Contact lens giant launches training workshops

By Martin BurnsContact lens giant Johnson & Johnson is running training programmes to help optical clinics.The 360 Degrees Practical Improvement Programme is targeted towards independent practices and intends to help them increase their business.It consists of three workshops, according to... Read more

Responsible children "can wear contact lenses"

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Contact lens giant to attend conference

By Alexa KaczkaContact lens manufacturer Johnson & Johnson will be among the organisations represented at an optical conference to be held later this year.It is one of several groups that is either returning after an absence of several years or appearing for the first time at the Association of... Read more

Sunglasses "add style"

By Emily TaitPeople on a budget for their summer wardrobes have been advised to try buying a new pair of sunglasses.Celebrity fashion stylist Neil Rodgers said that shades are "a relatively inexpensive way of making any outfit look better".He pointed out that they are one celebrity... Read more

Eye colours matched to eyeshadow

By Emily TaitWomen who want to make up their eyes have been given advice on choosing the best colour to suit them.According to Australian newspaper the Daily Examiner, brown eyes can wear almost any shade on the lids.Green and pink were said to be especially dramatic, while blue eyeshadow will also... Read more

Early tests passed for drug-giving contact lenses

By Adrian GalbrethContact lenses that administer drugs to the eye have got through early tests.Dr Daniel Kohane, who is carrying out the research with other experts, told Reuters that laboratory tests have been carried out on the contact lenses.He said that they show the contact lenses "can... Read more

Golfer comeback delayed from eye trouble

By Martin BurnsA golfer is missing the US PGA Championship due to problems with his eye.Robert Karlsson was the European number one last year but has been ordered by his doctor to stay away longer.He is suffering from retinitis, which means he has a blister behind his left retina.As a result, his... Read more

Celebrity makeup causes stirs

By Emily TaitSeveral famous faces have been snapped recently with dramatic makeup for their eyes.This is London carried a snap of singer Lily Allen wearing silvery white shadow all around her eyes and reaching to her cheekbones.According to the publication, it was a "robot panda" look... Read more

Events set worldwide for eye health

By Martin BurnsPeople need to look after their eyes, wherever they live. Both in the UK and the US, events to drive eye health are being planned or held and locals are being told how they can keep their eyes healthy.London lawyers Clifford Chance will be hosting an event from UK Vision Strategy... Read more

Eye care firm in line with expectations

By Alexa KaczkaFife-based Optos released details for the nine months ending on June 30th and said trading had adhered to expectations.It has also completed a restructuring and struck a deal with US eye health insurance provider VSP.According to its figures, total revenue was worth $72.2 million... Read more

WAP application to boost contact lenses in India

By Adrian GalbrethJohnson & Johnson is launching a new free WAP application in India to promote Acuvue contact lenses.The application, created with the contact lens firm"s India division and OMD Digital, assists users in keeping themselves hydrated by reminding them to drink water throughout the... Read more

Glitter eyeshadow "should be fun"

By Emily TaitGlittery eyeshadow works best when not taken too seriously, a makeup expert has said.Regina Harris told Erin Flaherty of The Frisky that she frequently wears glitter on her eyelids.But she said the key to pulling it off in reality rather than on a fashion photo shoot is to take a fun... Read more

New contact lenses for older people underway

By Adrian GalbrethContact lenses for people with older eyes are being created by optometrists at a US university.The University of Alabama at Birmingham"s (UAB) School of Optometry is developing multi-focal contact lenses to correct presbyopia.It is intended that they will remove the need for people... Read more

Celebrities snapped in sunglasses

By Emily TaitA number of celebrities are appearing in public wearing oversized sunglasses with dark lenses as the brighter weeks of the year go on.Victoria Beckham and Katie Holmes have been snapped in the eyewear recently, according to the Metro newspaper.Soon afterwards, singer Lily Allen was seen... Read more

Weather "can affect contact lens care"

By Martin BurnsContact lens wearers may need to take certain measures depending on the weather.This is according to a blogger known as eednadnaa, who entered a post on AbsolutePunk.net about contact lenses.According to the writer, people wearing contact lenses in hot and dry weather should use... Read more

Cyclists given eye protection advice

By Adrian GalbrethCyclists have been told how they can help to protect their eyes.Writing for examiner.com, Ed Wagner offered solutions for cyclists who need to correct their vision but cannot wear ordinary sunglasses because they do not wear contact lenses.He suggested putting prescription lenses... Read more

Advice given on eye protection

By Martin BurnsPeople looking to be in the sun this summer have been reminded to protect their eyes.The Baltimore Sun told readers that sun can damage eyes as well as skin and urged them to take the necessary precautions.It recommended wearing wraparound sunglasses for the best possible protection... Read more

Eye makeup advice given to calendar girls

By Emily TaitEye makeup advice for older skin has been given by an expert.The addition of Jerry Hall and June Brown to the West End cast of Calendar Girls has prompted advice for making up older eyes.Hello magazine stresses the need for moisturiser, as skin can become drier over time.Drier skin also... Read more

Fish oils "help combat AMD"

By Adrian GalbrethEating fish oils could help people to ward off age-related macular degeneration (AMD), a new US study has found.Researchers at the National Eye Institute in Maryland discovered that mice who had more fish oils suffered less from the eye condition or had it improve.In a report being... Read more

Motorbike racer "confident with contact lenses"

By Martin BurnsA young motorbike racer from Scunthorpe has spoken of her confidence with her contact lenses.Sam Burman, who is competing in the NGRRC Championships, told girlracer.co.uk that while she has not been satisfied with all of her recent results, she is happy with her contact lenses."I... Read more