Bobsled driver uses permanent contact lens procedure

A US bobsled athlete has told of how happy he is to be able to see properly following a vision correction treatment in which contact lenses were implanted into his eye permanently.Steve Holcomb has keratoconus, a degenerative disease that affects vision through distorting the shape of the cornea.He... Read more

Trials begin for electronic focusing spectacles

Trials for spectacles which can change their focus have begun with wearers, the company involved has announced.Virginia-based PixelOptics said in a statement that controlled trials are now underway for its atLast! Enhanced Multifocal, a static composite lens which was launched in October.Chief... Read more

New eyewear range unveiled by Roberto Cavalli

Greek mythology is the inspiration for a new collection of eyewear by Roberto Cavalli, it has been reported.Fashion News India reports the new line, which includes a design for men called Hermes.This is influenced by 1970s styles and has a polished-satin effect.In addition, there is the Aphrodite... Read more

Baseball player turns to contact lenses

An American sporting star has spoken of how he wore glasses and contact lenses for his poor eyesight.Dana Eveland, pitcher for the Oakland Athletics, told the San Jose Mercury News that he had been having difficulty seeing the hand signals given to him by catcher Kurt Suzuki.Mr Eveland has recently... Read more

Buying contact lenses online "is cheaper"

Contact lens wearers who buy their products over the internet have the opportunity to make significant savings, a writer has claimed.In an article for the Irish Times, Conor Pope noted that contact lenses are less expensive when bought over the internet and observed that prices can vary... Read more

iLASIK "should be considered"

Users of contact lenses may benefit from the iLASIK vision correction procedure, an expert has claimed.Dr Kevin Niksarli, managing director of the Manhattan Lasik Centre and an eye surgeon, said that undergoing iLASIK treatment could offer contact lens wearers significant savings in terms of time... Read more

Fashion firm turns attention to eyewear in the credit crunch

An Australian fashion company is placing more attention on its eyewear products as a result of the economic downturn, it has been reported.Ksubi, a denim firm established in 2000, has confirmed that it is in debt, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.Dan Single and George Gorrow, founders and owners... Read more

Australians warned about eye care in the sun

The importance of taking care of eyes in hot weather while outdoors has been stressed to Australians by lens maker Transitions Optimal.According to research by the company, only one-fifth of Australians think that it is as important to have protective eyewear as it is to have sunscreen.But... Read more

Regular exercise "could help eyesight"

Contact lenses have been favoured for many years by those who take part in sport - and now it seems that by taking part in active pursuits, there could in fact be benefits for their vision.Research from the US department of energy"s Lawrence Berkeley"s National Laboratory found that running reduces... Read more

Gandhi"s glasses to be auctioned off

Mahatma Gandhi was not one of the world"s most famous wearers of contact lenses, but he was one of the more iconic figures to sport spectacles.Now, it seems one lucky person might get the chance to own the very pair that are so integrally linked with his image.The famous round lenses are to be... Read more

"Avoid eye injuries" this Valentine"s Day

Valentine"s Day is a time when champagne often flows as freely as the romance, but one organisation is warning lovers not to be too cavalier when popping open the bubbly. According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, there are hundreds of people who suffer eye injuries each year while... Read more

Sight-impaired sportsman takes up ultimate challenge

A cyclist with a visual impairment is to add to his achievements by tackling Mount Kilimanjaro. Australian Bryce Lindores, who won a bronze medal at the recent Paralympics, is due to arrive in Africa for the daunting challenge next month. He will be accompanied by 11 other climbers - six of whom are... Read more

Lady GaGa dresses for partially sighted Grandma

Everybody gets older, so it is a fact of life that many people"s sight does not stay as strong as it used to be. Wearing contact lenses and glasses are among the ways in which people can improve their vision - or, if you are a pop star"s grandmother, you could ask your grandchildren to dress a... Read more

Successful blind singer returns to home town

A performer has returned to her hometown of Bury with the intention of raising money for people with vision problems and other good causes. Katie Lee Carpenter has sung professionally since 1966 in clubs and bars and now intends to use her talent to help raise funds for charities. She was born... Read more

Professor invents glasses for third world countries

High quality contact lenses may be in more limited supply in the developing world, but that does not mean there is any less need for eye care. With that in mind, one Oxford University professor has invented a pair of spectacles which he hopes can bring better sight to millions of poor people.... Read more

Govt "should have mentioned sight loss in NDS"

An organisation has raised concerns over the omission of the issue of sight loss from the government"s National Dementia Strategy (NDS).According to the Thomas Pocklington Trust (TPT), the Labour administration may have damaged the chances of delivering joined-up care to those suffering from... Read more

Hi-tech contact lenses "could be on their way"

Contact lenses capable of transmitting TV shows are just around the corner. That is the belief held by one leading "futurologist", who argued that the know-how already exists for such seemingly far-fetched technology. Indeed, according to the new report published by the Future Laboratory... Read more

Driving with cataracts "an increasing problem"

With the world"s population getting increasingly aged, experts have warned that the number of road accidents being caused by a driver"s poor eyesight is likely to rise steadily. According to new research carried out by the specialists at the University of Queensland and the Queensland University of... Read more

Football coach recalls contact lens wearing

A former footballer and coach in Singapore has spoken of how he had to wear contact lenses to correct his vision while he was in games.Poravankara Narayanan Nair Sivaji told Asia One News about his experience of wearing contact lenses as he played for clubs such as Singapore Indians and Sembawang.Mr... Read more

Norfolk sculpture "could be perilous for those with sight troubles"

A new artwork set up in Norfolk could be a hazard to people with eyesight problems, it has been stated.The Eastern Daily Press reports how the £30,000 steel sculpture, which is cut away inside in the shape of an oak tree, has been criticised by Fakenham town council deputy mayor Mike Coates.He said... Read more