Golfer corrects vision with laser surgery

Ian Poulter has had laser surgery to correct his eyesight after several years of wearing contact lenses, it has been revealed.The Daily Mail reported how the Ryder Cup golfer, who wore contact lenses for eight years, had the operation in Orlando to cure his astigmatism and improve his vision when... Read more

Contact lenses launched for presbyopia

People with presbyopia can make use of a new type of contact lens produced by CIBA Vision.The Air Optics Aqua Multifocal is a silicone hydrogel contact lens, claimed by the maker to have a success rate of 86 per cent on first fittings for people with developing presbyopia.Optician Online also... Read more

Optician brings sight to Indians

An optician from North Somerset has helped thousands of Indians to see better after she led a team to the country.Anne Hull headed a Vision Aid Overseas group on a fortnight-long trip in which seven villages and three slums were visited, the Weston & Somerset Mercury reports.The team, which went out... Read more

Bobbi Brown: Good brushes important for eye make-up

The importance of having a high quality brush for applying make-up to the eyes has been stressed by make-up artist Bobbi Brown.She told South Florida publication Sun Sentinel that people should use good brushes for their eyeshadow, eyeliner and eyebrows."The brushes that come with cosmetics may not... Read more

Contact lenses "are part of the onset of 3D"

The role of contact lenses in the development of three-dimensional image technology has been outlined by a writer.Rick C Hodgin wrote on TG Daily that in order to see images in 3D, each eye has to receive a different view.He explained that this can only be done, currently, through use of glasses or... Read more

Woody Allen gave glasses to Penelope Cruz

Actress Penelope Cruz was given a pair of Woody Allen"s glasses after they worked together on his new film Vicky Cristina Barcelona, it has been revealed.Cruz told Total Film magazine that the gift was her "treasure"."I love those glasses," she said. "He only has two pairs and he gave me one... Read more

Expert warns against "drive-through" laser eye surgery

An expert has warned people considering laser eye surgery to be wary of discount centres.Dr Michael Vrabec of Valley Eye Associates in the US told the Post Crescent that discount centres offering LASIK treatments reached a popularity high approximately three or four years ago."These centres could... Read more

Elderly people "likely to stop driving if experiencing sight trouble"

Drivers in the US who are older are more likely to be prompted to drive less or stop doing it altogether if they have trouble with their sight, according to new research.Dr Lisa Keay of John Hopkins University in Baltimore published her team"s study in the journal Investigative Opthalmology and... Read more

Eye make-up on a budget

A new book by India Knight has offered suggestions on keeping eyes made up while on a budget.In an extract from Thrift Book published in the Daily Record, India advises against purchasing expensive mascara as it does not last for very long.She also recommends going for dark eyeshadow rather than... Read more

Abbott in deal for Advanced Medical Optics

Abbott announced this week that it is acquiring Advanced Medical Optics for close to $1.4 billion (£.096 million).The deal equates to $22 (£15) per share.According to Reuters, AMO is the third biggest company for contact lens products.It is also the biggest maker in the world of Lasik laser... Read more

Indian bridegrooms swapping glasses for contact lenses

Indian bridegrooms are trading their glasses for contact lenses on their wedding days to make the most of their appearances, it has been reported.Bausch & Lomb carried a poll which found that 82 per cent of men would go for contact lenses when they marry, the Hindu reports.Sunil Gadgil, general... Read more

Doctor urges drivers to have regular eye tests

Drivers have been warned to have regular eye checks by a doctor.Writing in the Times, Dr Mark Porter noted that motorists are likely to have their eyesight tested just twice throughout their driving lives; when taking their test and at the age of 70."Twice in 53 years is simply not enough," he... Read more

Coating for glasses lenses "could prevent night shift health problems"

A coating for lenses in glasses may help night workers to avoid hormone problems caused by exposure to certain types of light, the makers claim.Canadian publication the Globe and Mail reports how researchers in Toronto have developed the coating, which can be worn on prescription lenses as well as... Read more

Optician donates money to children"s eyecare from glasses trade-ins

An optician is raising money for African children"s eyecare by encouraging people to trade in their old glasses.Martin Holley of Holley Optometrists in Coleraine will offer £15 to anyone who trades in their old spectacles for an update and will donate £3 for every donated pair to Vision Aid... Read more

Glaucoma report released

Details about glaucoma and the ophthalmic market are available in a new report released on an online resource.The report, which is available for purchase from researchandmarkets.com and written by Koncept Analytics, covers topics such as the market size regarding glaucoma as well as charts and... Read more

New treatment for presbyopia being developed

A new light-based therapy aimed at treating the age-related sight condition presbyopia is being developed in the US.The New York Times reports how transscleral light therapy is in its early trials with the US"s Food and Drug Administration, according to development company Oculatek"s chief executive... Read more

Eye make-up products for 2009 detailed

Tips on using new eye make-up products to be released soon for 2009 have been given.Scottish newspaper the Daily Record recommended eye primer by Guerlain, soon to be released, which it described as "a sort of foundation for the eyelids".Use of such a primer, the paper explained, helps to keep the... Read more

Mountain trekking mother has laser eye surgery

A Scottish mother who trekked Mount Kilimanjaro for charity underwent laser eye surgery as part of her preparation.Yasmeen Ali said that the treatment had helped her when she suffered from altitude sickness during the journey and believed that she would have been even more ill had she not had the... Read more

Contact lenses "possible option for presbyopia"

Sufferers of the eye condition presbyopia have been offered a list of ways to correct their vision in the New York Times.Camille Sweeney explained in the newspaper that options such as bifocal and multifocal contact lenses and monovision lenses are possibilities, as well as certain surgical... Read more

Fashion designer takes up contact lenses

Fashion designer Marc Jacobs has taken up wearing contact lenses as part of a change of appearance, it has been reported.Ariel Levy made the report in the Telegraph when she interviewed him.Noting how he has transformed from his bespectacled, long-haired younger self, Ms Levy noted that he has cut... Read more