Nighttime reshaping contact lenses "may control short sightedness"

By Adrian GalbrethContact lenses worn at night may provide a solution for short sightedness, early results from new research are showing.Chicago researchers Dr S Barry Eiden and Dr Robert Davis are trialling Stabilisation of Myopia by Accelerated Reshaping Technique (SMART), according to Medill... Read more

Contact lens cures baseball player"s sight

By Adrian GalbrethA contact lens has proved to be the solution for a US baseball player who was suffering from blurred vision in one eye.Brian McCann, catcher for the Atlanta Braves, revealed that he had been found to be more shortsighted in his left eye, the Canadian Press reported.He may also need... Read more

Indian rural entrepreneurs use glasses for business

By Martin BurnsPoor, rural-dwelling people in India are helping their incomes through starting up their own glasses businesses, it has been reported.Organisation VisionSpring helps people to train and gives them the equipment they need to start selling glasses and other products for eye health,... Read more

Implantable contact lenses "preferred to laser surgery"

By Adrian GalbrethImplanted contact lenses are being seen by many as a favourable alternative to laser eye surgery, it has been reported.US eye surgeon Dr Jeffrey Whitman explained the procedure to WFAA.com.He pointed out that while laser surgery is permanent, using implantable contact lenses is... Read more

How to apply long-lasting eye makeup

By Emily TaitA beauty writer has warned women who wear long-lasting makeup to work quickly when they apply the cosmetics.Marianne Bockheim wrote in the Michigan Beauty Examiner that long-lasting make-up can set fast, making it important to blend colours very quickly after applying the product to the... Read more

Stem cell cure for blindness

By Adrian GalbrethA potential cure for blindness that relies on stem cells has been developed by scientists in London.Surgeons and scientists at Moorfields Eye Hospital and the University College London"s Institute of Opthalmology have developed the therapy for age-related macular degeneration... Read more

Glasses with prismatic lenses help car accident victim

By Martin BurnsA woman in Michigan has praised the prismatic lenses of her spectacles for helping ease her debilitating headaches.Larissa Nicpon was in an accident involving several cars in 2007 and sustained an injury to her head.She subsequently suffered severe headaches, reports the Tri-County... Read more

Baseball player seeking solution to blurry vision mystery

By Martin BurnsA baseball player in the US is seeking expert help to find out what is causing blurred vision in one of his eyes.Brian McCann, catcher for the Atlanta Braves, has been experiencing blurred vision and dryness in his left eye, according to MLB.com.He has already tried a contact lens,... Read more

Club collects glasses

By Martin BurnsA cub in High Wycombe is collecting glasses to help a charity assist people overseas who need vision correction.The Rotary Club has set out collection points in the area for residents to place any spectacles they no longer want.Organiser Peter Brion explained to This is Local London... Read more

How Marines get their contact lenses

By Adrian GalbrethSome details about how Marines in the US can get their contact lenses have been published.Writing in Desert Warrior, Cpl M Daniel Sanchez explained that members of the Marine Corps Air Station in Yuma have access to an optometry clinic at their station.They are eligible for free... Read more

Reading glasses invention patented

By Martin BurnsPeople who use glasses for reading may be able to make use of a new optical invention created in America.InventHelp announced that one of its clients has designed the product, called Inspired Lens, which has also been patented.Inspired Lens is a bookmark with lenses built into it,... Read more

Buy glasses online for cheap deals

By Martin BurnsPeople in the US who need vision correction have been urged to look online by one writer.In a post on his Cheapskate blog on CNET News, Rick Broda pointed out that in the US there are a number of online stores which sell glasses at very low prices.Although acknowledging that buying... Read more

Contact lens filter developed to block harmful rays

By Adrian GalbrethA Spanish doctor has created a filter for contact lenses that screens out dangerous rays of light.The yellow filter, which works for both natural and artificial light, is the brainchild of Dr Celia Sanchez Ramos, reports thinkspain.com.She hopes that it will be produced... Read more

US footballer gets contact lenses in time for spring game

By Martin BurnsA player of American football has begun wearing contact lenses in time for a spring game.Roy Roundtree, 20, told the Michigan Daily that his eyesight had worsened as he started college and had to read more.His coach, Rich Rodriguez, noticed him squinting and sent him for an eye... Read more

New contact lenses for vampire sequel

By Emily TaitActors for the sequel of a vampire film will be using different contact lenses for a new special effect, it has been reported.Peter Facinelli made the revelation to the Press Association.Mr Facinelli plays Dr Carlisle Cullen in New Moon, the sequel to vampire film Twilight.He told the... Read more

Keratoconus treatment "should be available on the NHS"

By Martin BurnsA teenage brother and sister who suffer from keratoconus have called for their new treatment to be available on the NHS.A brother and sister who are undergoing a new form of treatment for their keratoconus have called for it to be made available through the NHS.Alex and Laura Hook are... Read more

Shop tells woman to prove her blindness

By Adrian GalbrethA blind woman has demanded an apology from a shop which would not let her in with her guide dog without further proof of her condition.The Costcutter shop in East Kilbride, Lanarkshire, refused to allow access to the guide dog, the Glasgow Daily Record reported.Yancy, the dog, was... Read more

Handwritten note by Handel refers to his sight loss

By Martin BurnsGeorge Frideric Handel"s blindness is one aspect of the composer"s life being researched in a new exhibition.Christopher Hogwood is the curator of Handel Reveal"d, Reuters reports.Among the exhibits is the score for Jephtha which carries a handwritten note by Handel.Dated February... Read more

Digital media "influences contact lens buyers"

By Adrian GalbrethA significant minority of people are influenced by online marketing when they purchase contact lenses or spectacles, according to new research carried out in the US.The Ad-ology Media Influence on Consumer Choice study for spring 2009 discovered that 42 per cent of US customers... Read more

Local clubs raise money for sight saving charity

By Martin BurnsThousands of people in developing countries could have their sight saved after a fundraising effort by clubs in Somerset.Two clubs in Somerset have raised hundreds of pounds which will go towards helping people in developing countries to avoid suffering preventable blindness.The... Read more