A little eye makeup "makes a big difference"

By Emily TaitSmall applications of eye makeup can make a big difference to a woman"s appearance, according to a makeup artist.AJ Crimson told the Detroit News that while full makeup is not necessary from day to day, keeping eyes well presented can be very important.He urged women to maintain their... Read more

Chinese contact lens market grows despite recession

By Martin BurnsChina"s contact lens market has enjoyed growth even in the recession, according to new data.GfK China"s auditing report for Shanghai, Guangzhou and Beijing found that sales increased by 11.3 per cent in volume compared to the figures for 2007.It put this down to an "optic fashion... Read more

Sunglasses lenses "depend on face shape"

By Emily TaitRather than simply following the latest celebrity fashions, sunglasses wearers should choose their shades according to the shape of their face.Coming as millions of Britons look to protect their eyes while looking good this summer, Arizona-based fashion expert Yana Miller has advised... Read more

Aldershot spectacle wearer of the year named

By Martin BurnsA 16-year-old girl has won the accolade of Spectacle Wearer of the Year.Amelie Berrabah, singer with pop group the Sugababes, chose Tia Qerimi as the winner for Aldershot, reports Optometry Today.Ms Berrabah, who has worn glasses since she was 15, said that youngsters who need... Read more

Advice given for choosing sunglasses

Wearers of sunglasses have been given information about keeping their eyes protected while looking fashionable.In an article for the Times, Lucia van der Post informed readers that their sunglasses need to carry CR39 lenses.This means that they are compliant with standards set by the European... Read more

How to make up eyes for the sun

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One eyeshadow "can make a change"

By Emily TaitBuying one new eyeshadow in a dramatic shade can be an inexpensive way of making over one"s look.This is according to Napolean Perdis, an Australian makeup artist who gave the advice to the Houston Chronicle."You don"t need every product but you should have a few quality... Read more

Specialised contact lenses "may slow myopia in children"

By Adrian GalbrethSpecial contact lenses may be able to slow down or stop short sightedness developing in children, according to new research.A five-year clinical trial is underway with EyeVis Eye and the Vision Research Institute, funded by Bausch & Lomb and Euclid Technologies.The first year... Read more

People "wearing others" contact lenses to save money"

By Martin BurnsBritons are trying to save money by wearing other people"s contact lenses or putting off eye tests, a poll has discovered.According to research commissioned by Aviva and carried out by Redshift, 13 per cent of people fix their glasses themselves in order to avoid paying to have them... Read more

Actress wears large contact lenses for role

By Emily TaitAn actress who wore large contact lenses for her latest role has spoken of the experience.Mallika Sherawat plays a snake woman who can appear as a human in her latest film Hiss, according to Star Box Office.The Indian actress, who is currently promoting the film in LA, explained how the... Read more

Scottish plans to improve eye health

By Alexa KaczkaPlans have been outlined in Scotland to improve the accessibility of eye care in certain areas.According to the Scotsman, the Eye Pavilion in Lauriston may move its services around communities.This could improve accessibility for people who suffer from impaired vision.In addition,... Read more

"Eat spinach for healthy eyes"

by Adrian GalbrethEating spinach can help to ward off sight-threatening conditions such as age-related macular degeneration, an expert has said.Optometrist Dr Jennifer Smith told US publication The State that proper eating could help fight these kinds of ailments or stop them from deteriorating,... Read more

Contact lens firm investment creates jobs

By Martin BurnsA contact lens manufacturer has announced an investment and the creation of new jobs.Daysoft, which makes disposable contact lenses, has taken on 35 new members of staff to be engineers, production technicians and other professionals.It has made a £2.5 million investment in its... Read more

Tooth implant in eye restores man"s sight

A man who was blinded 17 years ago can see again after his tooth was implanted into his eye.Martin Jones now has one of his canine teeth in his right eye to hold a lens in a rare operation carried out by Christopher Lui, a Brighton-based surgeon.The tooth was initially placed into his cheek for... Read more

Laser treatment "could cure age-related blindness"

By Alexa KaczkaSufferers of age-related macular degeneration (AMD) may be cured with a new laser treatment.The procedure was developed by Professor John Marshall of King"s College London.Early trials of about 50 people have shown that sufferers have had their sight improved and Prof Marshall intends... Read more

Contact lens wearers "must discard old solutions"

By Adrian GalbrethContact lens solutions should not be used more than three months after they have been opened.This is advice given in Irish publication the Independent by writer Eilish O"Regan.She explained that using a contact lens solution that has had its seal broken for more than three months... Read more

Baseball players "switch to contact lenses" on field

By Alexa KaczkaTwo professional baseball players with the Los Angeles Dodgers use contact lenses while out in the field to correct nearsightedness.According to the LA Times, James Loney and Matt Kemp are both regularly seen sporting eyeglasses when they are not playing, but opt for contact lenses... Read more

Ciba Vision to target teens with contact lenses

By Alexa KaczkaCiba Vision is set to launch an advertising campaign to encourage teenagers to consider its contact lenses.The eye care company has signed up marketing agency Haygarth to compile the campaign, which aims to get young people who currently wear glasses to think about switching to... Read more

Bausch & Lomb "to re-brand eye care solutions"

By Alexa KaczkaEyecare and contact lens firm Bausch and Lomb is set to "rejuvenate" its ReNu brand of contact lens solutions, the company announced this week.Rebranding efforts will commence in the US and will see the firm rename the ReNu MultiPlus solution to ReNu Fresh Lens Comfort.The... Read more

Eye-health tips for summer sun

While many people are aware of the dangers of sunburn, the importance of protecting your eyes from the summer sunshine may not be as well known.Sensible sun-seekers will make sure their eyes are as protected as their skin this summer, according to Doctors Eric Sails and Mark Till from Dallas, Texas,... Read more