Wireless glasses "key for new 3D technology"

By Adrian GalbrethThe latest in 3D technology for computer games rests on wireless glasses for one company.Graphics cards company Nvidia uses the glasses, which have LCD lenses, to go from black to transparent quickly enough to produce the effect, the Independent reports.According to Doug McConkey... Read more

Spring "drives demand for coloured contact lenses"

By Emily TaitMore and more people choose contact lenses to change the colour of their eyes in spring, a US firm has said.Vice president of North American sales for Vancouver-based Clearly Contacts, Steve Wallace, said that spring is the most popular season for orders of coloured contact... Read more

Laser eye clinic celebrates first year

By Martin BurnsA laser eye clinic set up in Sheffield a year ago is celebrating successful results.More than 200 patients have been treated at the Sheffield Vision Centre at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital, while staff numbers have had to triple to meet the demand, reports the Sheffield... Read more

Patient tells of "piggyback" lens operation

By Adrian GalbrethThe second person to have undergone the procedure to have "piggyback" lenses has told a newspaper her story.Ann Edworthy told the Daily Mail about how she had had surgery to remove cataracts and have artificial lenses inserted into her eyes, but still needed to wear reading... Read more

New contact lenses launched for presbyopia

By Alexa KaczkaA new type of contact lens from Johnson & Johnson is now on sale in the US.The firm announced that Acuvue Oasys for Presbyopia is intended to expand over this year and also detailed some of the technology involved in the product.Johnson & Johnson"s first new multifocal contact lens in... Read more

Online game shows benefits of contact lenses

By Martin BurnsAn internet game has been established to encourage people to wear contact lenses.Pearle Opticiens created the game, which can be played at thesteamyroom.be.The game takes a light-hearted approach to the issue of glasses and contact lenses, inviting players to view footage of a... Read more

Deaf teenager suggests contact lens solution

By Adrian GalbrethA deaf teenager has conceived of an idea for a contact lens for the hearing-impaired.Helen Thomas was asked by Deafness Research UK for ideas about how technology could work in years to come to help people with hearing problems, Plymouth newspaper the Herald reports.She suggested... Read more

Formby residents urged to donate glasses

By Martin BurnsHigh blood pressure and vision problems overseas are both being targeted this weekend in Formby.When the Rotary Club of Formby holds its yearly event for checking blood pressure on Saturday, it will also be holding a collection for unwanted glasses and cases, reports the Formby... Read more

McCann now wearing glasses

By Adrian GalbrethA US baseball player is trying glasses to correct his vision problems.Brian McCann, the US baseball player suffering from blurriness and dryness in one eye, is now wearing glasses to play.He wore the glasses last week while practising and has ordered new sports glasses, according... Read more

Blind man will fly a plane for charity

By Martin BurnsA blind man is set to take control of an aircraft to raise money for a charity for his condition.Colin McArthur has been blind for 22 years, having suffered from retinitis pigmentosa (RP) and suffering from partial sight as a teenager.He will take the controls of a Britten-Norman... Read more

Advice given on contact lens care

By Alexa KaczkaContact lens wearers have been urged to keep their lenses clean and follow their eye doctor"s advice.In an article on Best Syndication, ePR Source explained that many problems associated with contact lens wearing are avoidable simply by taking proper care of lenses as... Read more

Contact lens "saves hockey player"s eye"

By Adrian GalbrethA contact lens may have prevented a Canadian hockey player from a career-ending injury after an accident during a game.James Neal suffered cuts to both the lids on his left eye when Slovakian Ladislav Nagy accidentally hit him with his stick.The stick entered under Mr Neal"s visor... Read more

Bausch & Lomb releases new contact lens solution bottle

By Adrian GalbrethA new bottle system that shows people when their contact lens solution is becoming depleted has been released by Bausch & Lomb.ReNu MultiPlus bottles are translucent and carry a line marker to show when the contact lens solution needs to be replaced.Bausch & Lomb unveils the... Read more

Contact lens firm to work on expansion after profit fall

By Martin BurnsA contact lens and spectacles firm is responding to a weak first quarter by working on expansion, it has been reported.According to Reuters, German company Fielmann suffered a 15 per cent fall in pretax profits during the first three months of 2009, going from 38.7 million euros (£35... Read more

Justin Timberlake"s glasses "are not a fashion accessory"

By Emily TaitSinger Justin Timberlake has confirmed that he wears glasses because he needs them, not because they are a fashion statement.He told television host Jimmy Kimmel that he is short sighted and needs to wear his glasses, reported Javno.Mr Timberlake had been spotted wearing glasses last... Read more

Rise in sight problems predicted

By Adrian GalbrethThe number of people in Scotland suffering from visual ailments will double over the coming 25 years, it has been predicted.John Gill of Sight Action told the BBC that statistics about blindness in Scotland and how it is set to develop were "worrying".Sight Action was taking part... Read more

Baseball player tests out new contact lenses

By Adrian GalbrethA US baseball player is to try his new contact lenses in a game for the first time.Atlanta Braves catcher Brian McCann is wearing contact lenses in both eyes although his vision is blurred in just one, MLB.com reports.He will try them out in a two-game Minor League session, playing... Read more

Eye care scheme launched at Boston University

By Martin BurnsEmployees at Boston University are now able to make use of a new eye care benefits scheme.Set up through the New England Eye Institute (NEEI) by the human resources office, the university is offering the scheme to staff members and their families, campus publication BU Today... Read more

Image-displaying contact lenses in development

By Adrian Galbreth Contact lenses and glasses which can receive and display images are being developed, according to a report.The New York Times gives an account of "head-up displays", which would comprise glasses and contact lenses that can show pictures from a smart phone while still allowing the... Read more

Pioneering contact lens optometrist dies

By Martin BurnsAn eye doctor who was involved in fitting and prescribing contact lenses when they were still in their early days has died at the age of 97.CantonRep.com described Dr Joseph S Nupuf as a "pioneer" of contact lenses.He died in Sarasota, Florida, where he moved on his retirement nine... Read more