to fund drugs which he says could save his sight.Dean Norris told the BBC that all he can see is "shadows" as he suffers from bad eye health including glaucoma.The sight in one of his eyes is gone and he has had two... Read more

Contact lenses "give partial sun protection"

By Alexa KaczkaContact lenses provide a degree of protection for eyes against the rays of the sun.This is the information given by Alison Johnson in a Newport News article that appeared in the Baltimore Sun.She explained that contact lenses do shield part of the eye against sunshine, but added that... Read more

Parents "do not realise danger of sun to eyes"

By Martin BurnsThe sun is more powerful and harmful to young eyes than most parents realise, an expert has stated.Adrian Knowles of the Eye Care Trust told the Sun that most eye problems that are associated with the ageing process are usually inherited while the sufferer was a child.Although the... Read more

Rinse contact lenses "to remove protein"

By Adrian GalbrethContact lenses need to be thoroughly rinsed in order to get rid of deposits of protein left on them.This is the conclusion made in a study reported by OSN Super Site.Participants in the research wore silicone hydrogel contact lenses from CIBA Vision for five days, using a... Read more

Glasses "are fashionable for children"

By Adrian GalbrethGlasses are being used by children to make style statements, according to an optometrist.Dr Amy Walker told the Source that most children who are prescribed glasses are not upset about it.She explained that more stylish frames have turned glasses into accessories for children and... Read more