Blind artists put work on show

Work by blind and visually-impaired artists has gone on show in the US.Throughout this month, the exhibition Creative Vision: An Exhibition on Vision and Perception is being displayed in the Horton Gallery of California"s San Joaquin Delta College, reports Recordnet.com.Among the artists whose work... Read more

Slim sunglasses to be launched

A new slim style of sunglasses are due to be unveiled in America next month.Sunglasses which are designed to be super-slim are to be unveiled in America by a designer next week.Keiki, a new range from Maui Jim Sunglasses, features lenses in a rectangular shape, according to the Moodie Report.The... Read more

Bausch & Lomb and Santen in lens development deal

Bausch & Lomb and pharmaceutical company Santen have entered into a partnership together for lens development.The agreement, for developing materials for intraocular lenses (IOLs), allows Bausch & Lomb to commercialise such lenses through use of hydrophobic acrylic polymers from Santen.Details of... Read more

Vitamins help save older women"s sight, study finds

Vitamins and folic acid could be the key to women preserving their eyesight as they grow older, according to a new study.In research published in the publication Archives of Internal Medicine, women who took a combination of vitamins B12 and B6 along with folic acid were found to have less chance of... Read more

How to make up your eyes for spring

Colourful ways to make up your eyes this spring have been offered in a newspaper.The Glasgow Daily Record suggests to its readers that they make use of eye make-up products from such suppliers as Boots and Technic.According to the paper, the latter"s Eye Shadow Shimmerstick gives "an intense and... Read more

Sports players "using laser surgery for vision that exceeds 20/20"

Sportsmen and women are turning to laser eye surgery to try to gain an edge over their opponents with better vision, it has been reported.Writing in the Times, Gabrielle Monaghan investigated the phenomenon of Irish sports players, including thousands of amateurs, undergoing the procedure to get... Read more

Eye care routine of image consultant

Women have been given advice on how to look after their eyes as they grow older by a personal image consultant.Nadine Kazerounian, who heads a personal image consultancy, told the Daily Mail about her skincare routine, which includes the daily application of a Clarins eye cream.Mrs Kazerounian, 59,... Read more

America gears up for Save Your Vision Month

March is Save Your Vision Month in America, with many promotions being held to help people care for their eyes and look after their sight. There is, however, no reason that British people cannot also take on board the suggestions and advice for eye care that come out of the initiative.One aspect of... Read more

Sales increase for contact lens firm

Sales rose during the financial year"s second quarter for a Florida-based contact lens firm, it has been reported.Unilens Vision released data which showed an improvement in net sales in the financial year quarter that ended on December 31st 2008.In this period, they saw a 1.2 per cent rise to reach... Read more

Contact lens firm records profit

Fielmann, the German maker of spectacles and contact lenses, had an increase in pretax profit last year, it has been reported.The firm had an 18.4 per cent improvement in this figure in the year in line with estimations, according to Reuters.Furthermore, the company announced that it wants to grow... Read more

Laser eye surgery website reaccredited

A website that gives information about laser eye surgery has been reaccredited by the Health on the Net (HON) Foundation.The site, www.seewithlasik.com, has been re-examined and found still to adhere to HON standards.It exists to give education and information to people who are considering having... Read more

"Self-lubricating" contact lenses being tested in Singapore

Tests are currently being undertaken in Singapore for self-lubricating contact lenses, it has been reported.Serene Luo wrote in a blog post for the Straits Times that the contact lenses are being tested on rabbits currently.Dr Edwin Chow, head researcher of the Agency for Science, Technology and... Read more

America gears up for AMD Awareness Month

Americans are being prepared for next month when there will be an awareness campaign for a condition which can cause sight loss.The American Academy of Opthalmology, the American Society of Retina Specialists, the Retina Society and the Macular Society are gearing up for educating Americans about... Read more

Safety eyewear website launched

A US firm has unveiled a website for safety eyewear with an interactive user interface.Features of the website, by Sperian Protection for the Uvex brand, include selection tools to help choose the correct product for the user"s needs and the capacity to "compare and contrast" products on aspects... Read more

New Zealand eyewear promotion influenced by vampires

A designer from New Zealand appears to have been bitten by the vampire bug in promoting her new eyewear line.The Press reports how Karen Walker"s new range, Celebrate the Sun, is being advertised by photographs of models with vampire teeth.Reportedly, this is in order to show that even sun-avoiders... Read more

Signature Eyewear marks fourth year of profit

Figures released by an eyewear company for 2008 have shown that it had a fourth consecutive year of profit.Signature Eyewear"s income before taxes was recorded at $630,000 (£431,000) in the fiscal year of 2008, while net income for the year saw a rise.The firm put this down to greater sales of... Read more

Baseball player praises contact lenses

A US baseball player has praised his contact lenses for being comfortable as well as improving his vision.Francisco Rodriguez told the New York Times about his switch to contact lenses after initially wearing goggles.After suffering irritation to his face from the goggles, as well as having them... Read more

Eyewear to be introduced to motor racing fans

An eyewear firm is set to demonstrate its presence to motor racing fans in California this weekend.Gatorz Precision Built Eyewear says it will be seen by millions of fans of the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR), the Auto Channel reports.Kerry Lynch, chief executive officer of... Read more

Eye makeup tips given

A beauty consultant has given advice on how to apply eye makeup properly.Kristy Scott, a beauty consultant for Salon Hive, suggested making eyes appear more widely set by applying a lighter shade to the entire lid and then a darker one on the outer third.The two can then be blended together.Eyeliner... Read more

Bobsled driver uses permanent contact lens procedure

A US bobsled athlete has told of how happy he is to be able to see properly following a vision correction treatment in which contact lenses were implanted into his eye permanently.Steve Holcomb has keratoconus, a degenerative disease that affects vision through distorting the shape of the cornea.He... Read more